January 24, 2012


I started this cg in 2009 and never finished it. I wanted to do another cowgirl but I always stop and leave it unfinished when background involves in the piece. I have lot of unfinished piece because of that reason....

Maybe I'll set myself a goal that this year I'll try to complete unfinished cg.


January 17, 2012

first cg

My first cg of the year. Hopefully this year I can do more finished illustration or at least try to complete unfinished ones from year before.....

I wanted to sketch my red scarf I made while ago.

my red scarf

January 10, 2012

yoga 2012

Happy New Years everyone, I took 2 weeks off from blog posting. Hope everyone had relaxing and fun holiday!

I want to show this years Yoga calender series my mom got for me. This year they have lovely ladies to show you yoga exercises. Drawings and designs are a lot nicer, there's more interesting lines showing in each pages. And it may be because they used girls as their theme, it has additional information on which exercise will give you better curves on your body.
This calender has been the most inspiring calender I've ever owned.

yoga 2012



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