October 31, 2006


I did the drawing while back, like just last year? All these girls were seen at Sheridan College. Anybody that I thought that had good fashion sense, these are the girls I drew. But I did change some of the hairs and I made them all skinny ;)
It's a desktop wallpaper if anyone's interested~

Because of my surgury, lately I've been sticking my tongue out when I eat. Just before the food touches my bottom teeth, I stick my tongue out to guard my stitches on my bottom left teeth. Even now, when it's completely healed I still do that habit. Does it look bad from other people's point of view??
Just yesterday I went to my dentist to check up on my healing process, and it's ready to go on with my next surgury. Still got 2 more months but I'll be finally able to screw that piece of metal in my jaw~ wo hoo~

October 22, 2006


Quick doodle~ I did this while ago but forgot to post it up~ =)
It's so hard to do cg now....... work is sucking up my inspiration.... But then that's no excuse, I must do what I can do with a limited time I got with my life. So I went all out today doing art~ I really should decided on a date when I should do art~ There's so many things I want to make too. I got another idea for my scarf, just need the time now~ haha

October 19, 2006

The Departed

Watched The Departed on Tues~
Because it's a high budget movie, it did made the movie good~ But then comes to think of it, I think the Chinese one is better. Sadly I rarely remember what happened in Chinese one so maybe I can't say much......
I need to watch it again~ Who did I watch it with???? I know I watched it at my friend's house that watchs Chinese movies, eldon? was it you????
It was definitly a good movie that's interpreted to another culture~

October 17, 2006

happy birthday to....

Happy birthday to sir Charles~
Just last Saturday we celebrated his birthday at Keg. Good thing we went early cuz it literally took more then hour waiting. It's stupid how they dont' take reservation on weekend. Actually resturant that doesn't have reservation is just retared period! stupid Red Lobster.... So we had dinner there, I had prime rib with king crab. After that we went to my place and played Star Wars minichure games. That was fun~ It's fun playing team battle~ While that, we had birthday cake that I bought earlier. Chocolate Moose Bom! When I was cutting that thing, I thought it's a whole chocolate moose inside the outside shell. But it has layered sponge cake in it so that was good~ Kev brought us pudding too so we had that~ Man oh man so many sweets~! I've been eating sweets all week..... The game took us whole night again =) so it was already 4am~ haha
It was a good night~

October 10, 2006

Thanksgiving weekend

It was pretty amazing weekend~ very relaxing~ =) I had this cg since I started working. I should finish this...

Right after work we went to Sheridan Center(some ghetto mall in mississaga) and checked out bluenotes outlet store. I didn't even know it existed! I've been wishing that they would have an outlet store, then I discovered that they have 4 outlet around toronto.......damn it, why didn't I know about this?!?! Anyways you know bluenotes, CRAZY DEALS!!!! I got like 4 tank tops for $4~$6 each, $3 skirt and a $10 pants. I went crazy checking out the outlet. SO DAMN CHEAP~!!!!!!! I said to myself I HAVE TO go to the one in richmond hill one.
So after that I chilled at home eating wendy's salad~ I've been craving for that for almost 3 months now~ Yeah I know it's discusting but I feel like eating that once in a while~ The BLT chicken salad baby~haha

I got up early JUST to go to the outlet store in Richmond hill. It wasn't big as the one at mississauga... less stuff =( But I still got something~ I got ANOTHER pants and a tank top! Can't help it when it's so cheap ;)
After that we dropped by to Subhi's house for little bit then they gave me warioware touched! It's from all his friend that came to my party last week~ Thank you everyone~!!

Later night, I watched X3 with Charles while waiting for a call from Jen. I heard it was really bad so I watched a quarter of it. So far it wasn't that bad, other then the pace was going too fast~ After getting a call from Jen, we went to D&B to celebrate briggette's bday~ Havn't gone there for the longest time~ Last time I went was Eldon's party which was 2 years ago?? Neways no change, same old stuff, and still pricy.....
I stayed there for a little using up all the point card and I went back home and played Star wars minichures with Charles and his friends. It's really fun to play in teams more social~ We'll gonna be playing that all night nect week~ =)

I got up early again to go to Hillcrest mall to get a jacket that I want from Jacob. Markville one was gone and so is Fairview so the only hope I had was Hillcrest mall. If it was me, I woulda just drove there without any assure but thanks to Jen it's smarter to just call them and see if they carry it. I honestly didn't thought of that just cuz I HATE phones~ It was smarter idea~ haha Luckly they actually have few still so I drove there right after the call and got the jacket I wanted~ Too bad it's not half price~
Sadly Charles wanted to exchange his pants cuz it's a little tight on him or something so we went back to outlet again. Within one day most of the size were gone!! We couldn't get his size anymore =( I thought it fit fine so I dont know~
Neways after that we checked out the plaza and they have so many clothing store~!!! FINALLY I checked out the Mexx and Guess outlet~!! pretty good deals man! AND they have Ready 2 Wear!!! That's the first thing I checked out! OMG they have Garage clothing outlet!! You have no idea how cheap that store is in regular price, outlet would be like 2 bucks for a long sleeve shirts!! Sadly I didn't have time to check that out cuz of closing time. I was in Tristen America deciding to buy another jacket that I saw on a manakin. It's a very cute jacket, I can wear as a casual wear. I wore it and I loved it just like that. When I was about to go to the cash, I looked back the manakin again and this manakin had the jacket with nice black laced tank top that matched really well~ I was standing there looking at it deciding if I should buy the tank top too~ Thinking thinking thinking then I was like nah might as well~ so I bought it.
Crazy shopping this weekend~ I enjoyed buying this much stuff~ =)
After all that we went to kev's place to chill. man, I haven't chilled like this for the longest time~!! We got a take out from bubble tea place. We walked to the place and it was the right choice, it was beautiful weather that day!! We also dropped by to some Korean market place and bought junk food, we went back to Kev's and wached movie called "
Be With You" some Japanese movie that was good~ The idea, music and the atmosphere felt like Jiburi movies. It'll definitly work if it was in anime, actually it woulda been awesome if it was anime~ I here that the Hollywoods are making there version. That's interesting. Which reminded me The Lake House seems like asian concept too, I wonder if it's good. The idea seems interesting~

Last day and all I did was sleep~ haha but this day is my mom and yoshi are coming back from Japan!! They arrived at 7pm and their suit cases were HEAVY, especially the case that's filled with COMICS~!!!! We opened the suit cases as soon as we got home and I pretty much pulled out what I want and asked my mom and Yoshi how was Japan and then I had to go back to St. Catharines. Yoshi got the games I wanted~! =) Thanks man~!! We got Z.O.E Anubus, FF12, Magna Carta, Dragon Quest: yangus's adventure, ICO, Shadow of the Colossus, Loco Roco, Brain Age ! & 2, sudoku, and .... I don't remember what else~ But anyways I'm very happy with that, just when I was about to leave my mom pulled out freash chessnuts from Japan~!!!!!! As soon as I got home I went stright to my chessnuts~! Oh how I miss it~!!! I ate the whole bag~ mmmmmmmmmm~ =)

neways that was my long weekend, I got like so much stuff this weekend, wow~!!

October 1, 2006

endless shrimp

Yesterday, my people and I went to Red Lobster for endless shrimp~ And I'll be honest with you... I only ate 1 plate of that enless shrimp...... It was gross man!!! It was way too greesy for me!!! Yeah my first mistake was getting fried shrimp AND popcorn shirmp. Second, I can barely finish a regular dish at Red Lobster cuz it's already so buttery. I shoulda gotten a whole plates of king crab~ haha But it was still good it's just I can prabably eat so many when it's homemade or something. Well now I know so I won't choose that anymore~ haha.
After that we were deciding what to do, I wanted to go bowling but no one wanted to so instead we went to my place and watched Tarzan. Yes, Tarzan~ It's not a bad movie so we watched that. So that was pretty much my day, well actually before the dinner I went to get my hair cut so I did that, now it's short again~
Anyways I thank everyone who came yesterday, I had lot of fun, and able to catch up with things their up to~ =)
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