August 27, 2009

white dress

A white dress I made for someone~

It was my first time following a pattern when I made this dress. It actually took longer to make because I had so much trouble understanding the instructions and sewing terms that I never use.... =)
But it turned out nice, I'm happy about it!

For more photos!

August 20, 2009

meal 46

It's been a while posting photos of my food~ Sir Charles was away for half of year for contract job so I was the only one in my apartment. It's really hard to cook gourme food for yourself. I enjoy making food for someone and feed myself =)
I'm back on board so I'll continue posting my food~

While back I had fondue with Jen where we were just pigging out chocolate and fruits =) What we learned was that once you try to reheat the chocolate it gets chunky and it's difficult for the fruit to dip into the chocolate. I think it's because of the juices in fruits has mixed into the chocolate so it goes all weird.

August 10, 2009


I took a day off last Friday for a wedding I attended.
Alan, the groom was Sir Charles's childhood friend who used to be his neighbor. Charles felt old when he saw his friend get married, he gonna feel more old when we head to New York City in 3 weeks for his sister's wedding. =)

They had their wedding at Old Mill Inn on Bloor St. W and Islington. They have chapel, hotel, restaurant, and ball room all in one location so it's a very convenient place to have your wedding. The reception itself felt like we were at a prom but with open bar =)
I still didn't drink(my excuse is, I had to drive ;) but Charles had 8~10 glasses of coke rum, he took those down fast!

Below the photo, I made the dress while back for first wedding I attended~ =)

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