May 30, 2006


Have any of u guys watched this show called 24?
It's a pretty good show.
What I like the most is the idea of using real-time to tell u the story. So basically the story is told following the actual time that we follow and each eps is 1 hour.
This whole story happens from 12:00am so far i'm at eps. 5(so 12am to 5am) and with in that 5 hours so many shit happened and I can't believe it's only been 5 hours. It feels like im almost done going through the story but I still got 19 hours to go and it's already going crazy enough~
It makes me think those movie really shorten the time to fit 2hours movie big time. 0_o
I am watching the 1st season of 24 so i still got lot to catch for 2ns season.
It's definitly worth to watch~

May 29, 2006

old school

Went out for a walk yesterday around the area where I used to live. They have this hill at my preschool that I thought it was so big and now it's so tiny. Actually everything seemed so small~ Yeah I know it's cuz I grew up but not checking for about 15 years is a huge gap. >_<

May 27, 2006


This past few days I've been just signing contract and looking for an apartment.
I meet up with landlord yesterday to deposite my apartment rent. Almost there, just need to comfirm when will the room be ready. Can't wait to work~ Right now i just need money >_<

They said room will be open july 1 but they might get it ready earlier, which would be nice. so I got whole month of doing absolutly nothing, it's been a while having this relaxed feeling~
I've been going back to playing video games, just yesterday I was play'n bomberman on gc with friends~ oh how I miss vid game~

May 22, 2006


I think it's time for me to use a proper blog spot to update you guys~
Yeah, it has been quite ghetto using my own html version.

Neways I hope I can update this like i used to~
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