July 29, 2007

matt's BBQ

Matt had BBQ party at his house and I had a great time~ I rarely see people so it was nice to see all of them! There was this meal I wanted to make so it was good timing to make them so I showed up the day before the party to prepare the food, Matt was skinning off the shrimp shell and I was cutting the ingridients for the marination. On the day of the party I came early to help out the rest of the preparation. I actually enjoyed preparing the food~ Well most likly because I had Matt there with me preparing it =)
The food went well, my garlic shrimp went really well~ I should make that again someday. After the wonderful meal, Matt's parents brought us wonderful tiramitsu cake. mmmm~ It wasn't so sweet so I liked it a lot, I'm not a big fan of the cream part so I kinda avoided that~ ;)
Sadly lot of people had to leave early, so it ended up with Jen, Matt Ly and me. Jen and I were playing wii together and later on we played warioware altogether. She owns the game and yet I still won most of the game~ haha The time she won, she took photo of the scoring for prove, how cute~
Without noticing, there's quite few are leaving the country. For those who are gone, good luck with everything and hope the new start will bring you somewhere~

meal 33

Another AMAZING meal~!!! This chicken covered with cucumber and peanut butter sauce goes so well~ It was so good!!!
This one was influenced by Sunny's summerlicious photo that he posted on facebook. It doesn't look as nice as the resturant but it tasted pretty good~ =)
Had BBQ party matt's and this is one of first BBQ meal I made up~ Easy to make so we all should try it!

July 22, 2007

this weekend

I have Jiji behind my rear view mirror and I took him out then back of his fur are turned brown.... 0_o Damn sunlight, so I decided to hang my voodoo doll that paul gave me (thank u~) in my car and I was worried that the color will come out so I wanted to take photo of it =)
This voodoo doll will protect me from any bad luck~
Went to Heart Land Center, it's been a while going there~ and because it's been a while Club Monaco outlet was gone and so did Jacob outlet....... Damn them!
Good thing was they have Garage Clothing so I was excited about that. Then I saw this pants!!! I'm a big fan of these kind of material. It's not the nicest quality pants but it's very very comfortable!!! It feels like I'm wearing PJs. And I also saw $10 bag so I bought that, this was actually cheaper to buy it, instead of making it.

July 18, 2007

feel tired~ 0_-

Lacking with updates... Been tired with everything lately.... Slowly recovering so it's all good~ I think driving back every weekend is killing me -_- Physically you're ok but you get so tired mentally, I'm like literally driving back and forth at a niagra driving range. Sheesh~
But so much schedule every weekend.... 0_-
Hopefully soon, it'll come peace~ =)

meal 32

Very simple drum stick meal~ =)

July 5, 2007

meal 31

After I went groceory shopping I realized I didn't have ground beef for my lasagna.... I was too lazy to go back and get it so I just used whatever I have in the fridge. Which was all vegetable, so I made vegatable lasagna~ The top zuccini was baked well~ yummy~
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