April 23, 2012

capri version

Last week I posted my apple peel pants I made. This time I tried making capri version! The pattern is still the same except it's shorter and added sleeve edge to keep the scrunchy-ness.

This is another fabric I bought while back that I didn't get a chance to use. This fabric is quite nice, it's recycled fiber so it has different texture when you touch it. This is another super comfortable pants that I can not wait to wear in the summer!!

apple peel capri pants pattern magic pants

April 15, 2012

apple peel pants

My second project I worked on last month. I posted book about Pattern Magic I bought in NYC, I wanted to try one of the pattern in the book. I apologize for dark photos...

The pattern of a pants was shaped like peeling fruits so they named it "Apple Peel". The inner leg length is shorter than the outer leg length so when you wear it, it creates natural wrinkles around your leg. It gives more result when you use stretch type material.

This pants is super comfortable.

apple peel pants

magic pattern book

magic pattern book

April 8, 2012

summer dress

Last month I had free time to go back to my sewings that I put on hold for very long time. To be exact, I have collection of fabrics in boxes just sitting there. I think I do fabric shopping more than clothes shopping.

I bought this fabric few years ago, I still don't know if the pattern is nice but I fell in love with the colors the most. I wanted to make summer dress with this so I tried out making it sew as I go.

Summer is almost here, can't wait to wear it!

fabric pattern

summer dress

April 2, 2012

wood burn

My mom takes yoga class with her friends. She wanted me to decorate her yoga blocks so she can tell they're hers.

So I tried my first attempt of wood burning. I didn't know how much it takes time to draw a consistent line! And the burner I had was not comfortable to hold properly so it made it extra difficult...

wood burning on yoga blocks

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