June 29, 2008

birthday bbq party

On Friday I got a last minute invite about Jen's birthday party before she leave on vacation. I said to myself to stay here but I choose to go back to Markham for her~ So I drove back and had BBQ for dinner and surprize birthday cake with people.
After that Jaime had American Idol so we tried playing that~ It's pretty much a kareoke game. I wish I knew more songs -_-
We left about 11pm, I picked up Jen to Dominion to buy bug spray and then drove to Matt's. We tried out this PC game where you create your own character. I forgotten the name of the game but it was pretty cool~ The animation was really really nice. But I was too tired to make my own, so I left.

Happy birthday Jen~! You have a very safe trip!
Oddly Charles randomly choose to watch Borderland today.... scary

June 24, 2008

my new business card

I order my new business card from moo.com~
I was curious to see what it's like to have the mini card. And I need them for my show anyways. I kinda ordered it last minute but luckly it arrived on the day I had my show!

our little neighbor

We have a little neighbor who moved into our front lawn tree~
2 weeks ago a bird couple made their nest in the tree and laid 4 eggs. A week and a half later they hatched and now the babies are flying around our house. But the poor thing is one baby is still in the nest while the other 3 are enjoying the outside... That's what happenes when you have too many babies.
I hope this one will survive.

Just last Friday my mom went outside to take picture of them in the nest, but 3 of the baby were already outside flying around our area. On our driveway we saw the mother feeding her kids while their hopping around. You can tell they're still a baby because their head fur were shedding like when penguins shed just before they become an adult. Plus they're less aware when people go near them. One of them was on my car so my mom took a good close up photo of it =) It was so cute~

June 23, 2008

first time in Buffalo

On Sunday June 22 I went to Buffalo with Jen and Anne for the first time!
I never shopped any other outlet in the state, so I was really excited! We had no problem going across the border other then they warned me about the Japanese passport where I'm convinced that I'm only showing my birth certificate and licence ID.
We went to fashion outlet first, going through the store:
- KB Toys
- Ralph Laruen
- Aeropostale : It's like better version of Bluenotes outlet. When they get cheap it's REALLY cheap
- Coach
- Calvin Klein
- J. Crew
- Fossile
- Gap

After that we dropped by Mc Donald for quick snack. I ordered Southern style chicken burger which we don't have here. It was the best juiciest fastfood chicken burger I ever had. The portion was small but it was still good!! Their bun was slightly different too. It has the most perfect form of a bun and it has this slight gloss on the surface of the bun. It made it look more delicious.

We checked out Target where I always wondered what it's like. It's basically a Walmart + Zellers + K-Mart put together in one store. There cosmetic selections were good! The Burt's bee products were almost half price! I had to get at least one of the product so I bought the night cream~

Then we drove to Walden Galleria and checked out few stores that we don't have:
- Abercrombie & Fitch Co. : It was really nice place but I HATE the smell of the perfume!!! It's like they use their perfume line as there ventilation. I was only able to stay in there for like 5 min, after that I need REAL air to breath.
- Forever 21 I saw a cute dress there but I realized I can make it within hour.
- Victoria's Secret They had 5 for $25 underwear deal but we went in 3 min before closing so I didn't get to buy 5 underwears =(
- Bath & Body Works

And mainly we went there for The Cheesecake Factory!! It was an AMAZING place to eat!! For so many portion with really decent price! I order this Luau salad. I was so close to finishing but I just couldn't finish the last 2 bite!!!

The meal was so amazing that I bought a takeout meal and a cheesecake for Charles. =)
Anne also bought a cheese cake for Jay so the car we drove was filled with Cheesecake Factory bags with food we bought for our partner and other 3 bags for the left over that us 3 couldn't finish.

That mall area had Olive Garden, Krispy Kreme Donuts that Charles like so we'll definitly come back there for food ;)

Elliptic Clothing : Yukiko

Just last couple of month ago I started designing t-shirts for my business partner Kestin's Elliptic Clothing. And here it is, the t-shirt is finally done~!
There will be more coming soon with more variety of colors, check out other designs we have and purchase them online!

The new design will be out soon also!

Jerome Jenner Gallery: Ode to Edo

RIGHT after work, I drove straight to the gallery trying to get there by 7. Then Kestin called me to drop by the studio to pick up my t-shirts to wear at the show~ It turned out pretty nice =) I always like the stripe t-shirts, almost any design will look good~

After picking that up I went to the gallery where my friends were there already and my parents. 0_o I know my parents are impatient with waiting so I talked to them first and quickly walked around the show. My parents bought the poster of the flyer from the shop, and then went home.
THEN I got the time to talk to my friends who came to the show~ (Thanks everyone!)
A little later Jo came who is my walking model for my tshirt I designed. She basically hand out Elliptic cards to people wearing my tshirt~(Thanks Jo!)

Here's the photos of my work displayed at the show~ I spent about a week on both piece, painted with acrylic on board. These pieces are about introducing women warriors. Even the women in that era had their own weapon to protect their family and home.

"Kaiken" - Short sword like "tantou" where they put it under her obi(the strap wrapped around the pelvis of the kimono). Usually recieve it as engagement/marriage gift.

"Naginata" - Another way to describe is spears. The long handle will keep away the opponent from her and her family. Also used during war.

June 9, 2008

A Fine Balance

People know that I don't read books or to be exact novels, and it's true I do rarely read novels. BUT this whole 2 years and a half I was reading this book called "A Fine Balance" by Rohinton Mistry. Yes it took this long because I was going on and off with my reading flow. AND it was 800 pages where just looking at the book made me feel like it's going to take forever to read!! But I did it! Yeppie~ =)

This book is about how people in India was effected with their living style by the governement's new law. It talks about 4 different characters in the book how each person are taking this new law, as the problem gets worse you'll see the development of those 4 bonding.
It's pretty depressing how it ended, I assumed it would have a slight happiness. But it's definitly a great book to read.
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