December 16, 2007

snowy day

Hey everybody how's your holiday been? oh wait you guys haven't started yet ;)
I'm enjoying mine so far! I've been sleeping healthy, waking up early and sleep early~

Yesterday, Saturday I went to Clothing show with Celine~ It's their first winter show so I was excited how it's gonna be. Everytime I go there I always go to the sample section. I found Paul Franks bikini for $25, it was so cheap so I had to buy that!!! Plus I somehow lost my bathing suit so I'm glad I found another bathing suit! Then I got $20 dress and $10 necklace of an old type writer keyboard button of letter "Y" and Celine got one too, except in "C" =) I think she bought more than me ;)

After that we went to Celine's and drove back to Finch station for me. Because of snow, it literally took an hour just to head back uptown. I had to show up to Eddie and Cindy's dinner party so I rushed myself driving back home to dress up. She lives pretty far, Stouffville? Never been there before~ She had a really nice house though, I loved it a lot~ We had dinner there and had secret santa gift exachanges. I enjoyed it a lot. I like this kind of party more then just drinking party like other group does and get smashed, I honestly don't know what's the big deal. But yeah, Ed/Cindy's party is the type that makes me very delightful. =)
Now today~ Crazy snow storm had screwed me over with wedding dress project that me and Celine was gonna do.... We're now already 1 day behind... >_<>

December 9, 2007

happy holiday~

Happy holiday everyone~ here's a little xmas card for all of you for coming to my blog~ Thanks =) 2 more days 'till holiday starts for me! I'm already in a party mood~ It's gonna be busy holiday I'd say~
If anyone's interested or for people who need xmas card and doesn't have time to buy one:

Print it on regular letter size paper on landscape~
Hope everyone's holiday be wonderful~
Merry Christmas~!

meal 40

December 5, 2007

holiday is already here

Oh man..... my brain is on holiday already.... I can't focus at work >_<
I'm trying SO DAMN HARD to concentrate! I'm like looking farward to my 2 weeks holiday, clothing show that they have in next Friday(which btw Eldon can you come out on Friday?), ANY art that I can possibly do and working on Celine's dresses!!! Too much things to do!!!
4 more days of work...... I'm almost there!

cg 08

I'm into black, white and a hint of color in my work. So this time is pink.

December 3, 2007

my prints

Here we go~ I have finally got the chance to sell my prints online!
I'm bascially selling my prints with my art crew 1i5, and keep in mind that these prints you see at this site are limited so if you miss it then you'll miss it forever~ We have this on giclee paper so it's printed with very high quality print job.

Online Prints Store

Don't miss out!

December 1, 2007


Gift from my college buddy Kestin Cornwall's branding shirts~ Thank you so much sir~ =) I love all of them!
He had this company for about few years now, now got the time to make his own product with his buddy Jon Todd(the main illustrator of the image on the shirt). Their stuff are all hand silk screened with very nice quality t-shirts that's very very comfortable!
If anyone's interested, there's no loss!

November 27, 2007

alright OK

Just yesterday, I recieved a package from my friend that I met in through web. One of a kind person who shared his web space with me to support my work. It was about 1~2 years of free webspace he shared with me and the other people. It was sad that he had to shut it down with his circumstance. I always had his site linked but just recently I found him on flickr so I had to message him then he offered me one his t-shirt product that he is branding. Ryan, thank you so much. If I ever have anything to give you I will someday~ =)
Here's his site:
alight OK

tu-tu scarf

This is my this year's new scarf for myself to wear~ I went more stylized this time. I just basically crochet into strip and create the loop on the side and attach on center.
Then I attached 2 buttons and 2 loops on the edge of the scarf to hold the scarf wrapped around on my neck. This scarf is shorter then a regular scraf, it's more like a neck warmer.
And here's the end result of the scarf. It's like a tu-tu on neck or the thing that victorian/clown wore. Because it's crochet, it's nice and thick so it keeps you warm~ It might be slightly heavy though ;)

November 26, 2007

photos from One of the Kind Show

Here are the photos from the show~ Well it's more like the stuff I receieved. Here's the business card that I liked the most, and if you got time check it out.
Here are the links:
- Marmalade
- Jewel Envy
- Rabbit Green
- Pascale Faubert
- Chantelle Hodgkinson
- Schleeh Design
Here's my favorite ginger bread cookie brand~ I'm planning to make the cookies over the holiday~ Can't wait!!
Here's the overly expensive necklace~ I just LOVE the tree design so much!!! It has that retro feeling with that color they used with modern jewellery design~
And look! it's reversible!!!! I have "2" necklaces! =) I like the idea of having one europien design and asian design on other side, very practical!

November 25, 2007

One of the Kind Show

On Saturday evening I went to One of the Kind Show with my parents, Celine and Jin. I don't remember why I didn't go last year but I'm glad I went this year.
Just missing one year of craft show changes a lot. Lots of new crafters and this year had the best baby clothes, they were so damn adorable!!! My parents were saying how every year the show's losing stores that are for their ages, lately there're more young couples going to this. Slowly the show will become the craft show for young adults..... and slowly my parents won't be participating.
On the other hand I definitly enjoyed it! ;) I said to myself no more then $100 spending on this show. Sadly the one I liked a lot was so damn expensive for what I'm getting but I still bought it anyways -_- It just means I liked it that much! So I bought a necklace and my favorite ginger bread cookies Mad Batter Baker's cookie mix. I'm planning to make ginger bread cookies this year for christmas~ I already bought my own cookie cutter before hand, thanks to Michael's 40% coupon!

After that I went to bubble teaing with my buddies, and went to Matt's and played Katamari and Mario Galaxy~ Mario Galaxy is really a old time Mario 64~ =)
Oh yes and this is my last time seeing Matt Ly... he will be gone to New York.. I'm gonna miss you man, hope everything goes well there, good luck!

November 13, 2007

meal 39

Slowing down again with updating my meal lists..... I wish there's a easier way to upload images from your digicam....

November 6, 2007


So I was talking to Matt today and told me that ratatouille is out for dvd for $17.99 at future shop and best buy. Apparently those 2 store sells dvds cheaper on the release date. So for once I actually didn't hesitate to buy one.
And comes to think of it, this is my first time buying pixar movies with my own money 0_o
Before in high school when I got my G1, me and my dad would drive around to Future shop during my lesson and while we wander around I'll ask my dad to buy me Monster Inc, which I don't know where that went........

November 3, 2007

weekend at my apartment

So what I did today was redesigning my site again~ I didn't feel green anymore so I changed it to one of my favorite color scheme black, white, grey and pink~ I'm gonna keep the layout because I always wanted it this way where i can change the theme but keep the layout~ easier to update. =)

October 23, 2007 + diary

Just last Sunday when I went to apple picking with people, Celine mentions that she bought 5 year diary. I was thinking, I should write diary again. Is diary and blog a samething ??
Anyways I did used to write diary before blogging. But last time I wrote diary was almost 5 years ago. I stopped after high school and I don't know why.....
So because she mentioned it I went back to my old diaries that I jot down since Gr.7, yeah I have lot of journals. Well I definitly didn't want to read Gr.7~8 most reason is because I didn't actually know "how write proper sentences" that time so it's more embarassing then memorable.
I started reading from Gr.12 and I have realized how importent it is to keep journals. You do remember lot of things but you can't remember every detail of it most of the time. And you go back to it remembering what you did exactly on that date makes you think, you have done A LOT of things. You can say 10 years later you did lot of things but can you remember every detail of it? or even asking yourself, what the hell did I do this past 10 years? feels like I did nothing.
I'm saything that especially because after turning 20 you'll still the same person, but getting older and wiser. And we all know being adult isn't cool as we all thought when we were kids ;)
Lot of things did happen this past 5 years but I would want to know the detail of it. Especially writing down something to remind you for the future.
Anyways I bought a notebook from Chapters, I got the bottom left medium size notebook to keep my personal life jotted~
And believe me, after 10 years you'll discover something unexpecting~

Beautiful Katamari

Here it is!!!! The moment I've been waiting for!!!!!! Finally got it and I'm very very happy~!! =)
Just last night I played 4 stages. It's definitly "beautiful".
Yeah, just what the preview says, it's just another katamari~ BUT new music ;) So far it's good!
The concern I have is how uncomfortable with the controllor. It feels like going back to the first katamari control. I can't pull the spin move well as the second one. It's like they didn't get the flow right well for 360 controllor. If they ever made the second one for 360 then I think that's when they fix the controll just right.
But for now I'm gonna enjoy the music and MORE object to collect.

October 9, 2007

Thanksgiving holiday

Happy thanksgiving!!! How was everyone elses??
I had my first time challenging making my own roasted turkey!! Well actually Paul, Matt and I. ;)

Turkey takes up A LOT of time...... It really does take the whole day to make one. Especially if you're making your own homemade stuffing, that sure does eats up my day~ BUT it was worth it!! I loved my stuffing, I wished I made more of those.... the combination of the stuffing was just amazing!! Turkey was good too. If wasn't for the thermometer we woulda made the turkey so nice and moist..... Matt, your mom's gonna get a new thermometer for her birthday.
It wasn't my department but we also made scallope potato that wasn't fully cooked and very hard breaded bruchetta~ tasty ;)
After that we had Mike and Janet's apple pie and it was really good! Slightly buttery for me though~ But it matched well with the ice cream.

So what do you think guys, again next year?

sept 27

So it's a little late to mention my birthday party.... I had an idea of having people decorate my homemade crepe. Everyone seemed to enjoyed it =) Now I have lots of extra ice cream...
Here are the gifts I got from people~ From the top to bottom, Recently Mike started attending to baking class so he shared his baking goods to me~ Bran muffin~ yummy! And a little plush toy from UFO catch =)
Kev got me illustration books of Jon Fosters work and random asian artists book, that must of been expensive 0_o and I love it~! Thanks Kev.
Anne and Jay got me my favorite chocolate, TRUFFLES~!!!! I'm actually taking my time with it ;)
These collections of socks are from my mom when she went to Japan. My favorite kind, high knee socks~ Plus I got One Piece Illustration 3 which I was waiting for the longest time!!! It's about this time when his work gets interesting.
Charles got me one of my favorite game, Legend of Zelda and I just finished it this weekend~ I spent 2~3 hours everday and on friday night I continued playing at 11pm and cleared it at 5am. I knew I was tired but I had to kept going because I knew I was near the end!! It's better for me to finished it at once so I don't go lazy with cleaning and cooking~ That's why I was away for a while with my blog.... ;)
Also he got me a kitchen knife that is apparently made with inspiration of samurai sword. I have tried the knife before and it is a good knife. It slices very smoothly!
And from his parents, I got a new non-stick frying pan. I really needed a new one...
Before I had my party I went to the Clothing show and bought 3 shirts. Man I love these brand, nice and cheap for what I get. One of them is Orb, and the other is Gental farms<--- i think that was the name. Anyways I go to the show and I go stright to this booth as soon as I get there~
Now they have one on December~ Winter show is a new thing. I'm definitly going there~
Last one and not least, Jen and Matt gave me really nice gift~ A sweater and a leggie from Guess~ I love the color and the extra wide turtle neck!! It suited me well~ ;) I wore it on the first day of the weekday to work and it was sooooooo comfortable!!!!! And I tried the leggie and that fit me well too~! Thanks you so much Jen and Matt!!

September 19, 2007

macaroni and cheese

Loco Roco

I've been crocheting again, I have a bright yellow yarn that I used it for a scarf while ago. I still have so much left so what came up was making loco roco characters, the color is quite similar so I went for that~
If I can, I'm planning to use up all the yarn and make lot of them and have them displayed~
Well here's the first 3, let's see how much I can make~
Eyes will be there eventually =)

meal 35

A simple meal to make when you have left over green/red pepper, cheese, onion, zucini, egg plant AND pita or soft taco~

September 10, 2007

new color~

I don't feel pinky anymore so I changed the color scheme of my site~ This color keeps me cool~ =)

September 8, 2007

weekend: Sat Sept 08

My second day of my weekend in St. Catharines I went to Ikea, EQ3, Home Depo, Pen Center and Designers Depot. Yeah, that a lot of places.... Went to get new shower curtains and large lamp from Ikea, EQ3 I went to check out their furnitures, I got catalog from them =) Home Depo I bought light bulbs for my apartment. I wandered around in Pen Center and then at Designers Depot I bought few cloth~ =) Gatta love their price!

After that I cleaned up my whole apartment, nice and clean now~!! Later at night Charles and I baked some cookies for mid-night snack while we played Scrabble~ Fun day~ =)

weekend: Friday Sept 07

Friday, and finally I'm able to stay in St.Catharines to catch up with LOT of stuff I had to do this past 2 months.... BUT for now, I relaxed at home. Before that I went to ToysRUs to buy Scrabble and UNO, I needed a game that doesn't involve with computer or TV plus I can learn more vocabulary while I'm playing game =)

September 4, 2007

long weekend: Sept 1~3

My long weekend was quite nice~ I was able to do lot of fun stuff.

So Saturday, I went to CNE with Charles and Kev it was a perfect weather, sunny and about 23c which was not so hot and not so cold. It was a sexy weather~
I think this is my first time going to CNE with friends. I always go with my parents and never got the chance to go with my friends. Wow, that's weird~ haha
Anyways we wandered around in the carnival games, Charles wanted a spider man plush toy from pop the balloon with darts game so I played that and got him his spidy~ We wanted to see the IAMS super dog show but sadly is was full so we couldn't see that, we went to Ontario Top Chef but we couldn't see/hear what the hell the chef was doing.
So we pretty much gave up on the shows except birds of prey. This one was quite interesting, it was very educational. This lady instructor introduced what are birds of prey, explained to us how uniue these birds are and sort. The cutest bird was 38 weeks old baby snow owl, it couldn't fly yet and it just hops around the instructor. Snow owl has this same feature as penguin where before it matures to a beautiful fur, it has that puffy fur ball around its body that looked so funny.
We went to through International Pavilion, Lego tower(I thought there'll be more lego stuff), Canadian force, and I had roasted corn and Ice melt~ I should of gotten more~
BUT DEFINITLY, next year I'm gonna come with my car and buy the sewing machine that I wanted this year!! and clothing outlet ;)

Sunday I went to Kestin's to work on our online store for 1i5. It's been a while working on it, HOPEFULLY we'll have it up soon...... We all have been waiting for this for the longest time! So I was helping out with that pretty much all day, afterwards I went to Waseem's house to chill 'till about mid-night.

After all the busy weekend Monday we headed back to St. Catharines and relaxed in our apartment. I was drawing again so that felt good, I'm slowly getting the flow back, eventually I want to start paint again~

August 29, 2007

my current wallpaper

This is my current wallpaper~
Yes you can't see shit, hahaha
It's ALMOST coming~!!!!! I can't wait!! Well I can wait =p Matt I'm gonna get my 360 back when this comes out!!
Let's see how beautiful this game's going to be~!

August 26, 2007

weekend: aug 24~25

Sorry this is a bad photo, I like photos without flash but it turned out really dark so I had to photoshop it out.
Anyways I went to Trever's Kitchen for nice dinner and matt's birthday. The meal I ordered was beef from alberta with asparagus and steak sauce with mushroom on side. The steak was AMAZING~!!!!!!! It was soooo soft. You know like some steak it has the streek of fat going through the meat? This didn't have that. It was just pure meat. Honestly this was the best steak I ever had!! I want to eat that damn thing again....... oh man...
After that we were suppose to go to Panorama but it was 45 min wait so we went to other place. Instead we went to Spaghetti Factory's bar, which I do prefer. I don't like the bar like the one beside it, epsecially the guy at the door you can tell he didn't know what the hell was going on. Actually anyone around us didn't know what was going on.
Well anyways I do prefer resturant bars, they're cleaner and quiet, looks nicer too. so we all had drinks and Charles wanted to try the spaghetti there so he went to the dinner table. It was pretty good deal, for $10 you get drink, salad, bread, spaghetti, tea/coffee and ice cream. I shared that with him. Sadly spaghetti wasn't "special" as people all say. Italian mother can make way better then Spaghetti Factory so Charles say. I'll be interested trying that~

We were suppose to go to CNE but it was raining so we cancelled that plan. =( Instead we went to CNAnime. It was kinda last minute so we only had 1 hour to go through the expo. Yeah pay $25(they better not raise the price) for hour is not worth it but i knew what I wanted to buy so I had to go there to buy them. So we went there to buy ticket and then Charles didn't have cash on him so I bought his ticket too. We go in split up to get what we want, I went stright to the book store that I like and WAS planning to get "I am Plastic" and Jon Foster's illustration book. It was $105 so I asked if i can get it for $100, I got a yes I pull out my wallet and I was $25 short.... Damn Charles took my money for his ticket so I was only able to buy this one.... Who comes to expo without cash?!?!?!? I actually went outside looking for the closest bank but I didn't see any... The ATM inside the convention were all out of service... So I had no choice but to get one..... =(Well at least I got one, it's a book of famous designer toys. I bought this so that I don't have to actually buy the toys, i can just look at them feeling that I owe them. I rather go for the booklet than space. So now I have all of them ;)

free stuff

I forgot to mention this last weekend but I got few free stuff from people~
Jen gave me one of my favorite soap brand from the states, she goes there often to stock up on those so she gave me one =) Thank you!
My mom won ballot prize from J-town, it's set of hair wax products. I love the package~ I'm looking forward to keep the containers than using the actual wax~ =)
Then the last one, my dad won a prize from golf comitition. I'm planning to buy flowers to put them in, looking farward to that~

meal 34

K, haven't been really planning my meals lately..... Just been deciding my dinner on last minuet.
Well here's Okyakodon, it's like katsudon but chicken version.
I call it pine nuts shrimp. To be honest, pine nuts and shirmp doesn't match..... They both have very mild taste so you're like eating double taste of mildness. They just can't merge together to have the great taste.....

August 22, 2007

weekend: aug 18-19

Finally for once I actually stayed at home for whole day~ It feels good, not worry about driving, getting ready to go out, just be lazy all day~ =)
So there's not much to say about my Saturday~ haha

Another day of relaxation, Matt invited me to roller blade but I can't seem to find my blade anymore. Even my mom doesn't know where it went.... I guess it's time for me to buy a new one~
Instead I went to Jen's house to chill, I do usually go back to St. Catharines early but this was the best time to see Jen since we're always in different schedule. So we chilled had dinner and went to Demitri's for dessert. It's been a while going to Demitri's, They had new menu called "moo lu lu" crepe so I had that and honestly it's like eating crepe version of Ferrer Roche chocolate. Whoever likes Ferrer Roche, go for that!

August 13, 2007

weekend: aug 10-11

Summer is a busy season, I've been going back to Markham like a retard every weekend....
So anyways I had a great time this weekend though, I got to do few sports that I've been waiting to do~ =)

Went to Charles's place for his yummy steak from Pilgrim's meat shop for his family and his friend. Pilgrim's meat is just so damn good~ and of course Charles's steak is always good~ =)
After that we went to Mirage cafe on Kennedy + 401 for dessert =P
I ordered this double scoop of chocolate and waffle cup~ mmm yummy~ Charles got chocolate + white chocolate mousse cake and Jenny got apple with waffle + ice cream? I forgot what was it called, but it had those in it.
I was freezing when I was eating mine..... I was shaking a lot. But I still managed to finish my dessert~
On quick planning, we decided to go to mini-putt. I've been wanting to go mini-putt so was happy about that~ I wanted outdoor one but it was already 11pm so we went to the glow in the dark mini-putt~ It's been a while so I sucked ass in the first quarter... But I got the hang of it at the end, at least I got hole-in-one in one of the hole =) I forgot the scoring but I was in 2nd, which isn't so bad~ ;) When we're done golfing, me and Jenny played DDR. And I suxed that one too. My foot cordination isn't good as before.... Well last time I played that game was few years ago~ I might bring my ps2 + mat to my apartment and play that again, at least good work out~

Another last minute plan, with same crew and with Kev, we went to rock climbing in donwtown~ It was SOOOO FUN!!! Rock climbing is one of my fav activity so I was happy going there, and it has been a while going to one. New experience there was you actually learn how to put the harness and understand how belay works. I've done rock climbing where people set it up for me like the one at Wonderland, playdium etc, so I knew nothing about it.
Climbing was awesome though, I just wish I had more stamina to climb more. I get so tired easy.... And yet us girls had more evergy than the guys~ hahahaha~ ;)
After all that nice work out we wondered around on king street deciding where to eat. I already forgotten the name of the resturant I think it was Freddie's Not Here? Or something like that. I ordered a soup and ravioli. The food was really good. The one of the pork rib Charles ordered, was so soft it was crazy. It just rips apart softly! That's the kinf of rib you want to eat~
After that delicious meal we walked through young street wandering around. Then we called it a night.

So I was looking up on the price of the rock climbing shoes, they're pretty expensive. I'm sure the more expensive they are, better the grip. I don't know if buying $60 shoes is worth it though.... I do rather get good one but then how often will I go all the way to downtown for rock climbing... -_-

August 7, 2007

Madison Ave Pub

Went to Duff for wings and Madison Ave Pub afterwards. Duff's wings were ok, at least their wings were bigger than All Stars. But I can't eat wings that much anymore, kinda gross now~

So we went to Madison Ave Pub, it's been a while going to a pub for alcohal drink. I don't even remember the last time I drank. I use it for cooking often but not for drinking. =)

This was for "last time seeing" Talent party but he disappeared on us, well not literally but he went somewhere where we couldn't see him. But I had lot of fun spending time with my friends~ It's nice to go to a bar ONCE in a while~ =)
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