September 19, 2007

macaroni and cheese

Loco Roco

I've been crocheting again, I have a bright yellow yarn that I used it for a scarf while ago. I still have so much left so what came up was making loco roco characters, the color is quite similar so I went for that~
If I can, I'm planning to use up all the yarn and make lot of them and have them displayed~
Well here's the first 3, let's see how much I can make~
Eyes will be there eventually =)

meal 35

A simple meal to make when you have left over green/red pepper, cheese, onion, zucini, egg plant AND pita or soft taco~

September 10, 2007

new color~

I don't feel pinky anymore so I changed the color scheme of my site~ This color keeps me cool~ =)

September 8, 2007

weekend: Sat Sept 08

My second day of my weekend in St. Catharines I went to Ikea, EQ3, Home Depo, Pen Center and Designers Depot. Yeah, that a lot of places.... Went to get new shower curtains and large lamp from Ikea, EQ3 I went to check out their furnitures, I got catalog from them =) Home Depo I bought light bulbs for my apartment. I wandered around in Pen Center and then at Designers Depot I bought few cloth~ =) Gatta love their price!

After that I cleaned up my whole apartment, nice and clean now~!! Later at night Charles and I baked some cookies for mid-night snack while we played Scrabble~ Fun day~ =)

weekend: Friday Sept 07

Friday, and finally I'm able to stay in St.Catharines to catch up with LOT of stuff I had to do this past 2 months.... BUT for now, I relaxed at home. Before that I went to ToysRUs to buy Scrabble and UNO, I needed a game that doesn't involve with computer or TV plus I can learn more vocabulary while I'm playing game =)

September 4, 2007

long weekend: Sept 1~3

My long weekend was quite nice~ I was able to do lot of fun stuff.

So Saturday, I went to CNE with Charles and Kev it was a perfect weather, sunny and about 23c which was not so hot and not so cold. It was a sexy weather~
I think this is my first time going to CNE with friends. I always go with my parents and never got the chance to go with my friends. Wow, that's weird~ haha
Anyways we wandered around in the carnival games, Charles wanted a spider man plush toy from pop the balloon with darts game so I played that and got him his spidy~ We wanted to see the IAMS super dog show but sadly is was full so we couldn't see that, we went to Ontario Top Chef but we couldn't see/hear what the hell the chef was doing.
So we pretty much gave up on the shows except birds of prey. This one was quite interesting, it was very educational. This lady instructor introduced what are birds of prey, explained to us how uniue these birds are and sort. The cutest bird was 38 weeks old baby snow owl, it couldn't fly yet and it just hops around the instructor. Snow owl has this same feature as penguin where before it matures to a beautiful fur, it has that puffy fur ball around its body that looked so funny.
We went to through International Pavilion, Lego tower(I thought there'll be more lego stuff), Canadian force, and I had roasted corn and Ice melt~ I should of gotten more~
BUT DEFINITLY, next year I'm gonna come with my car and buy the sewing machine that I wanted this year!! and clothing outlet ;)

Sunday I went to Kestin's to work on our online store for 1i5. It's been a while working on it, HOPEFULLY we'll have it up soon...... We all have been waiting for this for the longest time! So I was helping out with that pretty much all day, afterwards I went to Waseem's house to chill 'till about mid-night.

After all the busy weekend Monday we headed back to St. Catharines and relaxed in our apartment. I was drawing again so that felt good, I'm slowly getting the flow back, eventually I want to start paint again~
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