August 29, 2010

fashion art 2

Every year near end of the summer I always feel like making scarf for next winter season. I started doing this since beginning of college, so I now have so many collections of scarves in my closet...

So this is my second series of fashion illustration. I'm currently knitting a scarf similar to the drawing.
I'm thinking of making the pom-pom that big but do you think it's too big?? That will be A LOT of yarn!

fashion art 2

August 23, 2010

wedding details

Hello everyone, I've been away for a while! I just finished another intense project for my friend's wedding as wedding decorator! What I took care of are decorations for table settings, and any decorations for the ceremony.
Lot of work but it felt like I was in heaven. Creating beautiful stuff for people to make them happy is always rewarding!

For now, I'll show you few photos of stuff I made. I'll post more photos near future!!

So now I'm here, where weddings are over. Something feels empty inside me... It feels like you just got back from awesome vacation and now you don't want to go back to real world.






guest name flag



August 12, 2010

fashion art 1

Taking a quick break from wedding stuff~ Experimenting fashion art style. Near future I want to illustrate clothing I've created or designed!

This illustration is my first step!

fashion art 1
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