April 29, 2018

Gift Wrap Decoration 9: Gudetama

Gudetama is a very cute character.
He makes great expression that everyone feels on their bad day. But watching him, gives me a little smile for the day.

This is a little gift for a girl who currently likes Gudetama.
Happy Birthday Jessica!

Gift wrap decoration 9

Gift wrap decoration 9: close up

April 23, 2018

2017 Sketches Part 4

More sketches!

2017 Sketches Part 1
2017 Sketches Part 2
2017 Sketches Part 3





April 15, 2018

Outfit Inspiration 23

You can never have too much boyfriend shirts.

LOFT: boyfriend denim shirt / Walmart: leggings / Puma: High rise sneakers

Outfit Inspiration #23

April 1, 2018

Happy Easter

Enjoy your long weekend!
I'm spending my weekend, cleaning, decorating my home and doing art.

How is your weekend?

Happy Easter.

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