March 28, 2007


Went to block busters to rent movies then they were selling these for charity~ I like buttons so I asked the cash to give me all the versions =)

meal 15

One of my favorite Korean food~ =) It might look different from the original one but I like mine the best~ ;)

meal 14

This one was amazing!! I really loved the taste!! It's just a simple chicken, vegetable stir-fry with bit of:
- housin sauce, rice vinger, ginger, garlic
lots of:
turmeric and curry powder~
Then here you go~ This is another made up reciepe so you go measure yourself with how much you put in each ingredient~ =)

March 22, 2007

3ds max

Yes, that's just great max. Too good for me to tell me what went wrong. This is just as bad as some window that actually says "something is wrong".

March 21, 2007

Guys, I'm too addicted to this. Asian Avenue was the last comunity site I ever gone to.... I wasn't too cool about friendster but this is just purlly crazy. I was able to see my old old friends from preschool! All this time I've been wondering what everyone is doing and now here it is. All the answers are here. I really felt happy seeing them again. =)

meal 13

This was my yesterday meal. 2 in the back is the stuff i made earlier, the main dish is this shrimp dish~ This is a dish that Charles's dad makes and I've been wondering how to make it. I personally don't like asking for reciepe because I want to enjoy finding out what's used in the dish. And now here it is, I found out how to make. It's very easy actually. It's just thai's sweet and spicy sauce with green onion, garlic and shrimp stir them together. After trying this I should add ginger to spice up the taste~ =)

March 18, 2007


This weekend I stayed in St. Catharines while Chales went back to Toronto. I was busy with designing a website for 1i5's new layout~
Since I just learned how to use css, I tried out using this for the site. It took me whole day just to do one page...... I think I still have like 9 pages to go 0_O
It's due end of this March, hopefully I'll get it done....

meal 12

Today is sunday, which is the day when I'm lazy, so I didn't plan any dinner tonight. It was either make food or go grab food. I was too lazy to go out so I choose to make food. It was also the day before the grocery so I didn't have that much food to use.
This is my made up pasta meal.
-Pan fry the spegehttie with finaly sliced green and red pepper with ricotta cheese.
-Put it into a mountain on the plate and put sliced cheese on top of it. Leave it in to 300 c oven until the cheese melts.
-Mean while pan fry the finaly sliced salami and sun dried tomato with butter on high heat. Cook it until it's crispy.
-At the sametime cook the shrimp with LOTS of butter with chopped garlic and pan fry that until the shrimp is ready.
-Pull out the pasta out of the oven and sprinkle the salami and sun dried tomato and put dried parsly for decoration~

March 16, 2007

meal 11

My new made up reciepe~ Drum stick with dipping sauce. The sauce is mixed with green onion, minced green pepper, housin sauce, soy sauce, sesame oil and the secret ingrediance is horseradish~ Tastes really good =)

March 12, 2007

movie: 300

My company took us to a theater to watch 300 for free with free food~ I did hear that it got bad reviews and I also heard the people who did watch it said it was amazing. It wasn't so bad. Not to the point where it's like rediculously bad. It was quite artistic. The composition were based from the comic so it did give that artistic feeling ESPECIALLY the scene where everyone got killed and you see their bodies with arrows. That scene looked AMAZING!! Its felt like finished paint work. Yeah, because it was aritistic there were cheasy visuals/story plot but it didn't bother me much.

March 8, 2007

meal 10

Yesterday or I should say this whole week, Charles been making food for me =) I've been tired this past few days so he's been making dinner for me. Thank you so much sir~!!! I do need a break once in a while. Here's the rice that he made yesterday~ It's tasted a little salty but adding more plane rice balanced out well =) I made the vegetable stir-fry. Big credit to Charles!!

March 3, 2007

Ford Syn

Forgot to mention that I went to the Auto show last weekend~ It's been a while going there, Main reason I went there is because I need to consider buying a car so I went there to check out what's good.
This car is my personal highlight of 2007's auto show~ I LOVE THE INTERIOR!!!! This is the design I always wanted in the car. It's so adorable!! It's crazy how it has a tv in the back~ 0_o
It's really tiny too, I like that =)

meal 09

I actually didn't shop this week so I had to make whatever I have in the fridge.... This meat is amazing!! It's like pure natural meat, so it tastes SO clean and soft. It's a little pricy but it's worth it. You wouldn't want to eat the grocery's meat anymore!
If any of you guys are from St. Catharine, go to Pilgrim's drug free meat! (@24 Welland Avenue
) It's worth it~ This is pork I used, when I cut this meat it's so soft that I have to actually freeze the meat a little for me to cut into thin slices.
This is simple meal I make whenever I have nothing in the fridge. The meat is stir-fried with lots of ginger, green onion and garlic.

I tried out a new recipe which is one of my favorite food. Korean food's chap chae~ I like this type noodle to much, it really matchs well with sukiyaki~ =) This one is easy too, just add soy sauce, sesame oil/seed, onion, and carrot. I'm suppose to add more vegetable but like I said I didn't have everything with me at this moment~ Mine tasted too salty ;)
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