March 5, 2011

leftover tortilla?

Do you ever have leftover tortilla after having homemade taco? I tried making a stacked tortilla with sauteed leftover veggie.
It's a recipe for leftovers in your fridge.

Stacked tortilla:
- sauteed leftover veggies(onion, zucchini, eggplant, green/red peppers, mushrooms etc.)
- 2~4 leftover tortilla
- leftover shredded cheese

Optional leftover tomatoes:
- chopped and simmered with butter, basil, salt and pepper for sauce.

1. On baking tray, lay 1 tortilla on, put veggie on top and sprinkle with cheese.
2. Add another tortilla on top and put veggie and cheese again.
3. Stack many as you want and bake in the oven for 15 min or until cheese melts at 300F.

Additional idea:
You can stack with leftover chopped lettuce and nachos in between(after you bake) so it's like Taco Bell's crunch wrap!



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