December 27, 2015


Hope everyone had wonderful Christmas! It's sad to see no snow here in Toronto...
 I'm enjoying my holiday though doing more arts and crafts. Currently challenging on knitting sweater!

So some people may have noticed, some people may not. I'm a late starter but I recently got Instagram(Finally!). At Instagram I will have more photo of my daily life, like work in progress shot of crafts I did, sketches, and doodles.

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December 20, 2015

Kite's Christmas Card

Happy Holiday everyone! Hope everyone is having fun and busy Christmas!
I've been spending time to do more arts and crafts over the winter and have more to share here.  

For busy people, I made printable Christmas card to download if you need last minute cards. 

Kite's Christmas Card : Download here
Paper Size : 8.5''x11'' Premium paper or Cardstock
Document Size : Prints within 8''x10''
Card Size : 4.25''x4.25''
*Use dotted line to guide to cut. Color may vary when printing. Please use it for personal purpose only.
Christmas Card

December 13, 2015

Minion Christmas Tree

Lot of beautiful Christmas trees out there! It's always inspiring to see other people's decorations.

This is my little tree I decorated this year!
I just watched Minion movie yesterday so I was pumped to make decorations for these little minions. I created papercraft banana ornaments that you can build yourself and handmade garland to make things more colorful!

A little craft session you can do with your kids to decorate your mini tree.

minion christmas tree

So I found these adorable keychains from capsule toys from Walmart while back (I did keep buying them until I collected them all so I have few doubles). I had them hang on my cork board as decoration then an idea came up that I can use these as Christmas ornaments! These graphical minions are my favorite style.

minion keychain

Papercraft Banana Ornaments:
I made this from 3D program and textured quickly in Photoshop. Please use 8.5x11 cardstock in quality print job. Document size will print at 8x10.

It's about 3.5cm height when it's finished.

- Banana papercraft DOWNLOAD HERE  (makes 18 ornaments)
- Scissors
- Gluestick
- Thread
- Needle

Step 1:
Print out papercraft of the banana ornaments. Cut out all the patterns and glue them together. Let it dry.

paper banana

banana ornaments

Step 2:
You have 2 options.
  Option 1 : Use Black sewing thread and thread through tip of the banana and make a knot. I did this method so the thread won't be visible when I hang them.
  Option 2 : If you want the thread to be visible, you can use thicker strings and glue gun the string on back side of the banana.


Paper Garland:
This is easy peasy paper garland you can make with any kind of cardstock paper and mindlessly sititch across with a sewing machine.

- Color Paper
- Scissors
- Sewing Machine

easy paper garland

Step 1:
Cut paper into strip about 1cm. Then cut into square. *It doesn't have to be perfect square.

cut into squares

Step 2:
With sewing machine, place one square under the needle to start. At slow pace, put next square under the foot and keep doing this until you run out squares.

*The gap between squares aren't perfectly measured. So it's ok to randomize that part.

stitch acorss


top of minion christmas tree

close up of minion christmas tree

lights on

December 6, 2015

2016 Moleskine Planner

I started using Moleskine agenda for 3 years now. Fun part about using this is that you can decorate the cover. This is a new technique I found that I want to continue in the following year.

2016 is almost here, Let's enjoy rest of 2015!

2016 Moleskine Weekly Planner

Here are other ideas for Moleskine covers I did in the past!

Collection of Moleskine


- Moleskine Agenda
- 1 Sewing Needle
- 4 colors Embroidery Threads
- Sewing Awl or Ice Pick
- Pencil and Eraser

1. Behind the cover of the book, make line art of your design.

2016 Moleskine step 1

2. Pierce holes following the line drawing. About 0.2~0.3mm apart or your preference.

2016 Moleskine step 2
2016 Moleskine step 3

3. Unravel embroidery thread and thread 3 strands through the needle.

2016 Moleskine step 4

4. Stitch the pattern.

2016 Moleskine step 5
2016 Moleskine step 6

5. Option: When your done stitching, you can brush with nail polish on the knots to stiffen so knots won't untangle.

2016 Moleskine step 7

2016 Moleskine finish
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