April 20, 2014


One of my favorite food is Ramen. Real one, instant one, snack pack one they all tastes so good!

Here is store bought-homemade ramen you can have at it at home. They sell it at J-town in the freezer section, wrapped in clear plastic bag with yellow paper typed out in black text. I'm describing all this because I have no clue what the brand name is, they've been using this simple packaging since I was little.

You have choices of plain ramen with no soup base, shoyou or miso soup base. Follow the instruction and put anything you like for your topping. I put mine with  teriyaki chicken with saute mushroom/carrots and shredded green onion. 

If you have a chance to drop by at J-town, also try their cold ramen in freezer section. Good to eat on hot summery day!


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