May 28, 2012

anime north

Hello everyone, it's been a while hanging out here. I'm been quite busy with work right now.

Last weekend I went to Anime North for the first time. I've been curious to go there for the longest time so I'm happy that I have the chance to go this year!

One of the highlight of the event was this t-shirt I bought from 1%Talent. Very cute t-shirt design that I'm looking forward to wear! There are more different adorable design t-shirt if you go to their online shop!

It's definitely interesting to see different cos-players there, it was quite nice to just sit down on bench and watch people pass by with their creative dressing ideas.

So I am getting the hang of sewing clothes now and it's very temping to try making high-end costume of a fictional character. One of my idea was to make Totoro mascot with giant leaf umbrella, walk around the convention giving out assorted nuts to people.

That idea is quite temping..... What do you think?


May 6, 2012

plaid capri

My last sewing project I worked on, I made scrunched up plaid capri pants. Originally I was going to use this fabric to make shorts but I still haven't figured out how to do pockets and stuff so I went for something less complicated.
This is my first try to make button holes from sewing machine and I didn't realize how easy to make one! Now I'm ready to make jacket or something that has lot of button holes!

Another summer pants I can't wait to wear!


plaid capri pants

plaid capri pants for summer wear!
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