June 20, 2011


Last week Sir Charles and I had small opportunity to cat-sit for one night.

My co-worker found an abandoned brown American shorthair kitty looking for someone to take him. One of my close co-worker took him for his daughter who wanted a cat. He let us keep the kitty for one night just for us to enjoy the company.

I love almost any kind of animals and this kitty was so freaking adorable!! I had a best Golden Retriever named Safety and I always wished I can lift him up and carry him like a baby. But obviously that was impossible for me so having a chance to lift up a small animal was a great experience.

He really loved my IKEA kid's bear chair. He used it as his play toy and actually sat where you're suppose to. It became his throne. The cutest thing to watch was he tries so hard to sit comfortably on top of the bear's head. But the top was wobbly so he keeps slipping on the side.






June 13, 2011

face sketch

I've been quite busy with work and personal work. It's getting a little hard for me update twice a week so I'm gonna start updating once a week.... maybe once in a while I'll have more updates within a week... I really wish I have time to update!

Here is a practice sketch on face study.

face sketch

June 8, 2011

grilled corn

I love eating grilled corn on the cob. You can make many kind of glaze for variation. There is interesting one like butter glazed and sprinkle with paprika, cayenne pepper with grated Parmesan cheese. That sounds awesome! I also like the Japanese style where they glaze soy sauce with bit of sugar in it. It gives this Asian style smoky flavor and it tastes amazing!!!

This one I made sea salted butter with Worcestershire sauce glaze. Just glaze your corn each time you turn your corn on the grill.

with salted butter & Worcestershire sauce glaze

grilled corn on the cob

June 6, 2011


I went to Unionville Festival that I never heard of while knowing Markham for more than 10 years. It was part of Paul and Kevin's birthday activities.

This was perfect opportunity to take night shot with my DSLR. We went to the pond fairly early to grab a seat. While waiting, I was setting up my camera for night shots.
I got a little worried when things wasn't turning the way I thought it would. Everything was turning too dark or too bright.
But once the firework started I think I managed to get the right setting. I'm not sure if this was correct settings but some of them has interesting shapes that inspires me enough!

The photo below was a shot(when adjusting my camera) of over exposed night shot that kind of looked like a place got bombed.

over exposed night shot

fireworks started off with jelly-fish like


fireworks everywhere



golden burst



smoke flowers

green bloom

June 1, 2011

practice cg

Been a while doing quick digital painting. I screwed up the neck but I mainly wanted to study the face. Lately I've been focusing on realism. Looking into anatomy and understand better, but still have long way to go...

The earrings are idea from Anthropologies.

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