January 31, 2010

cup cup cupcakes~

I mention this every year.... Starbuck's cupcakes are back!! I couldn't get red velvet but instead I got vanilla bean and double chocolate, I knew this is gonna be heavy sweet so I drank with black coffee~ It was d*e*l*i*c*i*o*u*s!
They give you these cupcake box when you get take out~ It's a waste to recycle so I'll reuse them as a gift box.

I realized every year has different icing top~
The very bottom photo was my first vanilla bean cupcake I purchased at Starbucks 2 years ago.

It was my first time having red velvet last year. Very interesting taste~ Here's the recipe for Red Velvet cupcake~

Okay, I had enough talk with cupcakes~ ;)

starbucks cupcake is back!!!!

starbucks cupcake is back~!

starbucks's vanilla cupcake

January 27, 2010

adorable goodies~

A small package was delivered to my house. I open it and got these adorable gifts from Momiji~ It was a prize from Momiji Couture Contest I entered. Thank you Momiji!

The stickers are too cute, I don't know what to do with them!!

momiji stickers



January 26, 2010


I went to Vaughn Mill Mall over the weekend and saw this adorable outfit at Forever21.

If I can find the right yarn I think I can make the sweater, but instead of blue I think I'll wear red often. There is a cream color version of this but that might be too plain? Finding replacement of floral designed fabric might be a little difficult. I specifically like this fabric! =)

But knitting a sweater will be huge project!!


January 19, 2010

my dress

While ago Celine and I worked on dress together with a pattern she purchased. It had 3 different designs and I picked the one on the right.

more photos click here.

my dress
photography by Celine

my dress

January 7, 2010

momiji couture contest

I entered Momiji Couture Contest while ago. Momiji's are little dolls that comes with messages from the bottom of the doll. The selected top 20 will display their Momiji at Royal/T gallery in Los Angeles. I came in 6th! =)
So anyone in Los Angeles, please check out the display! It'll be there until Jan 18 2010.

The contest was to create your own Momiji using craft materials. The entry form comes with template to work with where you use 2 cut outs of Momiji doll silhouette and sew them together.
But I used 3D program(3DS MAX) to model Momiji doll and made my own pattern from UV Unwrap to make into 3D form Momiji.

I always wondered if I can use 3D program to model top or a dress and create my own pattern with it. Technically it should work right?

So this is my first try.

more photos click here!

momiji : AI
momiji : AI

January 6, 2010

a case

Happy new year everyone! Hope everyone had nice holiday!

A little gift Jen gave me. First I thought it was an ipod case or cell phone case she made.
I was looking around trying to figure out what it's suppose to be.
On the back, it has "Anthropologie" tag on it, then I realized it a gift card case.

This is the BEST gift card case!

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