June 5, 2006

Free stuff~

Went to Jen's today to grab free cloths yesterday~
I got so many pants from her, I prabably saved few hundred bucks of pants haha. Well Jen, you saved my money and Thank you thank you so much~! Expect something on your bday~ =) (hopefully....)
yeh ybab, ear ouy gnidaer siht? i tneps ym emit gnitirw siht drowkcab esuaceb i evol ouy os hcum
I spent most of my day working with adobe encore to make dvd menus. I was quite pissed cuz of amount of rendering I had to go through using after effects(stupid 29.97 fps). Well at least that's done >_<
ti yam dnuos ynroc tub ouy yllaer nethgirb pu ym efil. i sseug i ma gnihton tuohtiw ouy. peek ni dnim taht m'i syawla ereh rof ouy.

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