January 26, 2009

happy chinese new year~

We celebrate our new years on Jan 1 but I didn't get a chance to do event card for it so I did the Chinese new year one~! =)

Happy New Year everyone!

* Japanese uses milking cow not ox ;)

January 25, 2009

another quick sketch

January 24, 2009

quick sketch

My Friday night was doing quick sketches for fun~ I think I'll try to do this more often on my free time =)

January 19, 2009

simple bag

Originally I was going to use this to make prototype bag for Elliptic but I didn't like black on that fabric color.
So instead of wasting this, I made a quick bag out of it~ =) I'll use it to store knitting equipment~

January 6, 2009

xmas card

I try to make Christmas card every year but this year I couldn't get it done on time..... =(
So I finished off whatever I can do for now.

Originally she's suppose to hold on Christmas lights with ornaments and ribbons, now she looks like she's dancing -__-

January 4, 2009

my xmas holiday

Lot of stuff happened during my 2 weeks holiday but at the same time I didn't do anything productive that much....When you live on your own for so long and go back living with your parents is a huge life change. First of all you get lazy easily, you get the feel where you have to SOMETHING that's worth your time but somehow you actually choose to do nothing..... I had lot of project to do but I didn't touch any of my work..... -_- Also I get carried away with reading comic that I piled up for couple of months. I don't know how many comics I read this holiday! But at least I had very relaxing holiday~ =)

I'm actually writing 2 weeks worth of my blog with point forms so ignore few stuff if it gets boring ;) I am doing this for personal record and to share~

Dec. 18(thurs)
- Head back to markham
- Dropped by WHOLE FOOD to grab organic turkey. They have this machine where it freshly grinds peanut butter and almond butter for you~ Looks yummy~ This place is like a wonderland to me! I just want to live in there surrounded by fresh foods!!

Dec. 19
- There was snow storm whole day so I couldn't make it to wings night with my friends. Guys will drive anywhere anytime for food no matter how bad the weather is.... ;)
- I got mail from Celine~ When I went back to St. Catharines I put up all the cards she sent me~ It's been a year already when we started making her dress....

Dec. 20
- Went to Eldon's and had hot pot. Then we watched Death Race which was the worse movie ever, I never seen the trailer so I didn't know what it was. I don't remember how it ended.... did the main girl get away from the place?
Paul brought really good and rich chocolate cake that actually made me want to eat the WHOLE cake =) Where did you get it Paul??
After that we were playing Little Big Planet and Street Fighter HD Remix~

Dec. 22
- In the morning I went to ski with my family to Mount St. Louis. I got my new ski set so I tried out the new model that was around for a while. It's been so long for me to ski so I actually don't know the difference between the old models.... -__-

Dec. 23
- Early morning at 9:30am I went to golf dome with Yoshi and my dad. Good exercise! =)
- At 10pm went to "mango place" for dessert. I ordered the mango pudding with sea coconut jelly with assorted fruits, it was really good! Recommended~

Dec. 24
- Did last minute Christmas gift shopping that Charles asked me to do for his family with Jen. Most of the time we were around on 16th and Young area.
Have you been to this place?

Panera Bread
It's a sandwich/bakery cafe place where it used to be crispy cream donuts place. The price is about the same as Quiznos but their breads are freshly baked and uses more exotic cheese that you don't get at druxy's or any other sandwich places. I ordered the Roasted Asiago beef with Asiago Cheese sandwich. It was so good!!! Go there at least once if you're a sandwich lover. The unusual part is the side dish, it's either another baguette or an apple. But the apple seem organic, not sure~

- After all that, went to Charles's place to celebrate Christmas with his family. Got lots of nice gift from them~ Thank you!
I opened up gifts that Jen gave me earlier and my favorite one is the mixes for cupcakes from Sprinkles! Thank you Jen!!! I never had Sprinkles cupcake but it's my favorite cupcake place where it has very simple design that I like looking! Supposedly they use the world expensive vanilla extract, I really need to try it someday!

Here's a gift from Charles and Kev. One of my favorite character from One Piece, Tony Tony Chopper~ He's so cute~!! =)

Dec. 25
- Woke up early today to prepare turkey for my family friend where we're heading for dinner. I woke up 10am for 10lb turkey but it didn't take that long to bake.... I've been too used to making 19~25lb turkey. 10lb is about 4~5 hours to bake! Man you save lot of time!!! This time I used the Sun-Maid raisins and the stuffing worked well with it~ Don't use any other raisins other than organic~! ;)

After the dinner while my parents were talking to the family friend's parents I was playing Patapon for the whole night. Still can't finish that game!

Dec. 26
- I woke up early for boxing day shopping, I dropped by Jacob outlet at FMP before going to department plaza on Hwy 7 and Weston. But after Jacob it snowed A LOT that my car was slipping on the road. So I went home expecting the snow to snow all day.
As soon as I get into my house it stops snowing. I CAN go back out again but I was lazy already so I went back to sleep..... -_-
- At 6pm went to Dragon Boat on Hwy 7 and West Beavers Creek and had dinner with people and Richard(he was the main guest). They had peking duck that I've been craving for the LONGEST time! That was my main dish and we had whole other dishes that was good and CLEAN! I didn't get stomach ache~ yay~!!
After that we went to World Bowl~ It's been A WHILE last time I went! And yes, I sucked ass! First round I couldn't even get over 100 -_- Plus I used to use 12lb ball and now I have to use 8lb ball, I've gone so weak.....
Then we went to 3Hs dessert place at Time Square. They have lot of new menus which is nice to see~ I should go back more often again!
Here's the best part ;) We went to Eldon's and introduced his brother's puppy pug Appa~! He was so cute!! ...and stupid XD
This puppy will follow you around when your outside, and when you just stand and wait, he'll sit right in between your feet and stay with you~ He's so cute~!

Dec. 27
- Charles got a new job in downtown Toronto so I helped him move into his new apartment~ I think it's smaller than regular bachelor suit, I don't know. People from Waterloo, it's a size of a room when you guys stayed in the resident in 1st year but with a kitchen right beside it. I forgot to take picture of the place but someday~ ;)

Dec. 29
- Went to Matt's place and got the chance to play Tatsunoko vs Capcom~ I definitely didn't expect this game to be GOOD but it does feel awfully uncomfortable not having 3 punches and 3 kicks. I was able to live with Marvel vs Capcom 2 button system but this is just awful. Other than that it's still a fun mindless fighting that I like~ ;)
We were suppose to head out for dinner at Market Village but we were spending time trying to figure out(well Matt was figuring out) on how to make the joystick work on hacked Wii. While he was doing that, Ju and I were playing it on Wii remote and it's not pretty. It has a button that dedicates fire ball(A button), the control was so confusing that I don't remember what other button did....

For dinner we went to the corner of the Village Market beside Curry's and had peking duck again~ I didn't thought that we would have another one again, but whatever I enjoyed it!!
After that we head back to Matt's and continued playing TvsC to unlock Viewtiful Joe~

Dec. 31
- New Years Eve. everyone were already gone to HK/NYC and there was 7 of us in Canada. Our night was playing Pictionary at Anne's place having Champagne and this DELICIOUS cookies she freshly baked! That was REALLY good!!!

Jan. 02
- During the day I went to Sporting Life and Sign of the Skier to look for rest of my ski gears. I found ski socks and neck warmer but I couldn't find a nice hat. So I will wait next year for that. Instead of a hat I made an unexpected purchase and bought soft shell black jacket, it was something I was looking for for the longest time! So I was quite happy =)
- Then went to Fabricland to grab nylon fabric to make my own ski bag. They had a promotion where it was buy 1m and get 2m for free deal so I couldn't resist that also so I bought 2 other fabrics~ ;)
- I met up Charles at Fairview to have dinner at Moxie's. I never had Moxie's so I was curious what's it like. I had the crispy almond with wild salmon dish. It was pretty good, it gave me an idea to make a dish for myself ;)

Jan. 03
For lunch I had Fire Chicken(on Young, North or Steels; Red Lobster plaza) with Paul, Ju and Matt Lee. I never been this place but I liked their food, even it's spicy as hell I enjoyed it. I was quite sleepy that day so the spicy food helped me stay awake~ I actually wouldn't mind going back there. Their original fried chicken was juicy(at least the one I had) and the fire chicken with cheese was delicious.
- At noon Charles and I went bowling to practice. Charles hardly bowls so he sucked pretty bad but I think I'm getting my throw back~ =) I just wish I had more power to knock those pins...

Charles got me Cranium as a gift~ There's some mini games that I'm not good at(which you know, involves with "spelling" ;) but I like this game~ This new design is really nice, with little figurine. XD

I think that's everything I did over the holiday~ Thanks for being patient reading this ridiculously long blog ;)
Now it's your turn to tell me yours!

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