December 16, 2007

snowy day

Hey everybody how's your holiday been? oh wait you guys haven't started yet ;)
I'm enjoying mine so far! I've been sleeping healthy, waking up early and sleep early~

Yesterday, Saturday I went to Clothing show with Celine~ It's their first winter show so I was excited how it's gonna be. Everytime I go there I always go to the sample section. I found Paul Franks bikini for $25, it was so cheap so I had to buy that!!! Plus I somehow lost my bathing suit so I'm glad I found another bathing suit! Then I got $20 dress and $10 necklace of an old type writer keyboard button of letter "Y" and Celine got one too, except in "C" =) I think she bought more than me ;)

After that we went to Celine's and drove back to Finch station for me. Because of snow, it literally took an hour just to head back uptown. I had to show up to Eddie and Cindy's dinner party so I rushed myself driving back home to dress up. She lives pretty far, Stouffville? Never been there before~ She had a really nice house though, I loved it a lot~ We had dinner there and had secret santa gift exachanges. I enjoyed it a lot. I like this kind of party more then just drinking party like other group does and get smashed, I honestly don't know what's the big deal. But yeah, Ed/Cindy's party is the type that makes me very delightful. =)
Now today~ Crazy snow storm had screwed me over with wedding dress project that me and Celine was gonna do.... We're now already 1 day behind... >_<>

December 9, 2007

happy holiday~

Happy holiday everyone~ here's a little xmas card for all of you for coming to my blog~ Thanks =) 2 more days 'till holiday starts for me! I'm already in a party mood~ It's gonna be busy holiday I'd say~
If anyone's interested or for people who need xmas card and doesn't have time to buy one:

Print it on regular letter size paper on landscape~
Hope everyone's holiday be wonderful~
Merry Christmas~!

meal 40

December 5, 2007

holiday is already here

Oh man..... my brain is on holiday already.... I can't focus at work >_<
I'm trying SO DAMN HARD to concentrate! I'm like looking farward to my 2 weeks holiday, clothing show that they have in next Friday(which btw Eldon can you come out on Friday?), ANY art that I can possibly do and working on Celine's dresses!!! Too much things to do!!!
4 more days of work...... I'm almost there!

cg 08

I'm into black, white and a hint of color in my work. So this time is pink.

December 3, 2007

my prints

Here we go~ I have finally got the chance to sell my prints online!
I'm bascially selling my prints with my art crew 1i5, and keep in mind that these prints you see at this site are limited so if you miss it then you'll miss it forever~ We have this on giclee paper so it's printed with very high quality print job.

Online Prints Store

Don't miss out!

December 1, 2007


Gift from my college buddy Kestin Cornwall's branding shirts~ Thank you so much sir~ =) I love all of them!
He had this company for about few years now, now got the time to make his own product with his buddy Jon Todd(the main illustrator of the image on the shirt). Their stuff are all hand silk screened with very nice quality t-shirts that's very very comfortable!
If anyone's interested, there's no loss!
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