December 11, 2008


It's very late to show this.... but I finally got the chance to upload my films I have done in Computer Animation(which was 3 years ago).

Kite - This is the final short film I did for the last 4 months of the programme. I graduated straight from Illustration before so I know NOTHING about animation. Taking Computer Animation was the first time learning how to animate, and I'm telling you it's NOT FUN!!! I was keep falling asleep when I was animating this character!!
So only pay attention to the design ;)
There's not much with the story but the idea is a little boy took out his kite boat and let them fly on it's own.


Papercrane - This is one of the first project I did in the programme. We were assigned to use a toy and make 10 second interstitial. I used papercrane and have water drop on them to change the paper into rice paper and as it makes the transition the wings opens up. Sadly the best part blurs out because of the credit scene. I was forced to use 10 second instead of 15 second.


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  1. Is that Maya I see in the credits?



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