July 31, 2011

rib fest

Rib fest was here! It's always hard to choose which ribs to buy. I personally LOVE ribs that are very jerky with amazing unique sauce that meat just falls off the bone.

I forgotten to take a photo of the rib I actually had... I got too carried away eating.

rib fest


tin can piggies



July 26, 2011


Some of you may know, some may not. Some Japanese owns real "eggpan" to make tamagoyaki.

Tamagoyaki is a Japanese side dish using beaten eggs(I use about 4 eggs) . As you see the diagram below, you pour the egg in the pan just enough to cover the whole surface. Then you fold the egg into 3(or 2 which ever), once the egg is on the edge you pour more egg and keep folding it. It may be time consuming process but this is like other culture enjoying omelette.

Another beauty of tamagoyaki is that you can mix beaten egg with 1-2 tbsp of:
- sugar
- dashi(fish broth)
- soy sauce
- pureed seafood(which is used for New Years Day food)
Any flavor you like!

I've been using regular circle pan to make this but my mom got me the "official" pan as gift from Japan. Thank you!


my tamagoyaki

July 18, 2011

condo view

Went to my friend Jay's condowarming party that has fascinating view during the day and night.

go station

day time highway

night time highway

39th floor

July 12, 2011

Threads of Fate

My friend Matt Chan gave me opportunity to do an illustration for one of his chapter for his book he's working on. He has new chapter posted every 2weeks with guest artists participating. I look forward seeing other artists work!

It's been so long doing a painting with full background. It was fun to do! But so many things I have to consider when you have environment involved. This is another lesson I need to work on.


July 4, 2011

cheese with crackers

My current addictions is creamy blue cheese with crackers.

I saw sample taste at Whole Food. Cheese tasted good, cracker tasted awesome so I instantly bought these two.

cheese + cracker + grapes = YUM!
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