November 23, 2008

meal 45

It's been a while posting my meal photos~ All these have recipe at flickr site, try them it's really simple and easy~ =)

November 10, 2008

my somewhat long weekend

Wow it's been a while blogging! I've been busy with so many stuff!

For the past few weeks I've been doing illustration that I will post up soon~ Continue working on my mittens, and designing a bag in the future.

So this weekend I went back to Markham because I had Dentist appointment on Monday morning~ Friday Charles and I went to The Keg in Oakville they had recently opened. Maybe it was new but the prime rib tasted better there.
Oh man, I had 3 Kegs within 2 months!! 0_o

I had this scanner since I was Gr. 10 and now it finally died out.... I wanted to save it so I brought it back home to see if my brother can fix it. But no luck, it used up all its energy for me. I just have to move on and purchase a new one..... Why is big scanner still more than $100???

While my brother was taking care of that I had coffee with Jen and gave me this adorable Cha Cha cat! It's the brand from The CHA CHA Original from Spain~ They have these really random products that you're not really sure what to do with.... ;)

After that we spent rest of the time at Matt's playing Little Big Planet! It's an amazing game!!! It's one of those fun action game of SNES's contra where it's difficult to play more than one person. Everyone just make stupid mistakes!

Those SackBoys are so cute! Whenever I get time, I'll make those with outfits! I'm still debating if I should buy the game, I know I'll get too addicted with creating your own stage and I can't afford to do that right now! -_- .......Or should I during Christmas holiday?

Saturday I went to Fabricland and picked up some fabrics. A while ago when I went to Buffalo for the first time, checking out Abercrombie & Fitch was my first time going (and knowing the first time). They had this "lightweighted scarf" that I liked a lot but I would never want to pay $30 for it. So I found a fabric with nice plaid design but not as thin as those regular scarfs in stores but still doable to make my own lightweighted scarf~ So I got that and sample fabric for bag design.

After that I went to Chapters with Jen to help her out looking for a gift for her friend. I also checked out the craft book called "Zakka sewing". "Zakka" means housewares in Japanese so it's a book on how to make handmade housewares stuff. People outside of Japan LOVES books of zakka from Japan but they were never able to read it. So "Zakka Sewing" is one of first English version made for non-Japanese people~ They really have cute stuff! =)

Sunday morning I dropped by Market Village to buy portable fork. I've been using plastic fork/spoon at work which isn't good for the environment so I thought I might as well find a cute fork that I can use over and over~
Meet my blue elephant fork (with a case)!

After that I meet up with Kestin to update on Elliptic stuff. Here are few close shot of my 2nd new t-shirt design~! =)

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