September 16, 2009

crochet scarf~

Here is the crochet scarf I started while back~
This scarf design is from Japanese crochet book I followed~

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September 8, 2009

wedding in NYC

Sir Charles's family and I went to NYC for the long weekend~

We went to celebrate Charles's sister's wedding.
I went there as a guest so I didn't get that much time for myself, but it was fun helping the family prepare the wedding.

The unique thing about this wedding is that we had a band marching on the street with the bride and the groom while the guests follow behind. See the video below =)
They wanted to march until the cop stops us. We already saw 3~4 cop cars but no one cared. We even had firemen driving their firetruck cheering us~
But yes, we definitely had honking from cars driving behind us.

The last night in NYC we went to see CHICAGO and saw Jerry Springer in the show.
After the show he showed up and people were taking autographs and pictures with him~

People debate which movie is better; CHICAGO or Moulin Rouge. If the musical CHICAGO story is accurate as the movie, then Moulin Rouge is A LOT better movie. Moulin Rouge has better visual and story.
CHICAGO seems like you only watch to enjoy sexy ladies, which I did enjoy ;) In the musical there was one inspiring scene that I want to do CG for it~ Maybe that'll be my next piece =)

It was fun experience in NYC~

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September 1, 2009

vote for me~

I entered Sega/Wizard's Bayonetta contest.
I spent lot of time being accurate with the details on accessories she has on~ It was fun!

vote for me~ Thank you.

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