October 31, 2013

mini pumpkin

Quick update to say happy halloween!

Did another pumpkin carving using Mandarin orange. Maybe next year I'll make whole bunch of them lined up!


What's next? Pumpkin carving idea for lace lovers. 

October 28, 2013

happy halloween

Trick or treat! Hope everyone is enjoying your Halloween week.

I realized recently that I have never carved pumpkins before so I tried out this year! With my first attempt, I used my favorite design element of lace and circles. I used screw drivers to stab each holes.

Another annual crafty activity I can do!

happy halloween!

my first pumpkin carving

October 6, 2013


Another activity I did over the summer. Went to Tobermory in Bruce Peninsula for camping. The place was booked so fast that we were only able to stay a night.

Beautiful place! Water was so clear and the weather was perfect, seeing natural blue gives me shiver sometimes.

Another highlight of this trip was trying out fish and chips. I never had fish and chips with skin on with very thin batter. It was quite refreshing.

I would love to go back again there for next summer.

Cyprus Lake

Cyprus Lake

Indian Head Cove

Indian Head Cove

Indian Head Cove

The Grotto

The Fish & Chip Place

Little Cove

Little Cove
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