March 28, 2012


Sorry for slow down with updates lately, pretty busy with personal stuff. This past few weeks I spent time altering my clothes and making few pairs of pants and dresses for myself. There's lot of photos to take which I'm not prepared to take pictures yet.
Hopefully I'll have the chance to share my work soon!

While then, I did a hour and a half painting to keep me warmed up with cg painting.
Mainly I wanted to do her hair!


March 13, 2012

grocery bag

There are lot of cute package design with food, especially with cloth bag.
I purchased Covered Bridge Potato Chips while back and kept the bag for very long time thinking what I should do with it.

I never want to throw away gift wraps, ribbons, cloth bags and such but it always ends up in a box with junk. So I tried making good use out of it by making it into grocery bag. I would think putting celery stalk or carrot might be handy for this narrow bag.

Very simple construction, I just used Bias tape to sew the edge with lining inside and then stitched the strap with the same tape.

Btw their chips are very good, it has a similar texture as Miss Vickie's if you like those.



March 5, 2012


My mom got this cute foldable flower vase from a gallery's gift shop from Japan.

Designed by D-BROS
It's quite unique and colorful, I went out to flower shop just to try out this vase. It a similar idea as those Kool-aid tetra pack.

After I'm done with it I can dry the vase unfold it and put it away in the bookshelf, very convenient!

foldable flower vase


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