February 29, 2008

pattern books

Both of them came out while ago but I got what I wanted~
It has so many inspiring designs and patterns, their just beautiful~!!!
Pattern Design shows flat image of the pattern and shows examples of how it looks applied on products.
Graphic Alive has same idea as the other book but has more other variety of pattern and design used on other things~ I love these books~!

February 25, 2008

@ downtown

I went to downtown with Charles on Saturday~ Mainly we didn't have anything else to do~ ;) I forget the name of the store but we went to comic store on young and somewhere around Eaton Center. Man, that place really has lot of comics. Then we went to World's Biggest Book Store which I have never been to, it was quite fun. I like the used book store beside it more~
We went into Eaton Center and passed by Godiva chocolate and they had the biggest strawberries with chocolate dip on it!(my favorite!) Charles bought me one of medium size. The large one was HUGE! They were definitly generically engineered. But when it's too big it's harder to eat, it kinda gets messy -_- but yummy~!

We didn't get to walk around the whole mall but at least I checked out Club Monaco~ That's the biggest club monaco store I ever seen~ There was this one cute dress that maybe I'll make on when I have time. Man, I love club monaco's new stuff! So adorable!!
After that we went to Baton Rouge for dinner. I never been to one so we went there. Charles says the ribs their are really good so I ordered the Trio that also comes with chicken, 5 jumbo shrimp and baked potato. Yeah, that was filling~
We also ordered dessert, Charles had chocolate mousse and it was really good. You can't compare with my crappy mousse >_<> On Sunday I was packing LOTS of crap to bring my sewing stuff to my apartment, I managed to bring sewing machine and the lock machine~ So for few weeks I'll be busy working on Celine's dress and hopefully I'll get everything done on time! Now I need a desk for the machine, off to IKEA!!

February 21, 2008

my 2 year planner

I bought a planner this year because I actually need one to follow my schedule with Celine with her wedding~ I didn't want anything expensive so I went to Zellers and they $1.99 2 year planner so I bought one. Now I do love dogs but it doesn't match with other notebooks I own so I decorated my planner. I'll keep the puppies covered nice and protected =)
So anyways I did drawing of these girls while back, I finally got the chance to scan them and put them in better use~ It turned out to be pretty nice~ I like it. Here's the full view of the pic.

February 19, 2008

family day long weekend

Our first family day hoilday, how was everyone's long weekend?
On Saturday Celine dropped by to plan what to do with her wedding. We discussed what we have to do for the 6 month before the wedding, we're getting the ideas of what to do with the invitation.
After that I went to Chako again for Matt's birthday dinner~ Seems like it still tastes the same ;)

While I was busy eating I noticed Eddie was talking to someone behind him so I wondered who he was talking to. It was Ray and Majid!! I haven't seen those guys since high school! Majid looks so small now~ He was like an elephant and I was a little mouse. I really did grow! ;)
Anyways that was the highlight of that dinner ;) then we went to Matt's place to watch the NBA All-star game of 3pt shooter and dunk compititon~ I think this is my second time watching this show, it was pretty fun to watch. While we were watching Matt's mom served us her apple pie~ It was pretty damn good~ =)

Sunday I actually did nothing. When to Madarins to have their new years special. After that I read Hanayori Dango whole volume in one night. I stayed up to 6~7am in the morning to finish it. That sure was tiring 0_o It was fun to read~ It was good enough to make the complete edition for it.

February 14, 2008

happy valentine's day

Happy Valentine's day everybody! Hope everyone had wonderful day! I spent my Valentine making dinner and dessert for Charles. I made a califlower soup, it was pretty damn good. =) Here's the gift Charles got me, it's the tea pot set from FORLIFE. They make the most SIMPLEST and CUTEST houseware stuff ever!!!! I wish I had ALL the colors ;)
This is the soup I made, very creamy califlower soup!

Chocolate mousse, anyone like one?

February 13, 2008

loco roco

Yeppie~!! I finally got it done!! I don't know how long it took to finish this... But it's here now =)

This is work in progress shot of making mouth for loco roco~ I basically used fabric paint in tube and drew bunch of mouth on parchment paper. Dry for overnight then peel the one that looks good with penknife or anything sharp.
Since I made whole bunch, on my break I was playing around with the mouth on loco roco's face. =) Anyways after playing around with them you put fabric glue on the flat side of the mouth and place it on them.
And here it is~

Here's the photo from my official site:

February 12, 2008


Ever since I bought those laundry clips I was eagar to decorate clips. So I used my night to cut and paste~
Here are the tools I used:
-craft punch
-decorated paper
-laundry clips
-rubber cement glue

It's quite simple, you use the clip and trace out that siloette of the clip on the paper and cut it out.
Use the craft punch to punch out the area you like. Brush on cement glue on the clip and paste the paper on the clip.

February 11, 2008

tip: making your soup thicker without cream

Here are other ways to make your soup thicker without cream:

1. Almond: Throw ground almond in the soup, puree them together. It becomes nice and thick with rich flavoring. The soup becomes a little heavy though.

2. Potato: puree with soup you're making. It gives a little "starch" texture.

3. Bread: tear the bread into pieces toss them with the soup you're making. Let it soak for 15 min, puree the whole soup.

February 10, 2008


I went back to Markham this weekend for Diana's birthday dim sum on Saturday~ I go back and see almost 40cm of snow! I think we only have 3cm in St. Catharines.
So anyways we went to dim sum at Metro square, since we went early there weren't too many people~ I got to see Allison who I haven't seen her since her birthday on our 1st college/university year~ That was great!

After the dim sum Jen needed to grab a cake from 1st markham place so we went there and went to Jacub outlet. Almost everything was 50% off ticketed price and 3 or more was 60% off. Luckly Jen had 2 items and I had one so we were able to combine them to get 60% off discount~ So I got my Jacub Jr. scarf for $2, NICE~!! After that Jen took me to Starbucks and had coffe there~ They had cupcakes so I had to get one. I've been craving for cupcakes for the longest time! The cupcake has vanilla icing with glass sprinklers and vanilla beans, it tasted so good!

This cupcake was pretty good. It wasn't the cheap cupcake like loblaw's bakery cupcakes. It has a lot richer creamy taste.
Next time we go I'm gonna try the chocolate cupcake =) mmmm~

After that we went back home and I pretty much did nothing at home. I wanted to work but I felt so lazy~ So I just sat around and read comic for rest of the night.

baby piddlesworth

I made baby Piddlesworth for Jen as christmas gift~ That's what I have to call him/her for now. Jen, let me know if you have named this little panda~
While I was making this, I thought I might as well make pattern for this little panda~ So here's the free pattern for people who wants to own one!!
Here are the detailed photos:
baby Piddlesworth

Now this is actually my first time making pattern for it so there might be few thing that's misunderstanding. So Please do ask any question! I'm so looking forward to see what you have made =)
baby Piddlesworth PATTERN

February 7, 2008

stability ball

Few days ago I accidently let my ball roll against the heater, the heat dissolved the side of the ball and created a hole.... So I went to Walmart and bought a 55cm stability ball today. Stottpilates has pretty good work out dvds. Their explaination about ball exercise are easy to understand.
Coincidently it matches with my yoga mat =) I just now have to be careful with this ball because it was $31 purchase -_-

soup fever~!!

Ever since Charles got me the stock pot, I've been making lots of soup. Some of them are anal to make but some are very easy to make.
Click on the images and it'll take you to flickr with receipe~ (well the easy ones)

February 3, 2008

crafty stuff

This weekned I worked on lots of arty stuff~
I'm almost done with loco roco guys, I just need decide on how to put the mouth on. As you can see the left loco roco has a mouth using felt. It keeps wripping off so I have to figure out another way~ I'm almost there though, few touch up then it's done!
I went to Walmart to buy laundry clips to hang up card and stuff~ It's the simplest, cutest way to decorate the room~ My apartment is dirty right now but hopefully SOON I'll have the photos of my apartment~

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