June 30, 2006


Went to Ikea to buy furnitures for my new apartment. I got sofa bed(sleepover is welcome) table for my comp and all other sorts.
I was worried about the sofa being so big, damn where's my pontiac when I need it. But I stuffed all my furniture in my suv pretty good =) It was hell of a long drive though..... I couldn't see my right blind spot >_<

June 27, 2006


STUUUPID BLOG I didn't know once u click on spell check it deletes the post. I just spent 30 min type'n out my crap. Screw it I'm just gonna shorten this post.

So I went to Yorkdale yesterday with my parents. My mom wants an one piece dress, new shoes, and a hat for trip to paris. She's very excited to this vacation. So I came along to help her out looking for what she needs. We found really nice shoes from Nine West but sadly no size for her. She told me she went most of the mall around us for shoes, she did consider buy'n it at paris, but I don't know maybe it's a girl thing, have extra to bring it to the trip.

After 5 hours she found this nice simple white dress at Tristen & America. After all that help my mom let me pick out a cloth for myself so I chose this silky green tank top. It's was like $200 altogether and we were wondering why so expensive so we looked at that reciept. Her dress was $80 and my tank top was $98..... >_<

June 22, 2006


Forgot to say, I got my site up~ Same as usual maybe the difference is I'm posting up my craft stuff too.


I swear Orville redenbacher's Unltimate theater style BBQ flavour popcorn is the most piece of shit ever. Yeah I am aware of my "reading instruction" but specifically the bbq flavour one is just retarded. Who makes their popcorn like that. Most retarded thing is it said it takes 5 min but within 2 min it burns and it doesn't even cook the entire corn. Not just once but twice and this time we followed the instruction praperly and it still fucks up (sure~ u read the instruction. that's right, u know who i'm talk'n to). Now my whole kitchen smells like burned food..... hope my mom doesn't complain >_<

K, enough said about stupid popcorn. I watched Disney's Dinosaurs. It was alright, it made me think I should watch Jurassic Park again to see the graphics. Dinosaurs had so many scene's where the characters and the background didn't fit together. But whatever, the texturing was quite nice~

June 10, 2006

my site

Working on my site right now~
Finally got the time to work on it, well it's more like I didn't have an idea for my layout so I didn't touch it. Now that I have an idea I 've been spending more then what I expect......

Damn did it take this long?

June 9, 2006

@ the mall

For ppl who doesn't know and who doesn't care, Lewis craft at Markville mall is closing end of this June. So right now it has this BIG clearance sale up to 70%. For girls who knits go there now cuz yarn are all 50% off! BIG SAVING =)
I did go there to buy yarn but I wanna risk and see if they'll drop the price more near the end of the month..... But I already have this urge to buy them right now >_< So since I didn't buy those yarn I bought 3 tops for 30 instead~ haha
I ssim uoy ybab...
Have you guys seen the jewelllery at The Loft? There's these really nice jewellary I love so much, but I don't know, jewellary is quite useless thing to buy but that goes the same for buying games and toys..... Some ppl may notice I'm addicted to circle designs recently, well it's been 3 years liking it so it became part of me now~ ANYWAYS go to IMOOI they got really really cute jewellaries. You know which one I like =)

June 5, 2006

Free stuff~

Went to Jen's today to grab free cloths yesterday~
I got so many pants from her, I prabably saved few hundred bucks of pants haha. Well Jen, you saved my money and Thank you thank you so much~! Expect something on your bday~ =) (hopefully....)
yeh ybab, ear ouy gnidaer siht? i tneps ym emit gnitirw siht drowkcab esuaceb i evol ouy os hcum
I spent most of my day working with adobe encore to make dvd menus. I was quite pissed cuz of amount of rendering I had to go through using after effects(stupid 29.97 fps). Well at least that's done >_<
ti yam dnuos ynroc tub ouy yllaer nethgirb pu ym efil. i sseug i ma gnihton tuohtiw ouy. peek ni dnim taht m'i syawla ereh rof ouy.

June 4, 2006


Went for bbq at Eldon's place yesterday~
It' been a while seeing ppl. Most of the ppl been like 6 months last time I saw them. Too bad i couldn't be there so long.....

Hope we have this again~

June 1, 2006

1i5: montreal

I wasn't able to go cuz of no money but 1i5 had another gallery show at monteal.
Someone bought one of my piece from the show, so a little profit i made =)
My friends told me how great it was..... man I wish I was there! -3-
I'll post up some pic someday~
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