March 30, 2008

free stuff from japan

My parents went on vacation for a month to Japan to celebrate their 25th(or 30th i forget) anniversity of living in Toronto. They were saying while they were on the flight, they met one of our old old family friend's mom who work as stewardess. What a coincidence! So she gave my mom the free package from business class, and it came with all these:
Free stuff from the hotel they went to~ My parents went all out staying at a hotel that has hot spring in their own hotel room~ Very high class~ So the washroom had all these interesting bath soaps and stuff~ The Silver package is crazy, all these weird stuff I never seen or heard of it. It's from Marks & Web obiously we know shampoo and conditioner, but there's scalp cleaning gel(is that like Head and Shoulders?) and repair hairpack(it's like extra treatment after conditioned).
This I never had, cherry blossem bath salt and bar soap~ They're so cute!!
Here we call it Magic Curler to curl your hair without using the stopper. This is the Japanese product that I wanted because I know it's made for asian hair~ The difference is these have thin layer of aluminum around the curler so that you can use the dryer to heat up the metal so the hair curls faster~ The diagram says it. Then there's the magic ball where you use the sponge to curl your hair and cap your hair inside the sponge ball, it's quite unique~

My lovely sewing tools~ If you need sewing tools you HAVE to buy them in Japan! They have very very fine dress pins that you just can't get them here in Canada, it's actually meant for silk or anything thinner material then silk. I just love Japanese chalk, they rub off without damaging your fabric~ And apprently they have chalk sharpener to sharpen the chalk so you get better fine line~ Most importently I wanted my own Japanese traditional thread scissors!! I love how they look!! That you CANNOT get here!!! It's so cute!!
Finally I got my Wii now~ Japanese too =) My mom got the Wii Fit so I played that today. It's EXACT game system like Brain Age but exercise version. It's one of those game where you just go back to it everyday to work out, get stamped on your calender and keep unlocking new exercise features. It actually tells you what age of a body you have just like how old is your brain like. I got age of 22~ So I'm doing well ;)
My mom forget how much it was but the site says the desired price is about $88 US. That's actually not so bad. Consider it~
So today I spent half of the day playing wii fit with my mom and played bowling with my dad~ It's been a while doing an activites with my parents! It's was fun!

Bax bear world tour

On Friday night was the Bax bear world tour at Keep 6 Contemporary~ It was successful night! Lot of people showed up to it, it was great! Thanks for people who showed up to the show!! Some og you guys are in the photo! photo 1, photo 2 =)
There's still 2 weeks with this for go check it out when you got time~

It was great painting this~ Thanks to Harvey Chan who gave me an opportunity to work on this! Thank you~

March 23, 2008

Hot Bax Bear

I was invited to this be part of the show this Friday~ They gave me a Bax bear to work on and it'll be displayed on the 28th~ Anyone who lives in Toronto area, come check it out!

Here's my Bax bear~ I had so much fun with this! I hardly get a chance to work on 3d object of anything~ I did ran into few problems like I do dry brush technique but that doesn't really work on plastic so I had to figure out a way to get a result that I like.
The most diffcult was putting the pieces of body together at the end. The plastic were so stiff to put them back together..... My hand got tired from that
Check out the rest of the photos:
Hot Bax Bear

Rock Band Night

Long weekend!!! Yeppie~
On Good Friday Celine dropped by and we discussed on her wedding plan and the dresses~ Lots and lots of stuff to do!!! It took us whole day to decide on what we have to do NOW! So many things to do.... 0_o
Saturday night our group had rock band night! Matt owned one so we had it at my place~ It was LOT OF FUN~! I think almost everyone tried out the game, drum is just a the best instrament! =) Base can be boring sometime but it's a good way to learn how to play all 5 buttons. I just wish I knew most of the song to sing.... If they have J-pop version then I would so sing it~ They should have one!

While we were playing Rock Band Paul baked us biscuit for mid-night snack~ But sadly the biscuit didn't turn out good.... the recipe says table salt but I only had sea salt.

TIP of the day: DO NOT USE sea salt as replacement of table salt unless the recipe says it's okay

Didn't thought sea salt can give such powerful taste~ If it wasn't for sea salt the biscuit would of been very good!

So we pretty much played the game until 3am. Literally we played for 6 hours streight, last time we did that was in high school~ 0_-

March 19, 2008

my site is down

It's kinda gay while my site is down the whole images I use other places are down.... I need another web space to keep things consistent >_<

March 16, 2008

this weekend

I went back to Markham on Friday to pick up Bax Bear from a gallery in downtown. I'll have the infomation up soon, but I'm basically custom paint the bear and display it on the gallery show~ So I went to do that then went to Fairview with Jen to check out the sandle I need for Celine's wedding. I tried out size 5.5 but I have a feeling it's a little big for me so I asked the Nine West to tranfer size 5 to fairview by next weekend. Hope that fits better~
For dinner we went cheap by going to the MacDonald with 2 can dine for $8.49. Right after that we went to Korean Bistro for Eldon's early birthday party. We pretty much chatted with bunch of people and chilled~

I get home and dropped by to Yoshi's room. He tells me he got a gift for me~ And this is what he got me!! It's a character from Yotsubato! I didn't thought they made Danboard~ So cute~!

You can take the head off and replace it with one of the character's head, very nicely painted~
And it has a switch where the eye turns the light on. =)

Jen gave me 15% off coupon to Dynamite. So I went back to Fairview again on Saturday and bought a denim capri-pants~ 15% off actually means something~ ;)

March 11, 2008

cg: poppy

New work! I did this for my friend's next Elliptic Clothing t-shirt design. I still need an approval from and it's suppose to be in black but I used my time to make the color version~ I used poppy for this piece, inspired from Celine's wedding that's coming up!

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