December 22, 2009

idea 2 life style

On I have one of my favorite store there I enjoy looking and buying. idea2lifestyle has nice design for comfortable wear. I bought 2 tops from them and they're both comfortable~


December 15, 2009


One of my favorite semi-dessert from Japan~
It's sticky rice but MORE stickier and mushed to the point they're no more pieces of rice.

It can be eaten as dessert or appetizer. For appetizer you can put it in zousui(congee type), miso soup or many other. I made it as dessert where you grill the mochi, cut into bite size, dump into soya sauce mixed with sugar and wrap with dry seaweed.

Very delicious~

mochi mochi

December 13, 2009

Don Mills Center

For the first time I went to Don Mills Center~ The place was so beautiful!!

Anthropology is one of my favorite store~ They has pretty nice lime green purse. I'm thinking of making a top dress of that purse design or maybe on the back hip~

The other two collared shirts are ideas I can make someday =)


December 8, 2009

the annex area

Walking around at Annex area was my first time. Everyone already know what's there so I'm going to jump into my topic.

I didn't pay attention to the name of the store because I got carried away with taking photos of the window display. It's somewhere on Bloor and West of Spadina.
But I love these outfit~ I am a monochrome dresser so varieties of different values of black and white catches my attention.

I have a similar stripe cardigan so I think I'll make a red scarf like that =)


November 29, 2009

colorful scarf

While back I knitted this scarf that took lot of patient and time.
I finally got it done~ I used Patons Silk Bamboo yarn for this and it is soft and most cozy scarf I ever owned =)

more photos

stripe scarf
colorful scarf
colorful scarf

November 23, 2009

i have just met you, and i love you

Who bought your own Pixar's "Up"?
I love Dug so much, I had to do a quick sketch of him =)

It was my 3rd time watching this movie when I was CG'n this, I still get tears in my eyes ;;

November 8, 2009

german style baked pancake

My group of friends gave me a pancake mix of German style baked pancake from William Sonoma on my birthday while ago. I finally got the chance to make one on Sunday morning~
If this is how the Germans make their pancake I really enjoy how they make it and how it tastes!!

While it bakes the pastry inflates like a balloon~ Once you pull it out, it deflates so you have to eat it asap.
It almost tastes like the real french cream puff pastry. And it's not heavy as the American pancakes.
I really enjoyed it, Thanks you guys!

dutch baby german style baked pancake


November 4, 2009

nov. 15th 2009

It took me very long time to do this but finally I'm able to organize my own online shop~ =) It'll be open on Sunday, November 15th 2009!
For now, I'll start with selling my prints!

For more information click here

nov. 15th 2009

October 26, 2009

H A P P Y Halloween

If I were to dress something for Halloween, I would dress as the kid from "Where the Wild Things are".
He has very cute outfit with his crown and the scepter~

Happy Halloween everyone~ What's your plan for that day~?

October 22, 2009

at Mandarin

I was at Mandarin wearing this outfit. I come out of the bathroom walk towards the buffet and one man comes up asking me "excuse me, where are the spoons?". I actually knew where they were so I pointed where they keep them, at the ice cream booth.
Not a best place to wear a tie.


October 20, 2009

an idea

I had this crazy idea that it would be cool if there is a software that records every clothing you have in your closet.
After you record them you upload image of your clothing and create an outfit. You basically track yourself on what you have.

I actually considered maybe to ask anyone I know to create a program of it but you gotta be pretty passionate with this content...

I love coming up with outfits and keep them on record so next time I have more ideas on alternation. I used draw out my outfit in grade school but there were too much to draw.... This I could keep up, drawing digitally saves lot of time!



October 19, 2009

soup soup

Here are my latest soup I made~ I challenged myself with French Onion soup~ VERY VERY time consuming soup!! I think I spent 3 hours just caramelizing the onion! But it was worth it =) It tasted yummy with the bread with gruyere cheese, which amazing cheese!

The bottom image is Roquefort cheese soup with caramelized pears. I don't want to badmouth this cheese but it's probably the worse cheese I ever had. I don't know if I can handle blue cheese but this cheese was just TOO MUCH for me.
This is a type of cheese that was aged in the natural Combalou caves. The actual cheese itself tastes good but the smell of it is not so much.... If this is the smell of the cave(+cheese smell) I think I would actually throw up..... It's really not a pleasant smell.
So I actually couldn't eat this.....

October 16, 2009

October 5, 2009

crochet : skirt wrap

I followed another Japanese crochet pattern book on how to make wapped skirt.

see more photos

September 16, 2009

crochet scarf~

Here is the crochet scarf I started while back~
This scarf design is from Japanese crochet book I followed~

*** more photos ***

September 8, 2009

wedding in NYC

Sir Charles's family and I went to NYC for the long weekend~

We went to celebrate Charles's sister's wedding.
I went there as a guest so I didn't get that much time for myself, but it was fun helping the family prepare the wedding.

The unique thing about this wedding is that we had a band marching on the street with the bride and the groom while the guests follow behind. See the video below =)
They wanted to march until the cop stops us. We already saw 3~4 cop cars but no one cared. We even had firemen driving their firetruck cheering us~
But yes, we definitely had honking from cars driving behind us.

The last night in NYC we went to see CHICAGO and saw Jerry Springer in the show.
After the show he showed up and people were taking autographs and pictures with him~

People debate which movie is better; CHICAGO or Moulin Rouge. If the musical CHICAGO story is accurate as the movie, then Moulin Rouge is A LOT better movie. Moulin Rouge has better visual and story.
CHICAGO seems like you only watch to enjoy sexy ladies, which I did enjoy ;) In the musical there was one inspiring scene that I want to do CG for it~ Maybe that'll be my next piece =)

It was fun experience in NYC~

View all the photos

September 1, 2009

vote for me~

I entered Sega/Wizard's Bayonetta contest.
I spent lot of time being accurate with the details on accessories she has on~ It was fun!

vote for me~ Thank you.

August 27, 2009

white dress

A white dress I made for someone~

It was my first time following a pattern when I made this dress. It actually took longer to make because I had so much trouble understanding the instructions and sewing terms that I never use.... =)
But it turned out nice, I'm happy about it!

For more photos!

August 20, 2009

meal 46

It's been a while posting photos of my food~ Sir Charles was away for half of year for contract job so I was the only one in my apartment. It's really hard to cook gourme food for yourself. I enjoy making food for someone and feed myself =)
I'm back on board so I'll continue posting my food~

While back I had fondue with Jen where we were just pigging out chocolate and fruits =) What we learned was that once you try to reheat the chocolate it gets chunky and it's difficult for the fruit to dip into the chocolate. I think it's because of the juices in fruits has mixed into the chocolate so it goes all weird.

August 10, 2009


I took a day off last Friday for a wedding I attended.
Alan, the groom was Sir Charles's childhood friend who used to be his neighbor. Charles felt old when he saw his friend get married, he gonna feel more old when we head to New York City in 3 weeks for his sister's wedding. =)

They had their wedding at Old Mill Inn on Bloor St. W and Islington. They have chapel, hotel, restaurant, and ball room all in one location so it's a very convenient place to have your wedding. The reception itself felt like we were at a prom but with open bar =)
I still didn't drink(my excuse is, I had to drive ;) but Charles had 8~10 glasses of coke rum, he took those down fast!

Below the photo, I made the dress while back for first wedding I attended~ =)

July 21, 2009


Last weekend I bought the PC version of Street Fighter 4~ It's not actually a "PC" game but this is my very first time purchasing a PC game!
I hesitated if I should start using joystick or stick with my d-pad. I choose to be cheap so I stuck with d-pad ;)

Before, when I used PS3 on reg TV I couldn't define any of the text. But now I'm using monitor, I can read now~ XD

Window LIVE account: lVlorrigan

July 9, 2009


I did a random CG while listening to Gintama's 6th opening : monobright - anataMAGIC.
I never pay attention to the lyrics(which I should) but when the melody sounds inspiring, then I come up with an idea for my next illustration~

This song doesn't really match with the illustration I did but some how it came up to me when I heard the chorus. ;)

Complete version is here

June 27, 2009

June 11, 2009

side way

From now to next 3 images are birthday card series I did for people who are born on April and May.

June 7, 2009


Fanart of King of Fighters.
It's about time to challenge on drawing guys again. It's hard for me to come up with designs for guys so I think I'll do existed characters for practice for now~

Looking forward to the new KOF game!(For the graphic at least) My favorite version was the KOF 2000~2001

May 27, 2009


I was in downtown last Friday and remembered Celine telling me about nice plaid dress across from SWAN so I walked there and took picture if this was it.
I like the store layout =)

Went to Yorkdale while back and I thought these dresses were nice at Guess.

May 26, 2009


I've been experimenting on styles like this, the pencil line feel with stroky coloring.
It makes my mind feel free~

May 21, 2009

May 18, 2009

hugo boss

I like to window shop so I decided to start posting anything interesting(mostly fashion related).

So here's the first post, I saw this in Vaughn Mills at Hugo Boss store.
It has nice thin, see-through gray fabric with white fabric under it.

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