November 27, 2007

alright OK

Just yesterday, I recieved a package from my friend that I met in through web. One of a kind person who shared his web space with me to support my work. It was about 1~2 years of free webspace he shared with me and the other people. It was sad that he had to shut it down with his circumstance. I always had his site linked but just recently I found him on flickr so I had to message him then he offered me one his t-shirt product that he is branding. Ryan, thank you so much. If I ever have anything to give you I will someday~ =)
Here's his site:
alight OK

tu-tu scarf

This is my this year's new scarf for myself to wear~ I went more stylized this time. I just basically crochet into strip and create the loop on the side and attach on center.
Then I attached 2 buttons and 2 loops on the edge of the scarf to hold the scarf wrapped around on my neck. This scarf is shorter then a regular scraf, it's more like a neck warmer.
And here's the end result of the scarf. It's like a tu-tu on neck or the thing that victorian/clown wore. Because it's crochet, it's nice and thick so it keeps you warm~ It might be slightly heavy though ;)

November 26, 2007

photos from One of the Kind Show

Here are the photos from the show~ Well it's more like the stuff I receieved. Here's the business card that I liked the most, and if you got time check it out.
Here are the links:
- Marmalade
- Jewel Envy
- Rabbit Green
- Pascale Faubert
- Chantelle Hodgkinson
- Schleeh Design
Here's my favorite ginger bread cookie brand~ I'm planning to make the cookies over the holiday~ Can't wait!!
Here's the overly expensive necklace~ I just LOVE the tree design so much!!! It has that retro feeling with that color they used with modern jewellery design~
And look! it's reversible!!!! I have "2" necklaces! =) I like the idea of having one europien design and asian design on other side, very practical!

November 25, 2007

One of the Kind Show

On Saturday evening I went to One of the Kind Show with my parents, Celine and Jin. I don't remember why I didn't go last year but I'm glad I went this year.
Just missing one year of craft show changes a lot. Lots of new crafters and this year had the best baby clothes, they were so damn adorable!!! My parents were saying how every year the show's losing stores that are for their ages, lately there're more young couples going to this. Slowly the show will become the craft show for young adults..... and slowly my parents won't be participating.
On the other hand I definitly enjoyed it! ;) I said to myself no more then $100 spending on this show. Sadly the one I liked a lot was so damn expensive for what I'm getting but I still bought it anyways -_- It just means I liked it that much! So I bought a necklace and my favorite ginger bread cookies Mad Batter Baker's cookie mix. I'm planning to make ginger bread cookies this year for christmas~ I already bought my own cookie cutter before hand, thanks to Michael's 40% coupon!

After that I went to bubble teaing with my buddies, and went to Matt's and played Katamari and Mario Galaxy~ Mario Galaxy is really a old time Mario 64~ =)
Oh yes and this is my last time seeing Matt Ly... he will be gone to New York.. I'm gonna miss you man, hope everything goes well there, good luck!

November 13, 2007

meal 39

Slowing down again with updating my meal lists..... I wish there's a easier way to upload images from your digicam....

November 6, 2007


So I was talking to Matt today and told me that ratatouille is out for dvd for $17.99 at future shop and best buy. Apparently those 2 store sells dvds cheaper on the release date. So for once I actually didn't hesitate to buy one.
And comes to think of it, this is my first time buying pixar movies with my own money 0_o
Before in high school when I got my G1, me and my dad would drive around to Future shop during my lesson and while we wander around I'll ask my dad to buy me Monster Inc, which I don't know where that went........

November 3, 2007

weekend at my apartment

So what I did today was redesigning my site again~ I didn't feel green anymore so I changed it to one of my favorite color scheme black, white, grey and pink~ I'm gonna keep the layout because I always wanted it this way where i can change the theme but keep the layout~ easier to update. =)
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