December 15, 2008


It was wrong of me to start playing this last weekend... I was suppose to work on my next Elliptic design, pillow case I designed, make Christmas card, and clean the whole apartment. I only accomplished cleaning HALF of my apartment.... -_-
And I just found out they just came out with Patapon 2 last month... my god Patapons are freaking adorable.

I didn't realized that it was one the designer I like. Patapon characters looked more solid than his regular work. It just looks more "finished". The French designer Rolito has adorable design ideas~

December 11, 2008


It's very late to show this.... but I finally got the chance to upload my films I have done in Computer Animation(which was 3 years ago).

Kite - This is the final short film I did for the last 4 months of the programme. I graduated straight from Illustration before so I know NOTHING about animation. Taking Computer Animation was the first time learning how to animate, and I'm telling you it's NOT FUN!!! I was keep falling asleep when I was animating this character!!
So only pay attention to the design ;)
There's not much with the story but the idea is a little boy took out his kite boat and let them fly on it's own.


Papercrane - This is one of the first project I did in the programme. We were assigned to use a toy and make 10 second interstitial. I used papercrane and have water drop on them to change the paper into rice paper and as it makes the transition the wings opens up. Sadly the best part blurs out because of the credit scene. I was forced to use 10 second instead of 15 second.


December 8, 2008


Went Back to Markham this weekend again to see Diana on Friday at Honest Lawyer~ It was actually my first time going there. The first time I knew about Honest was St. Catharines and it's nothing like the one in Markham(far as I remember). So before I knew Honest, I had NO CLUE what people talking about when they said "We'll be at Honest", I assumed a clubbing/lounge place. ;)
The Honest in St. Catharines had the best wings you'll have(Sir Chalres said), so have anyone had wings at Honest? I wanted to try on Friday but I was already stuffed with my mom's wings(which is the BEST wings ever!!) for dinner~
After that we dropped by Johnny's and spent rest of the night at Eldon's playing Little Big Planet~

My dad work me up early on Saturday morning to go ski shopping for my new skies. We haven't bought our skies for 5~7 years(it's about time when Salommon was biggest hit) so we went to checkout the new ski models that everyone's using right now.
My dad's plan was rent the ski and try out what it's like before he buys one and he just wanted a used one because he said to himself he's not getting younger.
So after I choose my ski set, without any hesititation he bought a BRAND NEW skies for himself. ;) My mom's early prediction was once he goes with me to ski shop he'll end up buying one for himself.

For dinner I went to Paul's company xmas party~ I already forgot where it is, but it's the area where people go for clubbing, that's all I can say. It was nice place to have party~ The food was great, we had 2 plates of roast beef, we coulda ate more but they took out the food and replaced with dessert really fast. =(
I was quite surprized lot of people I know works at the same place.

I have also danced with 3 other random girls and one of them was Clynn's date who have pulled me into the dancing area. I dance randomly at home but dancing with a clubbing music when you're sober is not that fun~
BUT watching Eugene dance when he's drunk was entertaining. He dances like a little kid dancing~

December 5, 2008

SF4 fanart

Another fanart I did~ Last time I did SF fanart was when SF3 3rd Strike came out! I remember I did the line drawing of it but I never finished coloring it.

This one I tried different approach where I started coloring in black & white first and then apply color on top of it. When you start with achromatic you'll find out how well you understand tonal value in real life. For me, I'm not quite there yet....

It's one of the way you discover that colors you see around you has very similar values.

finished knitting mittens

Here's a project I started working with my friend Celine. She had this adorable Japanese knitting book on mittens~ I think it took about good month and a half working on it! I'll tell you mittens takes FOREVER TO DO!!! But this gave me an idea to make matching hat with it~ Maybe for my next project~? =)

posted: nov. 22 2008

line art

I posted the line art version on my site that I'd like to share~ =)

They're all avaliable at elliptic online store

posted: nov. 21 2008

featured on Once Wedding

Since last year, I was helping out making my friend Celine's wedding dress. She had her wedding on September. Few month before that Celine was asked to be featured on wedding blog that I've been dropping by almost everyday~
They featured her wedding on decorations and DIY things and they also introduced the dress we worked on~

It's nice to see what people thinks about what we did~ =)
Click the URLs and you'll also see Celine's side or her wedding story~

- Handmade Wedding
- Handmade Wedding 2
- Behind the Scenes
- Handmade Wedding "paper"
- Handmade Wedding Details
- DIY Pennent Banner
- A Handmade Dress

posted: nov. 19 2008

new t-shirt

This is work in progress shot of my bag design that I'm planning to make in the future. For now this is going to be the prototype~

Here are the close shot of the t-shirt (sorry for blurry photos). It looks so good with grey ink on black t-shirt!!

Where you purchase it? Go to Elliptic Clothing Company!

posted: nov. 10 2008

2 years ago's illustration

2 years ago I had to stay in for work, waiting for Charles so I was doing cg on my computer. I never got the chance to finish it so just now I got it done~ ;)

posted: oct. 16 08

elliptic t-shirt

My new T-shirt design~! Come check it out!

posted: oct. 09 08

December 1, 2008

kenzo ramen

Do you know the Kenzo noodle place on Young and Steels in North York? It's one of my favorite noodle place in Toronto. The portions are small but delicious noodles and soup they make there! But the service there sucks really bad. There's Ajisen Ramen but I don't like how most of their noodles are greasy...

Anyways they had Kenzo in Markham opened less than a year ago. I was quite happy about that now that I don't have to drive all the way to North York for it~ But last Friday I went there with my parents right after golfing at golf dome, Kenzo was gone!
I knew the selection of the location wasn't the best but I didn't thought it would close this fast.... Can't any Japanese restaurant make decent noodles around in Markham??

November 23, 2008

meal 45

It's been a while posting my meal photos~ All these have recipe at flickr site, try them it's really simple and easy~ =)

November 10, 2008

my somewhat long weekend

Wow it's been a while blogging! I've been busy with so many stuff!

For the past few weeks I've been doing illustration that I will post up soon~ Continue working on my mittens, and designing a bag in the future.

So this weekend I went back to Markham because I had Dentist appointment on Monday morning~ Friday Charles and I went to The Keg in Oakville they had recently opened. Maybe it was new but the prime rib tasted better there.
Oh man, I had 3 Kegs within 2 months!! 0_o

I had this scanner since I was Gr. 10 and now it finally died out.... I wanted to save it so I brought it back home to see if my brother can fix it. But no luck, it used up all its energy for me. I just have to move on and purchase a new one..... Why is big scanner still more than $100???

While my brother was taking care of that I had coffee with Jen and gave me this adorable Cha Cha cat! It's the brand from The CHA CHA Original from Spain~ They have these really random products that you're not really sure what to do with.... ;)

After that we spent rest of the time at Matt's playing Little Big Planet! It's an amazing game!!! It's one of those fun action game of SNES's contra where it's difficult to play more than one person. Everyone just make stupid mistakes!

Those SackBoys are so cute! Whenever I get time, I'll make those with outfits! I'm still debating if I should buy the game, I know I'll get too addicted with creating your own stage and I can't afford to do that right now! -_- .......Or should I during Christmas holiday?

Saturday I went to Fabricland and picked up some fabrics. A while ago when I went to Buffalo for the first time, checking out Abercrombie & Fitch was my first time going (and knowing the first time). They had this "lightweighted scarf" that I liked a lot but I would never want to pay $30 for it. So I found a fabric with nice plaid design but not as thin as those regular scarfs in stores but still doable to make my own lightweighted scarf~ So I got that and sample fabric for bag design.

After that I went to Chapters with Jen to help her out looking for a gift for her friend. I also checked out the craft book called "Zakka sewing". "Zakka" means housewares in Japanese so it's a book on how to make handmade housewares stuff. People outside of Japan LOVES books of zakka from Japan but they were never able to read it. So "Zakka Sewing" is one of first English version made for non-Japanese people~ They really have cute stuff! =)

Sunday morning I dropped by Market Village to buy portable fork. I've been using plastic fork/spoon at work which isn't good for the environment so I thought I might as well find a cute fork that I can use over and over~
Meet my blue elephant fork (with a case)!

After that I meet up with Kestin to update on Elliptic stuff. Here are few close shot of my 2nd new t-shirt design~! =)

October 28, 2008

my new agenda

About a year ago I made a planner from $1.99 2-year planner at Zellers. But now I have a brand new one that I got from Celine on my birthday~ I was so urged to use this planner and now here it is!

This is one of my favorite illustrator, Shinzi Katoh. His illustrations are so simple and adorable~ He has so many products with his drawings on it!
If you have time, check out his online shop, I always loved his cups!

I even went out to Office Depot to buy colorful pens to make my writing pretty~ =)

October 27, 2008

one mitten

I stayed in St. Catharines this weekend so I worked on the mitten I was knittig with Celine. Here's ONE of the mitten! This REALLY takes long to do!!! Now I have to start the second one!

October 20, 2008


Today I was grocery shopping at St. Catharines's Fairview mall, which is complete opposite of the Fairview mall we all know. Adrene had awesome 5 for $10 socks deal~

I needed more socks and they were so adorable! I love stripes!

my weekend

Friday, Charles and I went to Pho88 to celebrate his birthday~ How romantic is that? It's a tradition for Chinese people to have noodle on their birthday for long living and better fortune. He felt having pho but most of the pho I know either have too much MSG to make you fall asleep, higher chances to get stomach ache or reuse the spouts and reserve.
Pho88 is supposedly decent but sadly I got stomach ache there too... But they do serve lot more food than any other places.

I had to wake up early on Saturday to meet up with Celine at the yarn store near her house. Celine got this adorable knitting mittens book in Japanese that we're both going to knit mittens together.
This is my first time doing circle knitting. The difference is instead of using 2 needles to knit square, you use 4 or 5 needles to create seamless circle knit. Like when you make socks or hat. It's challenging but lot of fun!

So we worked on it until 6:30pm I had to leave to meet up with Charles and his friend at Keg for dinner. Because of one stupid car, jammed the whole DVP traffic I was 1 1/2 hour late for dinner. We all went there for prime rib but they were all out.... North York's Keg always run out prime rib after 7:30!
After all that we relaxed at Charles's place and his favorite chocolate mousse bomb~

Happy Birthday Charles~

October 14, 2008

thanksgiving night

Crazy long weekend I had this thanksgiving weekend~ Friday right after work, I drove by IKEA to get lingonberry sauce for the turkey. It's the same kind as meatball plate you order at IKEA restaurant~ I like that more than cranberry sauce~ So anyways Matt, Paul and I drove to Loblaws and bought rest of the ingredients we need for the turkey and stuffing.

On Saturday I went to Apple Factory with my parents in the morning(which I posted below) Then Paul and I got to Matt's at 2pm to cut up anything we need to for Sunday. I drove to M&M's meat shop to buy pumpkin pie for dessert which we really didn't need.... ;) Then I got home and stayed at home all night playing Wii Fit with my dad~ Well it was more like I was playing the game and he was sitting on the couch moving his legs with me.

Sleeping early made the Sunday go well, I was able to wake up naturally at 8am~ Our goal was to have the stuffing ready by 11:30am so we can stuff the stuffing in the turkey and start baking at 12pm. This year we got 25lb turkey to serve almost 30 guests~

I didn't put the picture of it but the stuffing we followed last year turned all purple as we were simmering. We realized later the raisins we used were organic last year but this time we bought regular raisins that had food coloring in them. So the color spread the whole stuffing and turned really ugly purple.... We considered putting yellow food coloring to brown them ;) But luckily, the stuffing in the turkey browned the stuffing so it actually looked good~!

Paul was transferring the turkey in a bowl from table to the sink, then the juice from the neck started dripping and it made a mess~ 0_-

The dinner went very well~ We had LOTS of good food served made by each guests. Not everyone was seated in this photo but these 2 dinning tables fits 30 people~
30 people was A LOT!! When you name them it's all the people we all hang out regularly so you wouldn't think there's not many but when you actually count them, that's when you be surprised.
The hall way was filled with people, we kicked people out the kitchen and hang out in the basement.

Sadly I didn't get the chance to eat the salmon, by the time I was going to grab it, it was gone =(
The gravy tasted good but it wasn't thick enough.... Can oil mix cornstarch? Everytime it sets, the oil and water mixed cornstarch splits. So it's not mixing together....
I expected rice, pasta, potatoes, to have no meat but it turned out almost every meal has meat in them. I got so full pretty fast because of that.... 0_O

Are there that many meat lovers???

We definitely had too much dessert too. We had 2 apple pies, flan, fruit tart, mini cupcakes, and pumpkin pie. I enjoyed the cupcakes~ =) I shoulda had more!

October 13, 2008

apple factory

Early in the morning on Saturday, I went to Apple Factory with my parents. They just wanted to drive around there and buy a pie there.
In our family, our thanksgiving was go apple picking and drop by to Apple Factory and buy a pie when we were small~ Apple was one of my favorite fruits but I always liked cherry pie than apple pie ;)
So it's been good 10 years last time I went to Apple Factory~ I honestly don't remember how the outside store looked like but I still remember the giant apple sculpture~

Inside still looks the same. Fruits and vegetable looks amazing that my mom grabbed a cart and started grocery shopping. Other, we got cherry pie and Mad Batter Bakery's soft ginger bread cookies, cheese bread, black cherry soda and since we didn't go apple picking we bought $20 worth of pre-picked apples.

October 7, 2008

dressmaker's workshop

A little site I worked on for fun~ It shows the progress shots of the wedding dresses I've been working on with Celine on her wedding~ Now go click on the picture!!

September 29, 2008

my birthday

On Friday night just when I was about to sleep Jen called me to go to Boston Pizza. Ian is dj'n there so I checked out~ At 12am Andrew and Benson bought me a shot and a fruity drink. Andrew was kind enough to get me a shot with less taste of alcohol. But Tequila Rose tasted like kid's cough syrup ;) That was actually my first time taking a shot~
While people were hanging around I saw Ray there~ Last time I saw him was in the same location but in Chako. He's still a funny man~ He comes up to me and lifts me up off from the chair like a little girl.
The place was like high school reunion. I saw few UHS people there where I knew their face but I don't know their name.
Man, alcohol makes you hungry. After we left I got incredibaly hungry. I feel the alcohol burning inside my stomach, its trying empty my stomach.

Saturday I went to Clothing Show, as usual they give you free bag with samples inside~ I got another razar! In my entire life I have never purchased a razar, this will last another couple of years!
I bought $5 black collar shirt at Five 0 Seven. There was a dress I liked but it was $165, that's over my budget.... =( Then I saw a cute plaid shirt but they didn't have my size.... So instead I took photos of those 2 and whenever I have the chance, I'll make them~

I prepared my 2nd annual crepe night after taking a quick nap~ I wish I have more pan to work with so I can make double each time I make one and serve double for each person. =(

Thanks to everyone for coming and especially for people who given me beautiful gifts~!!

So Eldon and Matt, I showed my keyboard to my brother showing him the same order as you told me. We both laugh at the USB extention cord, he opens the box to see the keyboard then he laughs again. He shows me an extention cord that already came with the keyboard. I can't believe I didn't even see that when I was passing it on to people that night.

Yes, I still use CRT as my main monitor. I think it's been 10 years since I had it. It still works beautifully, so I don't have a reason to replace it. ;)

There's many things Celine gave me~ This is one of a cute gift she gave me! It has a very mild smell in that little jar. I can't wait to use it for my meal!!

This is one of my favorite gift Jen gave me =) I opened it expecting that it's a photo frame, then I see the photo with us in it~ It's beautiful~ Thank you Jen!

September 22, 2008


This past few days I started knitting because I still haven't understand the difference between purl and stitch knit. While I'm practicing I'll might as well make something that I can use~ So I tried out making legwarmer BUT I wanted mine to have flare at the bottom and I didn't know how to expand while knitting.
So I decided to make armwarmer instead.

It actually took 3~4 days to complete it. I wasn't comfortable with holding 2 needles at once and knit. Force of habit I keep hold it like crochet....
But it turned out pretty nice, there's few areas with big holes but ignore that ;)

I mainly practiced this so I'm to start making mittens with Celine~

September 11, 2008


This past few days after Celine's wedding I've been doing absolutely NOTHING. For that reason I'm more sleepy during the day -_- I have good 7~8 hours of sleep and yet I'm still tired... I need to start a project before I get lazy~ or am I too late?

I started watching Claymore. In terms of violence, it's literally an European version of Blade of the Immortal but with chick actions with dramatic fencing. It's also one of those anime where you have WATCH CAREFULLY in order to figure out who's who, because almost everyone looks the same.
Story is okay it's for people who likes dark and fantasy story. It's good enough to watch the whole thing but the manga did start first so I'm planning to read the manga after I finish watching the anime. The animation is pretty weak, for an anime with LOTS of actions they abused the whole "panning" the camera with half still-image in action scenes.

The quality is definitely nice. They controlled the colors so well to give it a dark feeling. I mainly like the way they drawn the eyes~ =) You'll notice they spent more time on the eyes.

September 7, 2008

Celine Kim

It was a long long year but it finally ended. It still feels like yesterday when I started helping Celine's wedding plan. I feel relieved but at the same time I feel empty..... It's like now what?

All the bride's side party met up at her place and drove to Cooney for Hair(441 Queen ST W, Toronto; above lettuis restaurant) to do our hair. As soon as we enter there 3 quarters of people working there were Japanese! I don't think I've seen this many Japanese at a hair salon. My hair dresser had bad English so I asked her if she speaks Japanese so we started speaking that. It was easier to explain in Japanese with Japanese recommendation. She did a really good job with my hair and fast~ I had conversation with her about the salon and I'm considering getting my hair cut and perm done here~ Celine's hair was PERFECT for her dress. They given her the 40's bob hairstyle. After that Celine's photographer Gabe brought us a large tray of sandwiches for lunch! It was so yummy~!!

Then we drove down to Bloor where Holt Renfrew was to get our make-up done. Celine got Bobbi Brown make-up artist to do our face. The artists were very considerate, I told them I have sensitive skin, I have no tolerance with fragrance in the make-up and less make-up on me. The one I hate the most is foundations, I get itchy easily but the artist recommended to use tinted moisturizer. Basically it's a moisturizer with a bit of skin color inside it and it makes a difference. It gives a natural finish. And most of all, they don't FORCE you put MORE make up just because it's your special day etc etc.
While they were putting my make-up guess who I saw? Mrs. Chelin!!!!!! It was SO great to see her~!! She looked EXACTLY the same!!! Too bad she was in a rush so I didn't get the chance to talk to her~ She was with Mrs. Phlipson too, and she still looks the same! It's so cute how they're still best friend after so many years~

So the make-up took a while because they were short on staff, we arrive to the wedding place at 2pm when guests arrived.
That's when I saw the view of the place~ Me and the other bridesmaid Nav got excited when we saw the balloons through the window while Celine was hurrying us to get dressed.
It was my first time seeing this place and man it's HUGE~!!

The bridesmaids were dressed then we all helped out Celine dressed (As some people already know Celine and I made the bride's and bridesmaids dress). The dress was made so that the dress will put over her head, the reason to that is her skirt starts right under her breasts with nice flowly chiffon around her skirt. If the back of the dress's zipper was too long, it'll lose the flowlyness of the chiffon.
So we got Nav, our secondary photographer Layla to cover Celine's head away from the dress so it won't mess-up her hair. The dress slipped into her smoothly then we fixed up her hair that was fraying already. We got our heels on, grabbed our bouquets and off to the ceremony!

As soon as the ceremony starts that's when I remembered I was suppose to give Charles my camera to take pictures of the ceremony.... so now I have no photos of the ceremony -_- Well I was planning to get copy of the wedding photos from Gabe.
When it was my turn to walk down the aisle, I had trouble walking slowly with my heals. I never realized how your leg get wobbly from walking so slow.... Before I was nervous and now I was focusing NOT to lose balance and make fool of myself....
The cutest thing was when the flower girls were throwing petals. They took one step at a time, VERY SLOWLY and throw only like 2 or 3 petals on the ground. Actually the second flower girl was just following the first right behind her like they were suppose to be in line without throwing any petals.
Then the bride appeared with her dad. During the whole officiant's speeches I think I held my tears like 4 times, I had tissue in my hand but that got soaked from extra water from the bouquet.
At the end of the ceremony the guests get to toss rices at the couple and it was the funniest thing to watch. People were hesitant on how gently they should toss it. Celine looked good with rices in her hair but Jin looked messy with it ;)

After the whole ceremony, the wedding party went to a park in Oakville and took pictures. I remember driving down there when I was at Sheridan but I didn't see park or cute little houses around there. I really didn't pay attention... -_- We had lots of fun looking photos so I can't wait to see the result!
Before we got to the park, I was driving Nav(passenger seat), Celine and Jin sitting in the back. The two fell asleep with with their hand held together, it was so adorable~!! Nav took picture of that so I need to get a copy from her!

Then we got back and from here everyone knows what happened, we just had dinner, a little game, dancing, and then called it a night.
We gave out jams for wedding favors, it's one of the good kind =)

Well now that wedding dress project is over, we now have to decide what project to do next~ Maybe mittens that Celine wanted to make =)

August 31, 2008

Avatar: The Last Airbender

My Friday night, I watched the last 4 episodes of Avatar~
Suprizenly the show was pretty damn good. All this time I've been watching all the episodes on streaming and then this last 4 episode I download the TV-rip where I didn't realize how smooth the animations were!
The show was so good that going back to watch Transformers, TMNT or any other kid's show, those shows are the most mindless show I ever seen. I was trying to finish TMNT but it kinda got boring at space invator area. It also makes me think does kids actually watch and understand the philisophy?? Espeically the culture difference. I remember in Mulan they had to replace the funndoshi(asian underwear before WW2) to stripe boxers just so people know that is an underwear, but Avatar they just went ALL OUT with full asian culture. I don't think I saw anything that had European culture in it to transulate it, which is good so it feels they have there own world.
It really was too bad the voice actor of Uncle Iroh: Mako died before the show ended. Luckly there weren't that many line for him in Season 3... But it woulda been A LOT nicer if they had his voice at the scene when Zuko applogized him. Mako has distintive voice he sounded awesome playing as Iroh, to me he's been typecast as wise old man, unless that is what he's known for already. ;) I only know him as wise man role like Iroh and Splinter from TNMT movie and as actor, I didn't even know he speaks english well -_-
There are few things I didn't catch:

- if Aang is the last airbender, will it screw up the order of reincarnation now that they're missing air? The only possiblilty I can think of is by the time it gets to air, airbender already expanded.

- how do benders become bender? is it a gifted talent they born with or anyone can learn from their nation? If anyone can learn it can't Sakka would of learned waterbending? I can only assume warrior is also one type of fighting style or whoever is interested can learn how to bend. Did I just answer the question?
Though it woulda been pretty powerful if warrior learned bending, and cheesy at the sametime~ =)

K, slightly off topic but how many people find it's annoying when episodes of anime aren't consistent with their original drawing style? Like first couple of episodes are the same team who animated them, then the studio will send it off to somewhere else to do it for them(or within the studio they get different animator to do it, but you get the idea) and then it'll go back to the same team originally to work on the episodes. If you don't know what I'm talking about try watching Gundam Seed Destiny, because that has the obious style difference. Though I remember my brother told me there's no difference. OR Samurai Champloo, I think it was somewhere in between episode 20~24, when Mugen and Jin were fighting with naginata lady who lost her child.
So I guess really the question is do anyone notice the style difference in some episodes in the show??
From Avatar, the one I remember right now is check out Season 1: Episode 15 "Bato of the Water Tribe" THAT looks different from the first episode of the show. In case you didn't notice, their face and especially the eyes they look more bubbley/rounded. Like it's almost they don't know how to draw anime perfectly.

The minor anime studio do send their animation to Korea to save time. But some places do a really bad job. That is when you should notice the difference.
There is nothing wrong with sending animation to another studio. But AT LEAST keep the style consistent!!
Sure, American doesn't want Avatar to consider to be as "anime" but even the Americans can't keep the "anime-style" consistent with each episodes. Maybe the American cartoon has the same problem as anime but their drawing are already so bad that I probably didn't notice.

That's enough of that~ =) Now I'm back to deciding what to watch next....

August 18, 2008

Saltimbanco: Cirque du Soleil

I've been a little tired lately, with many different work I have to do. On Friday I got another day to bowl again which made me happy =) Which I forgot to mention that I went bowling last 2 weeks ago and I sucked really bad that I couldn't even score over 100 -_- BUT this time I scored 132! After that we went to viet cuisine on Bayview and Hwy 7 for night snack~

Saturday was a long day, I went downtown to meet up with Celine and drove around to thrift store in downtown east area. I never been to thrift store so I was amazed by the price they sell housewares. I even saw ikea products there. Almost everything were about 50 cents. We went to 4~5 places to buy tea light glass cups, we did well shopping~
We wandered around St. Lawrence market for lunch, we tried out a meal that kinda tastes like curry without a spice, instead of coconut milk it used half and half with giant tiger shrimps and rice. The place seemed like it was known for best kalamari but we wanted to control our fried food~
The food was delicious~!

After that we went back to Celine's and walked to M.A.C. to check out make-ups. Unfortunitly I have to look for make-up that'll suit my skin for Celine's wedding. -_-
Celine showed me collection of her make-up and MAN there's A LOT!
Then went to vegetarian resturant, fresh. That food was really good but they give you too much rice 0_o

The rest of the night, we worked on the skirt for the bridemaid's dress and flower vase for guest tables~

Sunday I met up with Jen and went to Jap Noodle, and Yorkdale~ We went to Sephora and Holt Renfrew. I honestly can't handle the smell in these stores. I get headache in 2 second...
I tried out few Shiseido, Smashbox, Shu Uemura, M.A.C products none of them really do the job well. They all gave me red rashes on my hand so who know what happenes when I put it on my face. I had Sho Uemura foundation on my cheeks and I got itchy and was creating bumps on my skin. But they have really nice false eye lashes! They look so natural~
I asked my mom about cosmetics when I met up with my mom and her friend to see Saltim Banco: Cique du Soleil. It turns out that my mom's skin can't handle anything that has fragrent in it. So NO Shieido for sure. She uses Clinique for make-up and uses Shaklee for skin care. So next weekend I'm gonna try Clinique and give Lancome a try~

Back to Saltim Banco, it was my first time seeing their show~ I thought it was at CNE but it was at Air Canada Center~ -_-
It had beautiful uses of colors on the costumes and the designs were so inspiring~!
I think one of the performer screwed up on grabbing the swing near the end but they still perform along with the mistake. The opening music of the show was so good!!!

I personally liked the live version more. The sound had more impact. The mp3 sounds softer and calming. If you go to their official site, it has short video of the show that's how it sounded. Strange... this video has few character that didn't appear at the show... there were no flames!
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