November 26, 2006

One of the Kind Show 2006

Went to One of the Kind Show~
It's been 3 years last time I went to it. Things has changed a lot!! Lots of new stores are there and I'm wondering what happened to the people that used to be there.

I just grabbed these photos from the sites. Just to show few stores I liked the most. There were so many things I wanted but I controlled myself~ I bought a handmade apron(1st pic from below) well I should say my mom bought it for me, Domistyle Gifts had pretty cute apron design that I would make. Yeah, I coulda made it but if there's an design that I would do and I would make then I might as well buy one to save some time~ ;) Photo below are the ones I liked the most, so check their site out~

I couldn't show you the picutre but I also bought a earring from Kari Woo. Very simple jewlery design and I can wear it anytime so that's why I liked it so I bought a pair.

I think I spent 4~5 hours just walking around the entire store. I went with my parents so my dad was so tired. But because of me, my mom was able to take her time and look at things like clothing, jewlery stores with me. When it's just my mom and my dad, my dad will just skip anything that he's not interested so my mom wouldn't get the chance to see what she wants =( And that's why it took 4~5 hours ;)
Anyways it was lots of fun, hopefully I can go next year~

Here are other sites that I liked but I end up not buying~ (im still cheap~)

November 20, 2006

Tropical Fruits

I tried out different kinds of tropical fruits today for dessert!
They all tastes different and very unique. The most shocking thing was passion fruits aren't sweet like the bubble tea you drink. It's the most sour taste I ever had. Well lemon is sour but this one has a bit of bitter taste first then the sweet comes last.
Guava was like star fruits and pears combined. The seeds are rediculusly hard, you can seriously break your teeth so watch out when your chewing it!
I tried dragonfruit and golden dragonfruit. Well the golden one is called yellow skinned dragonfruit and that one is so sweet, it's so good!! The regular one gets kinda nasty after while because it has a blunt taste. It's like kiwi without any taste(yeah that sounds nasty).
The best one was Sweet granadilla! It looks so damn nasty but it's so good. It looks like pomagrat but more juicier =)
That was a one heathly dessert I ever had~

November 15, 2006

at best buy

I saw people lining up in front of Best Buy for ps3. IN ST. CATHARINE!!!!
I didn't expect that. Crazy people! I wish I had a camera =( Maybe I'll get one on xmas...

I'll be waiting patiently after 2~3 years until they get cheaper~ For now, I'll enjoy my DS.

November 14, 2006


Damn you basterd!!! Finally I got the chance to update my site~
Well one reason was I couldn't log in to my account for some odd reason. So anthing i updated in following dates, it didn't upload properly... SO now that I got my account back, I'll TRY to keep up with the update~ Man, I look at my site I wanna change the layout again!!!
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