December 15, 2008


It was wrong of me to start playing this last weekend... I was suppose to work on my next Elliptic design, pillow case I designed, make Christmas card, and clean the whole apartment. I only accomplished cleaning HALF of my apartment.... -_-
And I just found out they just came out with Patapon 2 last month... my god Patapons are freaking adorable.

I didn't realized that it was one the designer I like. Patapon characters looked more solid than his regular work. It just looks more "finished". The French designer Rolito has adorable design ideas~

December 11, 2008


It's very late to show this.... but I finally got the chance to upload my films I have done in Computer Animation(which was 3 years ago).

Kite - This is the final short film I did for the last 4 months of the programme. I graduated straight from Illustration before so I know NOTHING about animation. Taking Computer Animation was the first time learning how to animate, and I'm telling you it's NOT FUN!!! I was keep falling asleep when I was animating this character!!
So only pay attention to the design ;)
There's not much with the story but the idea is a little boy took out his kite boat and let them fly on it's own.


Papercrane - This is one of the first project I did in the programme. We were assigned to use a toy and make 10 second interstitial. I used papercrane and have water drop on them to change the paper into rice paper and as it makes the transition the wings opens up. Sadly the best part blurs out because of the credit scene. I was forced to use 10 second instead of 15 second.


December 8, 2008


Went Back to Markham this weekend again to see Diana on Friday at Honest Lawyer~ It was actually my first time going there. The first time I knew about Honest was St. Catharines and it's nothing like the one in Markham(far as I remember). So before I knew Honest, I had NO CLUE what people talking about when they said "We'll be at Honest", I assumed a clubbing/lounge place. ;)
The Honest in St. Catharines had the best wings you'll have(Sir Chalres said), so have anyone had wings at Honest? I wanted to try on Friday but I was already stuffed with my mom's wings(which is the BEST wings ever!!) for dinner~
After that we dropped by Johnny's and spent rest of the night at Eldon's playing Little Big Planet~

My dad work me up early on Saturday morning to go ski shopping for my new skies. We haven't bought our skies for 5~7 years(it's about time when Salommon was biggest hit) so we went to checkout the new ski models that everyone's using right now.
My dad's plan was rent the ski and try out what it's like before he buys one and he just wanted a used one because he said to himself he's not getting younger.
So after I choose my ski set, without any hesititation he bought a BRAND NEW skies for himself. ;) My mom's early prediction was once he goes with me to ski shop he'll end up buying one for himself.

For dinner I went to Paul's company xmas party~ I already forgot where it is, but it's the area where people go for clubbing, that's all I can say. It was nice place to have party~ The food was great, we had 2 plates of roast beef, we coulda ate more but they took out the food and replaced with dessert really fast. =(
I was quite surprized lot of people I know works at the same place.

I have also danced with 3 other random girls and one of them was Clynn's date who have pulled me into the dancing area. I dance randomly at home but dancing with a clubbing music when you're sober is not that fun~
BUT watching Eugene dance when he's drunk was entertaining. He dances like a little kid dancing~

December 5, 2008

SF4 fanart

Another fanart I did~ Last time I did SF fanart was when SF3 3rd Strike came out! I remember I did the line drawing of it but I never finished coloring it.

This one I tried different approach where I started coloring in black & white first and then apply color on top of it. When you start with achromatic you'll find out how well you understand tonal value in real life. For me, I'm not quite there yet....

It's one of the way you discover that colors you see around you has very similar values.

finished knitting mittens

Here's a project I started working with my friend Celine. She had this adorable Japanese knitting book on mittens~ I think it took about good month and a half working on it! I'll tell you mittens takes FOREVER TO DO!!! But this gave me an idea to make matching hat with it~ Maybe for my next project~? =)

posted: nov. 22 2008

line art

I posted the line art version on my site that I'd like to share~ =)

They're all avaliable at elliptic online store

posted: nov. 21 2008

featured on Once Wedding

Since last year, I was helping out making my friend Celine's wedding dress. She had her wedding on September. Few month before that Celine was asked to be featured on wedding blog that I've been dropping by almost everyday~
They featured her wedding on decorations and DIY things and they also introduced the dress we worked on~

It's nice to see what people thinks about what we did~ =)
Click the URLs and you'll also see Celine's side or her wedding story~

- Handmade Wedding
- Handmade Wedding 2
- Behind the Scenes
- Handmade Wedding "paper"
- Handmade Wedding Details
- DIY Pennent Banner
- A Handmade Dress

posted: nov. 19 2008

new t-shirt

This is work in progress shot of my bag design that I'm planning to make in the future. For now this is going to be the prototype~

Here are the close shot of the t-shirt (sorry for blurry photos). It looks so good with grey ink on black t-shirt!!

Where you purchase it? Go to Elliptic Clothing Company!

posted: nov. 10 2008

2 years ago's illustration

2 years ago I had to stay in for work, waiting for Charles so I was doing cg on my computer. I never got the chance to finish it so just now I got it done~ ;)

posted: oct. 16 08

elliptic t-shirt

My new T-shirt design~! Come check it out!

posted: oct. 09 08

December 1, 2008

kenzo ramen

Do you know the Kenzo noodle place on Young and Steels in North York? It's one of my favorite noodle place in Toronto. The portions are small but delicious noodles and soup they make there! But the service there sucks really bad. There's Ajisen Ramen but I don't like how most of their noodles are greasy...

Anyways they had Kenzo in Markham opened less than a year ago. I was quite happy about that now that I don't have to drive all the way to North York for it~ But last Friday I went there with my parents right after golfing at golf dome, Kenzo was gone!
I knew the selection of the location wasn't the best but I didn't thought it would close this fast.... Can't any Japanese restaurant make decent noodles around in Markham??
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