January 28, 2019

Vintage Glasses

First illustration for 2019!
I would like to see myself to do more art this year!

Here is girl with vintage glasses.

Vintage Glasses

January 7, 2019

5 Years Passed

Do you guys remember me posting about 5 year diary where you write one line a day for years?

Just end of 2018, I finally completed my first 5 year diary! It was quite a commitment to write something every single night but when you make this a routine it comes naturally. Because this is a routine now for me, I decided to do another one for next 5 years!

Found cheap one at Chapters for $10. Not a fan of the cover but can't complain when it's cheap.

One Line A Day 2014-2018

It's fun to read what I did on specific day for 5 year years. Here's some random days I'm sharing!

2014 •Had lunch with J @ Kenzo and had coffee at Bayview Villege. •Had last leftover Pizza Papalis Tavern's pizza for dinner. •Updated/started writing this diary.

2015 •Today is my 15th anniversary since I opened my homepage back when Geocities was around. •Went to Chapters/Square One/Stockyard Villege/Home Depot to grabbed 70% off X'mas leftovers, Pixar's "UP" mug(@hallmark) and screws. •Had T&T for lunch @3pm. •Watched Jets vs Leaf(5-1). •Framed deck of cards with Coke design on. •Created Google Plus.

2016 •Last day of long weekend. •Made pancake for breakfast •Walked around Vaughn Mills •Took a nap. •Watched Family Guy. •Sketched and blogged. •Watched Finding Nemo at 7pm.

2017 •First day of back to work. •Had Campbell tomato soup with pasta & cabbage.

2018 •Worked on my this years Moleskine agenda. •Took a nap. •Spent rest of the night finish decorating my agenda.

One Line A Day 2019

2014 •Slept in until 10am. •Ate lunch @home and played Smash Bros. •Went to AJ's Sport World and Vaughn Mills for boxing day sale left over. •Checked out Ecko's closing sale. •Went to Fire Chicken with Tim's cousins. Then went to C+J's condo.

2015 •Slept in. •Went to Fire Chicken with Tim's cousins. •Went to Canada Computers and SAIL. •Watched Happy Feet & Toy Story 3, & Leaf vs Islanders(3-1) •Knitted. •Updated blog.

2016 •Went to Yorkdale. Bought mini wooden bowl from Brika, & sale chocolate from Godiva. •Went to Canadian Tires to buy Christmas tree($119). •Picked up 90 piece sushi platter @ Spring Roll & hung out @ Y+W's condo.

2017 •Went to M's & watched playing Breath of The Wild. •Had GB boodles for lunch. •Played 4 player Tetris Attack, Yoshi's Cookie, Dr. Mario, PC Engine games. •Played Mini SNES games while eating Caribbean food for dinner.

2018 •Played Smash bros. Thought it was going to be last boss(Darz) so tried completing the Adventure mode tonight. Then another map showed up between Darz and Kira. •Had dinner with M @ Jack Astor's and ACafe.

I realized Christmas season is especially the time for me to catch up on video games. My 25th is same of playing some kind of video game with my brothers until mid-night.

Try this out for next 5 years!
I've mentioned this to my previous post, you should totally try doing this when you have your new born baby and record what their first 5 years was like. Just looking back on my arts and crafts gives me so much inspiration and motivation to continue what I like doing!
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