October 28, 2018

La Muerte

Fanart I wanted to do for a while.
Recently re-watched Book Of Life. Still lovely, and colorful film to watch.

Used her large hat as graphical element and incorporated with Day of The Dead designs together. 

La Muerte

La Muerte close up

October 21, 2018

2017 Sketches Part 4

More weekly instagram sketches from 2017.

Wanted to go back to pencil sketches so explored more on shadings.
And random Belle from Beauty And The Beast that was playing on TV so might as well do a  little fanart here too!

You can check out more here:
2017 Sketches Part 1
2017 Sketches Part 2
2017 Sketches Part 3

sketch 57: wake up

sketch 58: Belle

sketch 59: cold

sketch 60: Toque

October 14, 2018

Wedding Card

Attempt another art piece like I did from Mother's Day.
This layering image to image has been fun method to play around with.

So this is a little wedding card I made for one of my oldest buddy.
Congrats to the couple!

Wedding Card

Below here is how it was made:

Wedding Card: printouts

Wedding Card: cutouts

Wedding Card: foam

Wedding Card: layering closeup

Wedding Card: closeup of bride

Wedding Card: closeup of groom

Wedding Card: layering

Wedding Card: final

October 1, 2018

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