March 29, 2011

the queens kickshaw

The Queens KICKSHAW has "specialty coffee, fancy grilled cheese sandwiches, craft beer (starting in the summer) in Astoria, Queens". It's a restaurant, Sir Charles's sister and her husband opened up on March 27th in New York City.
I just love their interior design. They used recycled materials and came up with many beautiful furniture. I love eco-friendly furniture~

So Sir Charles and I had an awesome opportunity to work on their logo design. It was lot of work but you feel rewarding after seeing the finished product.

We heard the opening was a HUGE success! We will visit the restaurant soon to try out their fabulous grilled cheese everyone is talking about!

New Yorkers, please visit:

The Queens Kickshaw
40-17 Broadway
Astoria, NY 11103

Hours of Operation:
M-F - 7:30am to 4:30pm
S-S - 9am to 4:30pm

The Queens KICKSHAW Photo by The Queens KICKSHAW

March 27, 2011

creatures of the night

One of my college friend Shannon Toth recently published her children book. She had her book signing at Chapters few weeks ago. It happened in St. Catharines so it was perfect opportunity for me to visit her.

Creatures of the Night is a bedtime story for children created to make them feel safe. To sleep and dream in peace.

bedtime story




March 23, 2011


This photo was taken long time ago when I did watercolor with Celine. I was playing around with my camera.

This is Mojo walking towards the kitchen waiting for his food to be served. While he waits, he took a glance at me.





March 20, 2011

shop at anthropologies

LOVE shopping at Anthropologies. Best place to do window shopping there! So I went to shop at Don Mills's Anthropologies, as some may know they always have fabulous window display that blow your mind. I was ready to take picture for this time but unfortunately they didn't have anything on their window...... I was quite disappointed.

I'm still having trouble taking picture with a camera that's bigger than my hand, and my shyness.

I bought an adorable "artist" dress in sale section, it'll look cute with skinny pants with black flats!





March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patricks Day~

My work gave the girls holiday necklace. I don't celebrate this but Happy St. Patricks Day~ Enjoy your epic drinking night~

Happy St. Patrick Day~

March 16, 2011


Small decoration I did when I baked some gingerbread cookies. Decorating baked goods is fun! Someday I want to decorate tier cake~

cookie decoration

take a bite!

cookie cookie

March 13, 2011

tomato soup with parmigiano reggiano

My simple tomato soup with shaved Parmigiano Reggiano~ I love Parmigiano so much, I almost put it on anything or just eat it by itself~

tomato soup with parmigiano reggiano

tomato soup close-up

March 9, 2011

simple scarf

I started this crochet scarf years ago and I finally completed it recently. I used Paton's 100% organic cotton, it's so soft and comfortable!

I have few projects I put on hold that I wish to complete them. One down, what's next?



simple scarf

March 5, 2011

leftover tortilla?

Do you ever have leftover tortilla after having homemade taco? I tried making a stacked tortilla with sauteed leftover veggie.
It's a recipe for leftovers in your fridge.

Stacked tortilla:
- sauteed leftover veggies(onion, zucchini, eggplant, green/red peppers, mushrooms etc.)
- 2~4 leftover tortilla
- leftover shredded cheese

Optional leftover tomatoes:
- chopped and simmered with butter, basil, salt and pepper for sauce.

1. On baking tray, lay 1 tortilla on, put veggie on top and sprinkle with cheese.
2. Add another tortilla on top and put veggie and cheese again.
3. Stack many as you want and bake in the oven for 15 min or until cheese melts at 300F.

Additional idea:
You can stack with leftover chopped lettuce and nachos in between(after you bake) so it's like Taco Bell's crunch wrap!



March 1, 2011

The birds

Rats with wings! Chase them away! +2 for every one you catch in flight! (Max cap of 10).

We had an epic scavenger hunt for our friend Matt and Jo's birthday party. This was one of the task.
Our original plan was to scare all them while an old man on bench was peacefully feeding those pigeons. But that would be pretty bad so we walked into them gently~



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