August 17, 2006

XBOX 360

Guess what I got~

That's right, I got xbox 360........ for FREEEEE~! My work gave them to each employee~ That is so sweet. I got too excited, I went to the store to buy any xbox game~ haha What I got was Cromehound. Yeah it may not be the best game but it's by Sega and they make pretty good shooting games so I got that. It was either that or Fight Night 3. I know how to play that game so I thought I'll play something that I never played~

So yeah, As soon as I got the xbox I didn't even feel like working~ haha actually no one did their work after giving out the system. Great day~ =)

August 5, 2006

Loco Roco

Have anyone seen this game? It looks cute~ It's for psp though. As you can see it's another simple concept action puzzle game~

Go check it out~

Rib Fest

Man, I really wish I have my camera~
In St. Cathrines they have this rib fest every year on Aug. I just went to that today for lunch and it was damn good~ It was pretty hot weather but at least the wind was cold, so in another word the weather was perfect =) There were like 5 stores that serves ribs so me and my friends tried out 2 different ribs one was from Billy Joe and other was Turtle Jacks~ Both of them were good but I enjoyed Turtle Jacks the most~ so soft and tender =) yummy~ Other cool thing I tried was called blooming onions, it's basically a whole onion sliced vertically 'till the ends of the onion and deep fry it. It's like onion rings except the way its cut it opens like a flower, it just looks nice~ But really really oily we couldn't finish it~ After that I bought a lemonade and fresh corn =)

After all that food I'm still hungry~ I think I might go back and have 2 more corn =)
The rib fest is around until the 7th, if anyone interested~

August 3, 2006


Went out to eat to celebrate my work friend's birthday. We went this bar resturant called Stella's, one of the nice place to eat in St. Cathrines~

Cool thing happened there was I saw my friends illustration displayed at the bar. I was like "what the hell????" then I remembered one time she mentioned she did a commission job for this place called "stella's" but i didn't know it was in St. Cathrines~ haha it was cool though. I wanted to take picture but didn't have camera~ -_- maybe someday~ haha

Check out her site ---->
shit, they actually have a site ---->


New cg~
I've been doing my cg bit by bit everyday so this actually took me a week to finish.(how sad....)

But anyways, this turned out nice. I like how the girl on the right turned out. Definitly the color that I wanted on her. The other not so hot~ haha As you can see I didn't really focus on her that much.

You like it~?
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