September 28, 2006

happy bday to me~

Yesterday was my bday~
Finally turned 23 which not a big deal ;) just getting old... Thanks to Jen giving me my favorite ring that I wanted for a while from Immoi. I will definitly wear it on Sat~ =)
Charles got me Nintendo DS Lite with Nintendog!! Thank you so much~! I started playing as soon as i got the gift~ It's such a cute game!!! He got me the version with Golden in it so without hesitation, I named my puppy safety~ Now he can be with me anytime. This game is really well made, actually it's really crazy~ I could see people getting into this game and I'm one of them =)

Neways so for dinner we drove to oakville, sadly yes because my area is too ghetto so no good place to go~ But we went to krazy sushi so not sure if that any better~ haha no no I had good time! After that we went to demetri's and had their new crepe and it was yummy~!! Too bad it was raining that day..... and the stupid thing is we ran to our car, while that was going my hair covered my face cuz it was so windy so I couldn't see where I was running. Then I actually fell down landed on my knee and hurt myself. Stupid slope! I did feel the pain but to be honest that was funny. Charles looked back to see if I was behind him and he had this feeling that I would trip. As soon as he looked back he predicted right~ At least people weren't there, I think...... Well either way it's a memorable bday~ haha Can't wait for sat now~! =)


I've been away for a while~ let's see what I've been up to~

Sept 13
I had an oral surgery in my mouth. wo hoo~ Eventually I'm gonna be getting an artificial tooth so this was the first session. or first progress? I don't know which word to use~ I have this gap that's been there for so long that no one doesn't notice. I'm missing the 4th teeth from the bottom left( i dont know if that's correct) but anyways i have a gap that needs to be filled with something. To do that I have screw metal tube into my bone so I can place a fake tooth on top of the metal screw. However, my bone is too thin to screw the metal so i have to thinken the bone by cutting a piece of bone off from the bone where my wisten teeth was(so the jaw bone?) and place it to the area where it needs to be thickend~(how sexy) That's the surgery i had on this day~ It's basically like getting your wisdom teeth pulled out, so swollen cheeks, no solid food for a while and just sleep much as you can.

Sept 14~16
It was brutal, either I got weaker or I was just been stupid, I don't know what it is but I actually threw up 3 times on the 2nd day after my surgery. The first day I slept whole day without food or water so I knew I was weak so I tried eating yogurt very very slowly but few minute later I threw up... it's werid I was fine eating tofu before I had yogurt. After that I tried drinking soup but that didn't work either...... It was one of the disgusting day.... The 3rd time I was pure stressed and I threw up because of that~ bleh I didn't have problem when I had my wisdom teeth pulled out~

Sept 19~26
Still recovering, just recently I was able to eat solid food~ wohoo~ =) How I miss solid food~ I've been craving for Mc Donald fries~ haha But thank to the surgery I've lost 10 pound so now I'm back to my high school weight~ I'll try to keep it that way. Few of stitches came off and it's not so swollen anymore. The only thing is it still feels little numb cuz they scratched my nurb a little so that's gonna take the longest to heal. Other then I'm not used to having thick bone in my gap area.

September 10, 2006

canada one factory outlet

Very first time going to the canada one factory outlet~
I've been wait'n for it for so long~ I don't have that much parasuco clothes but I really love that brand since in high school. But sadly, I don't have the time to wear those clothes anymore.... It is a "slutty" clothing design that I would only wear it in school. College is over for me, rarely go out with people.... =( But I still admire their clothing designs, still inspiring. Just won't be wearing it~ Maybe their pants~
You know what I've been doing? I started playing minicher games. I just started playing Star Wars one and Axis & Allies. Eventually I'll be playing Dungeon & Dragon one~ haha slowly becoming a nurd~ Well I already am =)

Anyways back to the topic, I would thought the place would be bigger but I guess I was wrong... They did have lots cheap stuff but each store is too small~ Like come on UB, orphus rd. has better stuff~ I was looking for simple black fall/spring jacket but nothing there =( but I bought nice fancy black tank-top at Guess and they had scratch & save coupon so I saved 10%~ wo hoo~

September 5, 2006

Long Weekend~

Been a while going on blogspot~ Still around, Not much happening lately... BUT we just had long weekend so I did something~ It's been a while but I went to anime expo with people(well now it's called fan expo which i didn't know). I think last time I went was 4~5 years ago? Things has changed. It seems smaller 0_o Man, when I went there I saw 1/4 of people from Sheridan, crazy~ It's definitly one way to see people.

Stores are still the same except this new store that I never seen. Have you heard of Monster Factory? It's their original character design and handmade plush toys. So many cute designs I had to buy them~ Instead of buying one, I might as well buy the series so I got "the subsitutes"~ Thanks to my man who bought them for me~ =)

Check out the site guys:

I see these handmade products, it really inspires me to make something. I MUST make time for this! I have my new wicked ass sewing machine sitting at home.
After that we were so damn hungry so we went back to markham and try out the new resturant across from commerence gate called "wasabi". But sadly we couldn't make it cuz it was about to close.... so instead we went to korean bbq =) After that we went to matt's house to chill and we played sf pretty much all night~ Now THAT'S been a while for me~ When was the last time playing with you matt?? 2 years??? sheesh~

We are getting old.... We can't stay up that late anymore, where was the time when we used to play game after school 'till 4 in the morning?? I miss that...... HOPEFULLY when wii coms out, we'll get that flow back~ =)

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