February 28, 2012

so where are you gonna hang it?

What's the "best" gift you ever gotten from your friend? A painting of you and your friend!

The conversation started as Paul(the guy on the right in the painting) asking me "What's the biggest painting you ever done?", my answer was "5ftx5ft?", then he said "Ok that's too big...". It continued on and he wanted to do an idea he got from The Big Bang Theory(Season 5 ep17 THE ROTHMAN DISINTEGRATION), that he wants to give for our friend Matt(on the right) as his birthday gift, fully framed!

I definitely wanted to be part of this so participated in this awesome plan. I must say, it was quite a challenge to paint it in a "cheesy" way. This painting was done in Photoshop with their photo underneath and painted on top of it.

So for all my friends who showed up to this party, here is the original size(14''x11''-300 dpi) with high quality printable image!


February 13, 2012

black teardrop

I apologize for no post last week, I've been quite busy with work...

While ago, I was cleaning my room and found collection of my mom's bead art. My eyes quickly drawn to this black swarovski teardrop pendant. I went to beads stores over the weekend to find chain for this pendant. It was surprising how they're so little selections out there.

Then I tried Mokuba and found an amazing string that matches the pendant perfectly. It has black plastic strip coiled around black string so the plastic reflects from the light. This was only $1.70/m so much much better buy!

I'm looking forward to find the occasion to wear this!

black teardrop



February 1, 2012

pattern magic

I have an interesting pattern book I want to share.
I found this series from Kinokuniya and scanned through it and fell in love with it instantly. This book talks about understanding the essence of pattern when your constructing your clothes.

Some of them are kind of impractical but it's interesting to see what you can come up with based on body shape. Hopefully I have time to make something in one of these books!

This book has in English version too!

Pattern Magic vol. 1, 2, & 3
Nakamichi Tomoko

pattern magic collections




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