April 29, 2007

my new car and @ ikea

This weekend I went to pick up my NEW CAR~!!!
New Honda Civic DX-G~! Me so happy now~ =) It's very different from Prelude, the front is so much shorter, and now I can't see the front and the back bumper >_<
It is sad to say bye bye to Prelude.... I really did enjoy this car~ My first car to drive at least. =)
Thanks for my dad for letting me use his car for this long~ I can't wait to see his next new car ;)

Went to Ikea to replace a plate that I broke last time. Then I saw this!!

I just had to buy them~ I shoulda bought one more set of the bowls, I will next time I go back ;)

April 25, 2007


Is it just me? Or has Jacob raised their price???
I went to Hillcrest Mall on Monday and looked in to Jacob connection. They had pretty cute spring cloths this year so I was actually considering to buy something from them. I look at the price and damn, a top was $85!!!! The hell man.
Connection isn't even high class clothing store and it's at that price. I left as soon as I saw that price. DAMN connection

meal 20

I'm thinking I'm gonna actually tell you the instruction on how to make my food~

I won't be telling you the exact measurment because I don't even measure my own food. Just taste and go~ =) I'm gonna have it introduced at flickr where I put all my meal photos(or at least started) So go there now~!!!

April 19, 2007


Yeah~ finally I finished designing the 1i5 site!!! It was lot of work~ 0_o haha now I can laugh about it~ ;)
At least the major problems are over, I can deal with any minor problems now with calm~

Come check it out~!!!

April 18, 2007

meal 19

I "played" with my food today~ =) The over all combination wasn't so hot~ haha at least I had fun making this~

April 16, 2007

meal 18

I combined my privious meal into one~ =)
-The rice I just put saran wrap in the bowl and then stuff in the with rice.
-seal the top bowl with another saran wrap and then press the rice into the bowl .
-then flip the bowl on the plate then it'll pop out easily~
Salmon and the shrimp vegetable are the meal I made before!

April 14, 2007

craft 02

My privous post on camera case has been completed! I wanted to use the sewing machine but everytime I go back to Markham I dont feel like doing anything so I end up being lazy. I want my own machine at my apartment but I still need to save money for my laptop.
So yes, I handsaw this thing...... Because of that it's looks so lumpy....... >_<

I like the materials though. To be honest I don't know how long this will last.... handsawing just doesn't last that long..... boo -3- Well it's been a while doing crafts so I had fun =)

meal 17

The shrimp is the meal I made earlier, it's the spicy and sweet sauce covered shrimp. And then the vegetables are just combined everything that I've made before. Except the spinach. I went to Celine's house last weekend and made me dinner and this was one of the side dish. She got it from when she went to Paris. It's a very simple meal to make so I tried it out too~ =) I thought just using spinach would be gross but comes to think of it there's few meals that only uses spinach that I actually like too ;)
Just use spinach and garlic and it makes a good side dish~

April 10, 2007


Went to watch TMNT last Sunday.

Man, movie tickets are expensive now 0_o

It was actually good. It wasn't the best or anything but it's definitly a good movie for kids. It's like going back in time when we all enjoyed watching the cartoon show~

Just to let you know I'm one of the kids who didn't watch the live action TMNT movie back in the 90's. It was ugly and terrifing when I saw that trailor. What makes it look ugly is that the fact the turtles has teeth. It makes them look weird....

Maybe because I'm more open minded, I didn't mind them in this film. At least the head. The bodies were kinda weird. All their parts of the body were stubs.

What bothered me the most were the people in the film. I look at the credits and the artists were all from Hong Kong. And you know how their styles that they're into, very soft, the look of putting too much foundation on their face, more cake like?. Basically it was too smooth, it didn't have enough textures.
Overall it was a good movie, story wasn't so bad either.
But my question is, how old is April in this film????

April 5, 2007


Working on 1i5 site is taking up my personal time so I can't catch up to my blog >_<
Anyways on Tuesday I got my new glasses! This time I went for plastic frame. The front side has brown color and then on the other side has marblelized white, clear and vage. It's quite nice~ It works better on my hair ;)
Now that's I'm working, i can afford to thin out my lenses so it's EXTRA EXTRA thin AND EVEN YET my lense still looks THICK!!!!!! hahaha Well at least the frame will cover the thickness of my lense ;)

April 4, 2007

USB wifi connector

I end up buying this.... I gave one to Matt for his bday gift since he has Wii and DS until I realized afterwards that he already has wireless internet.....oops Well anyways we tried the USB and this was my first time playing online players on the net. My current addicted game is Tetris so I played that~
Out of 33 games, I won 28 games~ not bad =) But then again, I was playing 4 in the morning so there weren't that many people online..... who are good players that is ;)

I have finally entered the nerd world of online game, so yes I have experienced waiting for someone to play with me, people would just dismiss the game during the game(which I hate the most) and how addicted online games are -_- I definitly would not play other online games other then DS games. I can't afford to waste more time!!

meal 16

Couldn't catch up with the update so I'm combining the images together -_- It's been a while cooking white food, I've been too addicted with asian food =)
This one here, is one of my favorite shrimp recipe, beer boiled shrimp! All you need is shrimp, beer, with paprika(A LOT), cayan pepper, oregano, parsley, basil, salt, pepper. Boil it until shrimp is ready!
This(above) is a pesto stuffed baked pork chop~ I really wish I added vegetables with this dish but I started making this at 9pm so I really rushed myself with the side =( It looks so boring ........
Both of them are meals that I made whatever I can that's in the fridge~ It's one of those time I didn't have the chance to go grocery...
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