December 27, 2015


Hope everyone had wonderful Christmas! It's sad to see no snow here in Toronto...
 I'm enjoying my holiday though doing more arts and crafts. Currently challenging on knitting sweater!

So some people may have noticed, some people may not. I'm a late starter but I recently got Instagram(Finally!). At Instagram I will have more photo of my daily life, like work in progress shot of crafts I did, sketches, and doodles.

Follow me at kiddyfactory

my instagram

December 20, 2015

Kite's Christmas Card

Happy Holiday everyone! Hope everyone is having fun and busy Christmas!
I've been spending time to do more arts and crafts over the winter and have more to share here.  

For busy people, I made printable Christmas card to download if you need last minute cards. 

Kite's Christmas Card : Download here
Paper Size : 8.5''x11'' Premium paper or Cardstock
Document Size : Prints within 8''x10''
Card Size : 4.25''x4.25''
*Use dotted line to guide to cut. Color may vary when printing. Please use it for personal purpose only.
Christmas Card

December 13, 2015

Minion Christmas Tree

Lot of beautiful Christmas trees out there! It's always inspiring to see other people's decorations.

This is my little tree I decorated this year!
I just watched Minion movie yesterday so I was pumped to make decorations for these little minions. I created papercraft banana ornaments that you can build yourself and handmade garland to make things more colorful!

A little craft session you can do with your kids to decorate your mini tree.

minion christmas tree

So I found these adorable keychains from capsule toys from Walmart while back (I did keep buying them until I collected them all so I have few doubles). I had them hang on my cork board as decoration then an idea came up that I can use these as Christmas ornaments! These graphical minions are my favorite style.

minion keychain

Papercraft Banana Ornaments:
I made this from 3D program and textured quickly in Photoshop. Please use 8.5x11 cardstock in quality print job. Document size will print at 8x10.

It's about 3.5cm height when it's finished.

- Banana papercraft DOWNLOAD HERE  (makes 18 ornaments)
- Scissors
- Gluestick
- Thread
- Needle

Step 1:
Print out papercraft of the banana ornaments. Cut out all the patterns and glue them together. Let it dry.

paper banana

banana ornaments

Step 2:
You have 2 options.
  Option 1 : Use Black sewing thread and thread through tip of the banana and make a knot. I did this method so the thread won't be visible when I hang them.
  Option 2 : If you want the thread to be visible, you can use thicker strings and glue gun the string on back side of the banana.


Paper Garland:
This is easy peasy paper garland you can make with any kind of cardstock paper and mindlessly sititch across with a sewing machine.

- Color Paper
- Scissors
- Sewing Machine

easy paper garland

Step 1:
Cut paper into strip about 1cm. Then cut into square. *It doesn't have to be perfect square.

cut into squares

Step 2:
With sewing machine, place one square under the needle to start. At slow pace, put next square under the foot and keep doing this until you run out squares.

*The gap between squares aren't perfectly measured. So it's ok to randomize that part.

stitch acorss


top of minion christmas tree

close up of minion christmas tree

lights on

December 6, 2015

2016 Moleskine Planner

I started using Moleskine agenda for 3 years now. Fun part about using this is that you can decorate the cover. This is a new technique I found that I want to continue in the following year.

2016 is almost here, Let's enjoy rest of 2015!

2016 Moleskine Weekly Planner

Here are other ideas for Moleskine covers I did in the past!

Collection of Moleskine


- Moleskine Agenda
- 1 Sewing Needle
- 4 colors Embroidery Threads
- Sewing Awl or Ice Pick
- Pencil and Eraser

1. Behind the cover of the book, make line art of your design.

2016 Moleskine step 1

2. Pierce holes following the line drawing. About 0.2~0.3mm apart or your preference.

2016 Moleskine step 2
2016 Moleskine step 3

3. Unravel embroidery thread and thread 3 strands through the needle.

2016 Moleskine step 4

4. Stitch the pattern.

2016 Moleskine step 5
2016 Moleskine step 6

5. Option: When your done stitching, you can brush with nail polish on the knots to stiffen so knots won't untangle.

2016 Moleskine step 7

2016 Moleskine finish

November 29, 2015

Etsy Finds : idea2lifestyle

There are tons of great creaters in Etsy.
While I surf around Pinterest, I do lot of Etsy surfing too. So I want to start sharing my Etsy finds posts.

I'll start with one of my favorite clothing line I purchased  two of their tops. I've purchased "The Kite 1"  in black and "Missing You" in white. They're fun and comfortable to wear!

etsy finds


1. The Kite 1- Asymmetrical shirt
2. Tranparent Meditation - Sheer zen cardigan
3. First line of the poem - Modal cotton jersey tunic dress hoodie
4. Missing You - Linen shirt

November 22, 2015

Vintage Tattoo Style

Had this illustration done while ago and I totally forgot to post this!

This is a style I wanted to approach where you draw anime style but color in like a vintage tattoo style. It gave an unexpected result where I want to try out more variety in the future.

Here is my first try!

tattoo girl

November 15, 2015

Layered Crusted Eggplants

Simple side dish you can make for any meat dish!

One of my favorite ways to eat eggplants, which is simple seasoning and roasting them. I enjoy eating this by itself as main dish. Good for vegetarians.

Layered Crusted Eggplants

Layered Crusted Eggplants:
- 2 large Eggplants, slice in 1cm
- Parmesan Cheese, grated

- 1 cup of Panko
- 4 tbsp Olive Oil
- Pinch of Salt and Pepper

Pasta Sauce or Homemade Tomato Sauce:
- 4 Tomatoes, diced
- 1/2 tbsp Basil
- 1/2 tbsp Oregano
- 1 tbsp butter
- Salt and Pepper

1. Set Oven to 350F/180C. Place parchment paper on baking trays. Lay eggplants.

2. Crust: In a bowl, mix Panko, olive oil, salt and pepper. Mix very well. Pour the mix on to eggplants evenly. Put in the oven for 30min.

3. Homemade Tomato Sauce: Heat sauce pan at medium-high. Melt the butter and pour tomatoes in the pan. Season with basil, and oregano. Cook for 3min, then simmer at medium heat for 6-8min or until half chunky and saucy. Season salt and pepper for your preference.

4. When eggplant is ready, stack them into a tower on small plate and pour the sauce on top of it. Sprinkle with Parmesan Cheese. Serve hot.

November 8, 2015

Printable 2016 Mini Calendar

I wanted to give it a try making a calendar this year. So! I made a printable mini calendar for my shop! Comes with a little stand so you can display on your office desk or for your home.

Confetti were inspired from one of my illustration with bold colors on corners. Lettering are all handwritten by me.  

2016 mini calendar

2016 mini calendar

2016 mini calendar

November 1, 2015

Halloween 2015

Happy free treat day!

I watched Book of Life this year, so I wanted to use Day of the Dead design elements into this pumpkin. The tool I only had to depend on was a stamp carving tool I had when I was a kid. It was quite challenging that it makes me want to buy proper tools for this purpose.

This did gave me another idea for next year. Can't wait for that now!
Happy Halloween everyone!

pumpkin carving 2015 in the dark

pumpkin carving 2015

October 25, 2015

Glico Curry

I hope many people like Glico curry!

What I like about this food is I purposely buy large box one so it can lasts me almost a week without taking up cooking time. It's great for people who's having busy week. And the other choices is just store them in a 1 serving container into the freezer as emergency food.

Obviously it might be tough for some people to eat same food for a week so there's lot of other option you can make other than just curry and rice.

Curry Udon

Curry Udon:
- 1 pack of Udon, boiled
- 1 pack of any soup base(if udon pack doesn't come with soup base) or Ajinomoto
- 1 serving Glico Curry
- 1/4 cup Green Onion, chopped
- 1 egg, raw or boiled

1. Boil egg based on your preference. Heat up curry in a separate pot and set aside.

2. Boil Udon until cooked through. Drain, set aside in a deep serving bowl.

3. Boil water and add soup base and pour into the bowl.

4. Pour curry, garnish green onion, slice egg(or drop raw egg for your preference) in the bowl. 

Curry Gratin

Curry Gratin:
- 1 serving Rice or Brown Rice
- 1 serving of Glico Curry
- 1/2 cup Chedder Cheese or Singles
- 1 egg, beaten

1. In the Oven-Safe shallow serving dish, mix curry and rice together and spread evenly.

2. Sprinkle cheese on top.

3. Pour egg evenly.

4. 2 Choices to cook: a. Microwave the dish for 2-3min. b. Bake it at 325F for 15-20min.   

October 18, 2015

Pumpkin Carving Ideas

pumpkin carving ideas

1. Use Mandarin orange to make Mini pumpkin.
2. Use screwdriver to poke holes and illustrate Skyline with Jack-O-Lantern moon.
3. My first pumpkin carving was lace design.

October 11, 2015

Gift Wrap Decoration 4: Yoshi

To my brother who has same name as my favorite Nintendo character.

Just last week I was playing Super Mario World, and it had brought back so many memories of my childhood. Soon I will have Mario Maker and I'm looking forward to playing that! 

To answer everyone's question, his name was not named after Yoshi the dinosaur.

Gift Wrap Decoration 4: Yoshi

October 4, 2015


Went to small getaway at Blue Pigeon Resort.
Mainly went for fishing but whole weekend was too windy to go out on a boat for fishing.... But the place is really nice, everything was newly renovated, dock was beautiful and each cottage named after types of bird and we stayed in at Blue Jay.

It was nice chilling weekend, I still tried fishing at the dock, jumped on trampoline they provided, played football. and then I brought in classic SNES and played Super Mario World while people were taking a nap. I always thought that game was hard when I was a kid, taking forever to finish but when I play it now I was able to complete it in 4 hours. So that's my highlight of the trip! 

blue pigeon resort

blue pigeon resort

blue pigeon resort

blue pigeon resort

blue pigeon resort

September 27, 2015

Giveaway - Pouch With Pom-Pom

I mentioned this year is 15th anniversary since I started my homepage back when Geocities was around.

I want to thank everyone who's been following my little website! My homepage has been part of me almost half of my life and just from a little hobby brought me so many inspiration that I'm thankful for.
So as a little thank you, I have a small giveaway to celebrate this moment!

I recently remembered that I made custom printed fabric with my design on that I had for a while now. With that fabric I made a little 7''x5'' pouch with pom-pom strap. The drawing of these girls were inspired from fashionable women from Sheridan College that I observed during my college year. 

Now go enter to get a chance to win this prize!

Leave comments with which color pom-pom you want and email(to contact the winner) in this post by Oct 11. I will randomly pick one winner and announce it on Oct 14. 

You don't need blogger account to leave comments so everyone is welcome to enter, so good luck!!


And the winner is......  mistral!
Email is sent you for more information.

Thanks for participating everyone! Hope I can continue to keep my homepage going. My next goal is 20th anniversary!

pouch with pom-pom

pouch with pom-pom: inside

pouch with pom-pom

September 21, 2015


It's been a while since I went to CNTower. Last time was when I was 6?

So many tall buildings I didn't realize, and so many places I've not been....

toronto view

September 13, 2015


Sukiyaki is one of my favorite food. Similar to hotpot but without boiling water. You use electric/gas stove  and large skillet or large shallow pots to cook your food.

Generally you can put whatever you want but if it's your first time trying follow these ingredient first!



For 2 servings:
- 1-2 trays of sliced beef.
- 1 whole nappa, chopped
- 2 trays of tofu, cut into bite size
- 2 packs of Enoki mushrooms
- 3-5 stalk of green onions, chopped
- 4 white onion, chopped.
- 2-4 bags of itokonnyaku (clear glass noodle)
- 4 packs of udon
- 2-4 eggs

Have these on aside:
- soy sauce
- brown sugar
- beer(optional)

1. Heat your skillet to med-high.
Layer the following ingredient :
- nappa
- onion
- green onion
- slices of beef

2. Drizzle brown sugar on sliced beef, beer(optional) and then soy sauce.

3. When it starts cooking nappa will build water as part of cooking process.  Let it simmer at med heat.
*If it starting burning add water yourself.

4. Gather nappa into the middle and add, tofu, enoki mushroom, itokonnyaku into simmered water. Let it simmer for few minute.

5. Once the beef slowly browning, stir beef, nappa, onion together to cook further more.

6.When it's ready, in a serving bowl beaten an egg. Grab any food you like from the skillet and dip into the egg bowl.

7. Repeat #1 again once you run out of beef.

September 8, 2015

Shop at KiDDy Factory

For longest time I have been a buyer at Etsy. So many lovely things out there to buy!

Now it's my turn to open my shop at Etsy! Focused on my strength which is coming up with pattern for knitting and crochet and do illustration. It's a small start for now, but currently selling knitting pattern for DIY fingerless gloves and printable birthday cards.

Come check it out @ KiDDy Factory

Polka Dot Fingerless Gloves

Mountain Top Fingerless Gloves

Half & Half Fingerless Gloves



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