July 30, 2010

tags sneak peak

Here are the sneak peek of napkin/gift tags I worked on! They turned out very cute, I can't wait to use them!

gift tags

napkin tags

July 22, 2010

cake top

Here are the cake top I've been working on!

I used oven-baking clay to make this. I printed out the text and traced it out and pulled my old toy from my closet(best toy ever!) and baked it in there. It' been more than 15 years and the light bulb powered oven still works for this project. It came in handy still.

Did anyone owned EZ 2 Do products?
I still remember the commercial for this!


who had this?

ready to paint


July 13, 2010

little berries

I didn't realize I had these bushes on my lawn. It has these adorable tiny berries, they're so translucent and juicy that I want to eat them!



July 4, 2010

car wash

I always liked going to Parkway Car Wash when I was a kid because we get out of the car, the employees vacuums inside and then the car goes into the wash while we walk through the hallway where we can watch our car getting washed through glass window. In the end of the hallway we reach to the cashier and get free lollipop from them.

The Parkway Car Wash was there since I was born or even before I was born. It's a car wash place that my dad goes since when I remember.

For some reason I stopped going with my dad and just today I went, to get my car cleaned and washed. It's been more than 15 years last time I went. It's always nice to go to a place where things haven't changed since you remember!

I always liked their colorful cars on the wall.

car wash

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