April 29, 2010

Thumb guards

Who got the thumb guards? I did!

I bought mine at EB Games that comes with BONUS~ I actually thought they were thumb guards to protect your thumb when you play. But it was just a thumb cover when you play thumb wrestle. You get to be either Chun-li or Juri.

Other choice was trade-in games for SSF4 at Best Buy but the game you trade-in has to be pretty recent($50 value). I was looking forward to that but I realized I only owned SF4.... and Katamari Forever.

So who's up for SSF4?
PS3: lVlorrigan

who has these?

April 14, 2010

cg wip

Taking a break by doing a cg with full background. It's taking longer then I thought... And I have also noticed how much I have to learn about perspectives.


April 6, 2010

Femme 2010

Coincidentally, my parents planned trip to Japan for March while I have the group show at Ginza in Japan. I couldn't show up to this so I told my parents to take lot of pictures when they go see my work.

The theme of this show was to illustrate digitally using female figure. We had 40 CG illustrators attended to this.

There were so many beautiful illustrations. The bottom photos are ones I picked out that I personally liked!

It really was unfortunate I couldn't show up to this show...

my antoinette
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