October 26, 2010

quick sketch

October 20, 2010

shinzi katoh 2011

I just received my 2011 agenda! It's Shinzi Katoh's 3rd agenda! There are size A5 and A6. A6 one comes with full color, so I got the A6. It's nice to see his illustrations in color.

The booklet comes with 2 full pages of 2011 new years resolution. I don't think I have 2 pages worth of resolution.... But this is good opportunity to think about what I can accomplish next year!


have you planned your 2011 resolution already?



October 14, 2010

testing testing (outdoor)

The long weekend we had last week had absolutly wonderful weather!! One of the tree in my backyard had a patch of red leaves. It was pretty!

Fall is really here~







October 11, 2010

testing testing (indoor)

This long weekend I was kind of experimenting with my new camera I got last week. It's so much nicer to able to manually focus where you want it.

Although there's not much to look at here but hopefully I'll have something more interesting to show~



testing testing 2

testing testing

October 6, 2010

hello to my camera!

I'm quite speechless right now. I posted a photo of my DSLR and thinking what I should say....

My mind is thinking of how much thing I have to learn about camera. And it keeps coming back to me how I should of took Photography class in high school.

Well I'm off to enjoy this camera~

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