July 31, 2006


Yeah I have said I might be buying digicam when I get my first payment. It's already my second payment and I haven't bought it yet. Well one reason is, I went get my hair strighten and got a little cut so I used my money on that. No, it didn't cost my whole payment, anything I pay more then hundred on one purchase I dont plan to buy anything 'till the next months. That's always my rule with money, in term of your own good~ Maybe next month I'll buy digicam. BUT I have next thing to buy that I really should consider...... it buying my own car~ Yeah, it's gonna take at least a year for me to do that..... Well that's just another thing I have to save money on. But then I so many other thing to buy.... I want to get blending machine, speakers for my computer and maybe even a new computer.... 5 years of that damn Dell. But computers are such a rip. That is all I've been saying through out this 5 years. I already thought about buying new computer like 2 years ago but I keep saying to myself, "it's little slow, it's still good it's still good~". I think I'll be saying that for a while...

July 25, 2006

work work

Work is getting crazier and crazier~ I start learning how to use z brush.... it's damn cool but so fucked up. most of the time i dont know what going on 0_o only thing i can do is sculp the model(well that is all u really need to know) this is like photoshop in 3d. aiya~ so many things to learn......

Enough with that, Celine has her personal page up recently and I'd like to share that~ very simple and cute site, when u got time go check it out~

yeah I stole your image =)

July 23, 2006

CG 01

Did a cg work, I'm trying to actually do full composition with more then one person in the composition and add some kinda perspective element in it~

It actually takes me a while now..... I have to actually keep away from the work for few min to refresh my mind to see any mistakes. Sure, there's tons of mistakes here already. Mostly I wish I chose better colors cause these colour scheme is pretty bad..... but I like how the jeans turned out~ That's about it -_-

July 22, 2006


Yah~ Finally got an internet in my apartment! It has been a while using my computer and you know what, I've been too used to using my work's monitor which about 19 inch duel screen, this 17 inch monitor is so damn tiny 0_o Oh~ boy, I think I need a new monitor......

July 17, 2006


Over the weekend I brought my car to my carshop and they were telling me the shock resistent was leaking again so it'll cost another 1k again to fix it. Yeah, I'm aware that it's time to switch the car while back but it is hard to buy a car right now. Need more savings man..... I have to wait like another year or something to own one. 'till then I have to stick with my prelude.

And sadly my car isn't ready yet so they gave me a rental car for free. And it's the car that I wanted to test drive, was Mazda 3(yeah i know mazda? wasnt i at honda?? i wanted to drive the new civic, but i had no choice). It's a pretty good car actually, but really any car that's newer then MY prelude anything is good~ haha. This Mazda 3 has "semi"-manual hand gear so I was playing around with that until I saw the gas went down so damn fast...... then I remembered I have to fill the gas before returning it. It's already empty...

July 14, 2006

2nd week

It's been second week at work and I'm surviving still~
Just few days ago I was suffering from game engine they use to texture thing but now I'm sorta getting the hang of it. Still, I dont exactly know how it really works...

While suffering from that, on Tuesday they have this cake day every month to celebrate the newbies and birthdays on that month. So they made me, Charles and other 2 newbies to stand in the middle of 150 of people and made us introduce ourselves....(pressure...) After that we all sang birthday song for birthday people and then finally we got our free cake. Apparently every cake time, only the newbies have to sing the birthday song but we didn't have to do that (odd.... but thank goodness) Hope they won't make us do it in next cake time. Funny story is their was actually a time where only one person joined the work in the month and he had to sing by himself in front of 60 people. I don't want that happen with me....

July 10, 2006


Man, this no internet really suxs....
Anyways Last Friday(07/07) my work offered us free movie and food. They pretty much reserved the cinema for us so we watched Pirate of the Carribian 2. I knew it was free food but I choose to get anything. I don't think I can eat popcorn in 9 in the morning anymore. Yeah, the movie was in the morning so it was quite tiring. But at least half of day of work !

In the weekend, I baught like 5 new ps2 games. They were about 10 bucks! No loss for that. So on Sunday I spent all my day playing Samurai Warriors with Charles. We was so close to finish that game or at least that's what we think. That game is only fun when you play with other people, I played Dynesty Warrior by myself and yeah, it was quite boring. Any repetitive games are boring when you play by yourself. Keep in mind that~

July 5, 2006

July 1st

Where have I been?? I'm living without internet at home....... it really sucks -_- What have I been doing? I moved to my new home on Canada day(happy birthday jen!!) and yeah damn people are heading towards Niagra so LOTS of trafic. Moving went smoothly, it actually took only 1 hour. It is surprizing because when I moved out from Oakville it literally took 3 hours to bring all my stuff out. My brothers were SO sick of it, so the first thing they ask me at St. Cathrine was "Can we leave right after we're done bringing up the boxes?". And then they actually left right after all the boxes were up in my room. I will post up my new home soon, when I get my camera.... That's the first thing I may want to buy when I get my first paycheck=)
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