May 29, 2011

my french toast

I love French toast, it's simple to make and tastes good as a dessert with scoop of ice cream.

I made breakfast French toast the way my mom makes and stack them like Jenga. Drizzle with maple syrup, spinkle with icing sugar and cinnamon.

Jenga stacking  French toast

simple French toast

May 26, 2011

natsume ono

I think it's enough post on my trip to NYC.

Last thing I want to share is the books I bought at Kinokuya that I enjoyed reading. They're all written by same person. Natsume Ono has interesting drawing style that reminds me of Europe pop art, in video game world something like Parappa the Rappa art. You'll notice from her vocabulary and environment she uses, a huge influence from Italian culture.
But her current story she's working on is Japanese jidaigeki called Sarai-ya Goyou(House of Five Leaves) which made into anime done by Manglobe(creater of Samurai Champloo)

My favorite is "Not Simple" I know this has in English translation. Did anyone watched the Oscar nominated film, "Precious"? If you enjoyed that, this is a book for you.

manga i bought

May 23, 2011


Home interior is one of my favorite thing to look at. It another way to express yourself and let's people understand who you are. At Kinokuniya, I bought home interior book takes place in Paris. So many inspiration, just having one home isn't enough!

We stayed over at Sir Charles's sisters apartment during our NYC trip. Very cozy and welcoming place to stay. I love the collection in their shelves. Lots adorable glassware and these typewriters I adore!

During your stay there, you always have a company who's friendly and loves full attention. Eartha Katt will come and keep you company while you surfing on the net, reading, and during your sleep! Friendliest cat I've seen!

book of cute home interior in Paris

inside the book




beautiful typewriter

Her name is Eartha Katt

sleepy sleepy

May 18, 2011


My highlight of trip to the MET was seeing fascinating paintings.

I appreciate portrait painting the most so I took lot of those for reference. I love the way they paint people's eyes, nose, mouth, and blushy cheeks. It has so much detail and yet it has soft feel to it.

Looking at these paintings, I have re-acknowledged how important to observe things you paint, how precise you have to be with your color and many more reasons.

This is one of my goal to paint.

May 15, 2011

asian culture

What I like about Asian culture is it has lot of beautiful design elements that inspires me a lot. The samurai helmet has so much details just for one purpose.

The photo of tube case(3rd from top) is my favorite. It's actually a katana case to store but I would love to have one for myself and use it as portfolio tube, or big waste but maybe store my umbrella!

collection of Japanese helmet

close up of samurai helmet, too many detail for one purpose!

katana case, so beautiful!

close up of Japanese kid's "backpack", fancy~

chubby bunny

May 8, 2011


The Metropolitan Museum Of Art was fabulous place. So many inspiration all over the world shown in one spot.

One of fascinating things to see was sculptures, especially pieces from Greece. Their dedication to art is not comparable to any other country.

It's unfortunate how we don't dedicate our life with one thing as much anymore. Well some still do but it would feel amazing to focus on just one thing and see how far it goes until you die. I felt that before growing up and I still admire now when we were a child, when things were simpler and find what you like to do and only focus on that.









May 4, 2011


First time, seeing The Cloisters Museum & Garden.
They had quite fascinating architectures of medieval Europe. It has early/late Gothic that I was interested.

The place was definitely a lot smaller than The MET, it took less than 2 hours to walk around the whole thing. Museums are always overwhelming, I'll remember what I saw but I can never memorize the description on each piece...









May 1, 2011

cheese cheese cheese!

Great place to have grilled cheese sandwiches at Kickshaw! Most of the stuff, I have no idea what I'm eating but everything there are delicious.

We tried their chocolate bars and pastry that they carry. Mast Brothers Chocolate has beautiful candy wrap I adore so much. I love dark chocolate so this had amazing taste!

They also serve pastry from Balthazar's croissants and sticky buns. Their sticky buns are simply amazing, and very well controlled sweetness.

I miss their food so much.

cheese on top toasts

i forget what's inside but it's was delicious

P&H Soda Co.

classic grilled cheese sandwich



breakfest sandwich!


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