February 22, 2009

Street Fighter 4 inside cover art

It's a little late to post this but I submit my work to Capcom's Street Fighter 4 art Contest. My work is selected to their SF4 inside cover art for PS3 Collecor's Edition. XD Thank you for selecting my work! And thanks to Matt who notify me about this contest~ =)

I just played the game for the first time this weekend~ The game is addictive!! Best part is the challenge mode where they teach you useful combos, I actually like doing that than play the game ;)

I made few different wallpaper if you're interested using it~ =) Enjoy!

1280 x 1024

February 13, 2009

happy valentine's day

Happy Valentine everyone~ hope everyone has special day tomorrow~!

February 10, 2009

in bed

It was such a nice weather today~! It was cloudy and windy but warm. I actually went out without a jacket~ =)
But next week it's gonna snow again....

February 3, 2009

my desk

Celine tagged me to show my desk. I went home to clean my desk but I realized I have nothing on my desk so I actually had to add more stuff ;) Only thing I really added are my Loco Roco collections~ =)
Biggest reason why I keep my table empty as possible is the sun shines against the table side wall so I don't want to have any posters, bookshelf or anything that will washes color off.
My craft table is my sewing table. This is where I worked on Celine's dress. Right now I'm making lightweighted scarf that was inspired from abercrombie and fitch.

My electronic partner is the WACOM Intuos 1 that's been with me since Gr. 10. I'll never let you go~

Now I tag Eldon, Matt, and Jo to show their desks!

February 2, 2009

DC Events: Jay Peak Vermont 2009

This past few days I participated a ski trip to Jay Peak Vermont. Last time I skied this much was a trip to Tramblant 4 years ago.
I tried to take lot of pictures but Jay Peak was COLD as hell when you're on top of the mountain. Within 2 second your hand gets so red just like that.

I don't know if there is a difference but the snow there felt heavier than here. Somehow my ski boots collects so much snow! It's almost like packing snow but yet it's powdered... or i just don't have any leg muscles to dominate the snow.

This is me and Jen on top of the mountain on our first run on Jay Peak. Everyone was there and ready to ski down the hill TOGETHER, but somehow we manage to split up on our very first run...

The best part of the trip was the ski park. Matt and Jay has awesome videos of us challenging the ski jumps. It will be posted on facebook soon! XD

This is Tal playing snow baseball~

It was such a great trip~ I definitely had crazy muscle pain on last 2 days of the trip but the muscle pain you get after playing sports always feels good ;) I got these mysterious bruises that I don't remember hitting and only on my right leg but not the left leg. My left leg is incredibly clean but my right leg has 4 HUGE and ugly bruises -_-

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