June 28, 2007

story on mp3

So I went to Future shop to buy the audio cable to play mp3 from my DS in my car. My car has mp3 input which is a new experience for me~ Charles said the gold plated one has better sound but they only had cheap silver one for $6.99, it's not a loss so I bought that. Then afterwards we walk around in the mall we see Source and found the glod plated one for $15. I'll might as well get a good one so we can listen to music with good sound. So I bought that and returned the other one.
I go in my car pull out my DS, plugged the cable and I was playing Tetris with bass. Sexy~ haha
Now, I can put mp3s in my DS memory card and listen to it while driving, and I have been waiting for this for the longest time! THEN what happens, I transfer my files and put my micro SD card into the DS card, and guess what it doesn't clip in..... That piece of DS card won't clip in my SD card!!! It just shoots out the card.... Damn made in china, I only used it once too.
So after all that work, Charles was like "doesn't your car have mp3 player?" I was like 0_o really?!?!?! I actually checked in my manual to check it. I DID wonder why my stereo has "MP3/WMV" on it for no reason.
All that trouble was total waste.... The stupid thing was I didn't know mp3 player in the car was so standard, well I drove a '92 car that still has casseste tape for 5~6 years~ haha I remember the time when I was amazed by Jen's new stereo she bought 2~3 years ago when it can play mp3s.

So that's my story, it was definitly a big waste of time and money -_- well I'll keep the cable anyways in case people want to listen to their own music~

June 26, 2007

jen + matt BBQ

We had BBQ at jen's house~ It was a good bye party for Matt's new step to NY.
It was a perfect weather and I was able to see people that I haven't seen for while so I had a great time~! Big credit to Matt Ly who cooked our food for us~ Thanks a lot!!!

I was mostly talking to people, catching up with what they been up to~ I haven't spoken this much for the longest time...... my throat got tired -_- Especially Nat, haven't seen her for ages. I had to give her bday card that I forgot to bring like 2 years ago. haha

After most people left, I realized Matt baught mario party 8 for wii, we just had to play that. I was happy to play mario party again with Tal since last time we ever played that game was since gr. 8, yep it's been that long~ And I did miss it =)

meal 30

A little behind with update lately.... -_- So here's the recent meals I made lately~

Here's my yummy quiche!!! I think this is my 3rd time making it? This time I actually made it tasty~ I adjusted around the ingrediant because the original recipe was tasteless.
This one was so good, I loved the combination. Steak with so many vegetables are just amazing!! Simple and clean. =)
Another successful meal~! Cheese stuffed chicken!!
Last time I made this, the cheese exploded so when I cut the chicken, it was just a huge empty hole.... haha This time I poke few holes on the top so the air let out from the top. And it worked!
Simple pasta meal, except I stuffed the chicken thigh with garlic and pesto sauce in it~ hmmm~

June 17, 2007

new layout

As you can see, I changed my background here, and also changed my website! The layout is still the same, I just changed to images. I feel like pink right now so I went for that this time~

Designer Depot

I don't remember the last time I stayed in St. Catharines..... It's nice to stay here. Well I meant in a way where I don't have to drive back every weekends.
So I finally have my own time, I went to Micheal's to check out the lastest stuff. Man, they have a lot more cute stuff than last time I work there!! They're SOOO MANY CUTE stuff!!!!! It made me want to work there again!! hahaha ( no seriously)
I saw these as soon as I enter the store, these were only $2 each! They're rarly cheap so I had to buy them! I go to First Pro Garden Center to grocery shop sometimes and I always pass by Designer Depot , I wondered but I never tried going. So today I finally got the chance to check it out and oh man, it's like better version of winners!! Winners you see like Tommy's but it doesn't look like Tommy's brand, it always makes me think they grab random t-shirt and just put the logo on it. But Designer Depot actually has brand clothing that you actually see at the store. I didn't thought they would have Parasuco there! 0_o So I definitly bought a t-shirt from that brand, and got another black t-shirt, black pandex pants and unbrella~ =)
I realized they have designers dopot at Vaughan Mills Shopping Centre and I don't remember going through there...... Well I only went there once so I barely remember what store they have there.... Well I will go to Vaughan Mills to check out the stores again! =)

June 14, 2007

Last Sat

Yeah it's been about few days I blogged this? Just been deadly tired this week -_- All the going back to Markham every weekend killed me. Well at least I'm here this weekend, time to do my own stuff! =)
So last Saturday, Charles and I went fishing with our comp. animation buddies at Heart Lake~ I only fished once in my life so this only my second. It's something I don't do everyday so I was excited going! We went on the boat first but it was so windy, we couldn't get the chance to fish.... after a hour we decided to fish on the shore. I caught one tiny fish =) very cute~ hehe

Few of the guys caught catfish~ That was cool to see.
The weather was perfect that day, not too cold and not too hot! I got tan but I didn't sweat so that's good =)
Right now my skins are flaking like mad 0_o

June 6, 2007

Planet puzzle league + TMNT

Just yesterday Charles and I went to Toys R us to go check out his Transfomers, I already forgot which one he wanted but either it was sold out. =( While then I checked out my game that I've been waiting and they actually had it! Without hesitation I grabbed the game and went stright to the cashier =)
This is what I was playing all night

So lately, I've been watching TMNT show and it's actually pretty good~ It has that dark feeling that is more based on the original comic but also appropriate to kids too. So some parts seems a little childish and some plots are little forced but we can still watch it. =)
I recently watched the one that we all used to watch, it's just pure joke, I can't believe we enjoyed watching that show....It actually makes you laugh because of how bad it is~ haha
We bought the 1st season part 1 of TMNT dvd to watch the first 12 episode and just yesterday we finished watching all of them ;)
Looking forward to part 2~

June 4, 2007


Oh man, gif files turns really bad when they compress... ah well~ just click on the photo to see more ;)
So I went to Charles's sister's best friend's wedding on Saturday~ Ruth and Mark, big congrats~!

It was my first time going to one so I had interesting experience~ =) It definitly got me thinking about marriage. Feels like I'm not ready for this anytime soon~ hahaha But it was one of the beautiful things to see, it did gave me a strong impact. I rarely know them that well and yet I got tears in my eyes. On top of that I only had about 3 hours sleep before the wedding because I was fixing Charles's dress pants -_- So my very dry eyes and the happiness made me about to drop whole loads tears.... I'm definitly not looking forward to my friend's wedding ;) I'll need to bring a tissue box!
Here's me wearing my dress by the way ;) I worked out this past whole month so I managed to lose weight on my butt so my dress fits better now~ haha
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